Fun With Numbers {Weekend Recap}

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hello, hello!

Did you have a nice weekend? Mine was pretty good, so let’s have some fun with numbers as a way to recap!

1: Video games that Quinn learned how to play.

SAM_0825 (800x533)

4: Bowls of Greek yogurt + granola eaten.

photo 1 (24) (800x600)

1: “Dog beers” consumed.

photo 2 (19) (800x445)

9: Total hours sleep between Friday and Sunday. Sick baby + a brain that never shuts off = sleepless nights.

21: Minutes it took me to complete the workout below.

photo (13)

105: Weight in pounds of the deadlifts.

5: Post-workout selfies taken.


11: Articles of clothing purchased for Quinn from ThredUp.

photo 2 (20) (800x600)

72: Price in dollars paid for said clothing.

1: Pug onesies included in ThredUp purchase.

photo 3 (26) (800x800)

500: Rouge pine needles scattered around our house after vacuuming.

photo 4 (17) (800x600)

Question of the Day

Your turn to have some fun with numbers! How was your weekend?



  1. Love the numbers thing although my brain can’t compute my weekend in numbers right now! Definitely many pictures of food taken and too many treats eaten by my kids! Also 6 ripe bananas used for baking as a result of the kids eating candy instead of fruit 🙂

  2. It’s much too early for my brain to think like that, haha! I’m impressed that you already have your tree down! I teach at a local gym and one of the members from England came up to me and said she was shocked people were already taking their Christmas decor down… There they keep it up for 12 days after Christmas!

  3. I love how you already have your tree down. We took ours down yesterday.
    Did you get a long run in this weekend? I didn’t and am feeling guilty but was way too tired from all of the booze and sugar consumed over Christmas.
    Oh well, it’s a new week, and training for Boston officially begins today for us, right?!

  4. (1) The number of nights I slept in my own bed before it got SOAKED after my sister put (10) potatoes worth of potato peels down the kitchen disposal, which is right above my bedroom, causing a massive leak of (42billion, ish) gallons of water dumping through the ceiling on my bed. My (2) dogs and my (1) self got to bunk on a couch the rest of the weekend 🙂

    (3) glasses of wine followed by (3) mugs of coffee the next morning made me feel much better 🙂

    (11trillion, ish) amazing family memories from the weekend 🙂

  5. 3. the amount of times my oven has broken this year! The day after the Turkey was cooked this time thankfully 🙂 15. the amount in Euro worth of beef I had to throw out due to it turning to leather in my newly purchased crockpot #wrongcut 10. the number of hours sleep I got last night! HEAVENLY! and finally -3.5 The temperature today! SO icy!

  6. Fun! Love the cute onesie on him 🙂

    2 sick people (husband & kid) on Christmas day
    3 bowls of peppermint ice cream with fudge I’ve eaten in the last 3 days
    2 fitness classes I’ve taught today
    7 things on my shopping list that I should get today…eventually… #feelingunmotivated

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