“Fueled By Granola” Workout

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning, friends!

So, this workout was a fun one! It was fast and furious and over before I knew it. Love that.

As for the name, I joked to Mal that all of the granola I’ve eaten lately “fueled” me through it. Haha!


For this workout, you need a barbell (I used 65 pounds), a kettlebell (I used 45 pounds), somewhere to run, and a timer.

Fueled by Granola workout

The movements:

SAM_2022 (800x533)


FYI: My headband is from JUNK, and my shirt (burnout material = love), shorts, and sneakers are from Reebok.

SAM_2034 (800x533)
SAMSUNG CSCSAM_2049 (533x800)

This workout was definitely one of those “quick and painful” ones! Haha! I took me about 15 minutes to finish, and I was exhausted (and insanely sweaty) by the end!



  1. Super random question… I noticed your stone path. Does Murphy ever go after the rocks? To eat or play? I have 2 dogs and we have some space on the side of the yard where grass refuses to grow.

    1. @Tricia: Just wanted to chime in that my parents have rocks in the their backyard (CA – hello drought!) and that their 2 Labs never bother with them. I totally thought our German Shepherd would as a pup too when he visited, but nope!

  2. Good for you mama! I LOVED outdoor workouts when I was off with my son. Some days it was the only way for me to move my body. I would go in the backyard and workout while he napped. I would do skipping, burpees, planks, lunges, squats, sit ups, push-ups….anything I could to get a decent workout in!

    Random question that I’m sure you’ll be posting about – are you tracking calories at all since you’re working out and breastfeeding? Just curious because I didn’t while I was nursing. I just ate when I was hungry and lost the weight quickly and never had a milk supply issue. My tummy region did not go back to the way it was pre-pregnancy, but I now know that’s b/c I had diastasis (separated abs) and was doing all the wrong things (planks, push ups, crunches etc) that probably made it worse.

  3. Tina – question for you. I’m tossing around the idea of getting the things I would need for a home gym (barbell, bumper plates, squat/power rack, etc)…i.e. all the things I usually use in the Box. My question is, do you feel like your workouts are the same at home as they are in the Box, performance wise? I feel like I push myself hard in the Box because of the people around, but not sure how not having people around would change a workout… I know you workout at home with Mal so it might not be the same, but wondering what your thoughts are…before I dish out $1,800 for a home gym 🙂

    1. My workouts are a lot more fun at CrossFit! And, of course, I push myself harder when I’m working out with other people, but I’m definitely not slacking off when I exercise at home. How do you typically work out when you’re alone? Are you able to push yourself?

      1. @Tina: To an extent I push myself, but I don’t think I do as much as when I’ve got people watching me 🙂 I love the idea of the ability to work out at home and work on strength…maybe if I remember how much I spent on the gym, it will push me to go hard! Hah

  4. I think that it is safe to say that right now my workouts are fueled by granola. Or at least they were until last night, when i finished off the last of the cranberry macaroon Nature box goodness. LE SIGH. I think that after this marathon (2 months to go!) I am going to push myself to get back to adding intensity and drive to my workouts. I am just too comfortable right now (except for long runs and tired days, that is different :D)

  5. Looks like a great workout! I just finished up my fundamentals course at my local Box and can’t wait to get started on the ‘real’ workouts! The thought of using 65 lbs. sounds like a TON of weight to me, but I suppose I need to start some where. 🙂

    Nice work!

  6. I ordered a JUNK headband and it should be here on Friday. I can’t wait! I’m really hoping that it will help keep the sweat out of my eyes during our WODs. It’s so hot down here in Florida!


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