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Hi, friends! Happy Monday Tuesday! I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Here’s a recap of mine””it was both fun and active and super duper lazy. I guess that’s balanced, right?


On Friday evening, Mal and I met Kerrie and her boyfriend, Matt, for dinner and drinks at The Inn at Bay Pointe.

IMG_4405 (800x600)

The sangria at Bay Pointe is phenomenal and served in super-sized glasses. I was definitely buzzed, ok, drunk after drinking a couple of them!

sangria at bay pointe

For dinner, Mal and I shared an order of bacon-wrapped scallops and buffalo chicken spring rolls””both were delish!

IMG_4407 (800x600)

Kerrie and me!

IMG_4408 (800x600)

(We couldn’t decide whether to do the arm pop or not! Haha!)

IMG_4409 (800x600)


Surprisingly, I didn’t wake up with a hangover on Saturday morning. I guess I drank enough water throughout the evening to prevent one””thank God! I do not do well with hangovers. At 23, I could drink 10 beers and go for a 5-mile run the next morning. At 33, a couple of large glasses of sangria would (typically) put me on my ass, and I’d be useless for the rest of the day, so I felt like I dodged a bullet by miraculously avoiding a hangover. Anyway, I headed to KFIT on Saturday morning for a workout.

suck it up

After KFIT, I had a serious craving for Marylou’s iced coffee, so I quickly stopped at home and grabbed Murphy for the ride because I know how much he loves it.


Murphy got his Milk Bone and I got my iced white chocolate chip, so it was a successful trip to Marylou’s!

pug creeper in back seat

Once I had my iced coffee, I headed home, took a quick shower, and then headed out to run a few errands, which included a trip to Target. While there, I bought some OxiClean, which I heard works wonders on stinky gym clothes. I have a few Lululemon sports bras that smell pretty gross, but I just can’t part with because I love them so much, so I gave the OxiClean a try. I soaked my sports bras (and some other questionable workout gear) in the washer with a scoop of OxiClean for about 20-30 minutes and then washed them normally. It worked like a charm! The stink is GONE!!

oxi clean for stinky sports gear

On Saturday night, Mal and I invited some friends over to our house. We had drinks and snacks.


And games! My goodness, Card Against Humanity was fun! We were all laughing so hard!

cards against humanity

Murphy, however, was shocked by the game and what we were laughing about.

murphy and scott

(I’m pretty sure the pug thinks we’re all horrible people now.)

murph and scott

While playing Cards Against Humanity, our friend Ryan (aka “Dools”) arrived with homemade fajitas from his mom, so we took a little intermission to eat them. Thanks, Mama Dools!

photo (12)

A little while later, we headed outside to fire up our, um, fire pit.

fire pit labor day weekend

S’mores? Ooooh, yes!

IMG_4424 (600x800)

I finally got my peanut butter cup s’more, and it was a-mazing!

peanut butter cup s'more

IMG_4433 (800x600)

photo (15)

Murphy was not a fan of the fire and stayed far away from it. Too hot for pugs!

IMG_4437 (800x600)

Poor Murph.

IMG_4438 (800x600)


On Saturday night, Mal made plans with some of the guys to go to TCP Boston to watch the Deutsche Bank Championship, so he woke up bright and early to join them. I stayed in bed and cuddled with Murphy.

photo (9)

Eventually, I started my day. My plan was to run some errands and then call my sister to see what her and Matthew were up to later that afternoon. I grabbed my car keys, went outside, and then realized Mal had parked me in. (He and his buddies carpooled in someone else’s car to the Deutsche Bank Championship, so Mal’s car was parked directly behind mine in our driveway.) Crap. I texted Mal to see if maybe he left his car keys at home, but, unfortunately, he did not. Whomp whomp. I was stranded at home for the day.

I ended up cleaning the house, doing laundry, and watching 8 hours of TV. Eight hours! That’s insane! Shows I watched: City Girl Dairies (I <3 New York), Extreme Cougar Wives (equally fascinating and disturbing), and Princesses Long Island (eh”¦ I found this show kind of stressful).

lazy pug


After all of that laziness on Sunday, I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and totally ready to carpe diem on Monday. Unfortunately, I killed my computer and spent hours and hours dealing with that, but then I finally got my day going.

carpe diem sweater from banana republic

Monday afternoon, Mal and I hit up the Derby Street Shoppes for some shopping. He got some back-to-school clothes, and I bought the black jeans from J.Crew that Ali suggested when she helped me update my wardrobe. I love them and see myself wearing them all the time his fall and winter””with flats and boots!

All in all, I had a fabulous Labor Day weekend!

end of summer flip flops

Question of the Day

How was your Labor Day weekend? What’d you do?



  1. Two kids birthday parties, Hotshots 19 and then an atrocious Labor Day workout (my body = ouch). Otherwise, lots of relaxing at home and getting ready for the school year that started today. Love getting back into a routine, but will miss summer for sure. Feels like I’m in mourning a little.

  2. Your weekend was exactly like mine! Played Cards Against Humanity on Saturday night (so fun!), was lazy and watched a ton of TV on Sunday, and then finally got up and did stuff on Monday. Went for a great run and then hit the beach. And you will def wear your black jeans all the time. I just bought some this spring and I live in them.

  3. What a great, balanced weekend! I was in your neck of the woods for an extended Labor Day Weekend getaway. Explored Boston, took a Duck Tour, Sam Adams brewery tour, Sox game, visited my grandmother, great dinner in the North End, then headed out to the Cape for some R&R and lots of amazing food. It was a fantastic trip!

  4. you are the best puppy-mom ever!! Seriously Murphy has to have the best dog life.
    I hadn’t noticed my permanently stinky clothes until I was at my parents for a few days and my mom pointed out that she washed my clothes and they still stunk…. So I’m looking into this solutions for running clothes too!
    Those snacks look perrff

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