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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends! Good morning and happy Hump Day to you!

Now that I am in the middle of marathon training, I find myself eating ALL DAY LONG. My training plan called for a longer run, which I planned to do on the treadmill at KFIT last night, so I documented what I ate during the day in preparation for it. I knew I’d need plenty of calories before and after, so here’s a snapshot of what and when I ate it.

6:20 AM: Blueberries + iced coffee while feeding Quinn his breakfast

photo 3 (11) (800x600)

7:15 AM: A couple of FlapJacked pancakes (hey, National Pancake Day!) with sliced banana, chia seeds, and Teddie peanut butter

photo 2 (2) (800x800)

9:15 AM: Cheerios + Ancient Grains with sliced banana and almond milk… And since I can never eat just one serving of cereal, I added a big scoop of Stonyfield plain Greek yogurt to my mug along with some more Cheerios. It ended up being a delicious mushy messy!

photo 1 (10) (800x600)

12:30 PM: “Garbage” salad made with all sorts of randomness from the fridge””mixed greens, shrimp, turkey meatballs, avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, green bell peppers, sliced almonds, salsa, and buffalo sauce


3:00 PM: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Protein Cookies (recipe below)


Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Protein Cookies



  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F.
  2. Combine above ingredients in a mixing bowl until smooth.
  3. Spray a baking sheet with non-stick cooking spray and use a tablespoon to portion batter onto it.
  4. Bake cookies for 10 minutes.
  5. Remove cookies from oven and allow them to cool slightly before serving.

Makes 18-20 cookies

4:15 PM: Workout time! On the agenda: 15/8 Yassos/15 <— explanation

SAM_0649 (533x800)

4:50 PM: Strawberry Banana GU

My workout was the exact same as the one I did last week, but, this time, I ended up running almost a mile more– thanks to a packet of GU and a sweet new tank top and pair of sneakers from my friends at Brooks. Anyone else think that new gear makes you train harder? I definitely do! (The whiteboard on the treadmill was for my Yasso countdown.)

photo (12) (800x600)

Women’s PureProject Seamless Tank II: LOVE. First off, this tank reminds me a lot of the soft, seamless fabric that a lot of Lululemon gear is also made from. You know what I’m talking about, right? The material is high-quality, no doubt, and pretty much conforms to your body, so it’s almost like it’s made just for you. The fabric is also sweat-wicking, so it kept me nice and dry as I pounded away on the treadmill for over an hour and a half. The length was perfect too– long and slimming, so it didn’t ride up, but not too long that it covers your butt and gets in the way.

glycerin 12

Women’s Glycerin 12: Best running shoe ever made? Yes, indeed. I’m telling ya, the second I put these sneakers on my feet, I knew they were something special. When I first started marathon training, I went to a local running store to get fitted for new shoes. I walked around the store in my socks and then ran on the treadmill. I needed a neutral running shoe, so the saleswoman brought me a few different shoes from a few different brands. And, like I mentioned above, I fell in love with the Glycerin 12 immediately. I actually said: “Oh, wow” out loud as I put them on my feet. They’re incredibly comfortable and there’s support in all the right places. The fit just feels natural. When I took these sneakers for a test-drive, running felt practically effortless– light and cushion-y with equal support from toe to heal. They’re honestly the best running shoe I’ve ever experienced. Oh, yea, and the colors are fun and pretty!


5:55 PM: Perfect Bar on the drive home


7:00 PM: Two bowls of American Chop Suey topped with shredded Parmesan and a big ol’ glass of wine

Questions of the Day

Are you more of a snacker or a 3-meals-a-day person? Or some combination of the two?

How do your eating habits change when you are training for an event?



  1. When I’m training I eat more snacks and awhile lot of nut butter. Otherwise I eat three meals a day with one of two snacks during the week. On the weekends, I’m looser with my eating schedule and tend to graze more instead of eating full meals.

  2. I’m definitely more of a snacker but am more satisfied with my eating when I stick to 3-4 meals per day. If that makes any sense 😉 And I definitely eat A LOT more when training for an event – my metabolism goes into high drive!

  3. I love my snacks! My husband likes three squares and I’m not sure how he does it. Randomly, I always eat a banana or blueberries with my iced coffee first thing in the morning while feeding my little one.

  4. I always need my mid-morning and afternoon snack. At this point it’s almost more of a mental break from work than a hunger need. However I’m in my 2nd week of training (for marathon #4!) and I can already tell that my metabolism is moving along and I’m much hungrier than I normally am, so now those mid-morning and afternoon snacks are definitely necessary!

  5. I am training for Boston and I’m also at the point where I am eating all the time and I need much more sleep. I can seriously take a spot nap for 15 minutes. I am being more careful planning food and meals to make sure I’m getting the right nutrients to fuel the workouts and recoveries; and making sure I have snacks on hand everywhere. It is good discipline for me.

  6. Lovin’ the tank top too! Very cute!

    I am a constant eater…I eat all day long, especially when I am training super hard and teaching a gazillion classes per day. If I don’t eat every 2 hours everyone around me can usually tell…and they start saying “feed the bear”…it’s very lady like! 😉

    When I trained for marathons in the past I couldn’t get enough to eat. It is kind of a vicious cycle…a lot of my clients sign up or challenge their self for a long race (which is fantastic fitness-wise and motivationally). But I try to remind them not to do it for weight loss reasons…as long runs make it difficult to reach a calorie deficit. Good luck with your training…new gear totally makes it better! 🙂

  7. During marathon training I ate constantly! I also work a pretty active job, so I felt like I was eating even more than other training cycles. Lots and lots of snacks! Those shoes are gorgeous. I’ve been a die hard Brooks lover for ages, and I switched to a pair of Mizuno’s for my most recent race and I think I’m going back to Brooks. There’s just something about them!

  8. I love that tank top! It looks so comfortable and also cute. I’ll have to check out my local running store and see if they have it.

    I’m a combination of the two..I usually have 3 solid meals, but always have a snack right before I leave work so that I’ll have energy for my workout. Sometimes I’ll also snack halfway through my day if I’m in training because I get so hungry!

  9. I just got a new pair of Brooks Ghost sneakers. Tried them out for the first time last night and had a great 4.5 mile run! Definitely a great sneaker.

  10. So glad you mentioned where that tank top came from because I was going to ask anyway-its super cute! I also own the Brooks Glycerin for my half marathon in a little less than two weeks. I LOVE them-they are my first pair of Brooks and I cant believe how comfortable they are. I’m very happy with my choice.
    I have noticed that my appetite has changed as my mileage increased and the days I go on longer runs or after the nights I do speed work, it seems insatiable.

  11. Love those shoes!! Don’t they feel amazing? I said the same thing aloud recently when I tried on my new pair. Feels like a cloud.
    I’m usually a 6 small meals per day kinda person, but lately my eats are all over the place. I attribute it to being a new mom, unpredictable schedule and breastfeeding hunger. Did it feel like you were always eating when breastfeeding? That or thirsty!

  12. I feel like I definitely eat healthier during marathon training! I try to cut out processed foods and pasteurized diary because those upset my stomach during speed work.

    Those cookies look so good nom nom nom, going to try them soon!

  13. I tried yassos after your post last week and they are HARD. I am impressed you can do 8! Maybe my goal time is too fast for me.

    I am a snacked and 3 meals a day person. I like 3 meals but snack in between a bit too.

  14. I am in week 11 of marathon training (long run at 16 this week) and I am surprised by the fact that I’m not ravenous. I don’t feel any hungrier than usual. It makes me wonder if I’m doing something wrong…. LOL
    Although I’ve been running for over 20 years, this is my first full so I have nothing to compare it to but I always hear everyone say they are so hungry.

  15. So many things I love! I love those Brooks and may have to look for them at the store. I have the Transcends and they are about ready to be replaced, so The Glycerin’s may be next on the agenda. I also love that they are not bright pink or orange which is what seemed like all the women’s shoes were last year.

    Again, I love Perfect Bars and they are in at least one post during the week. Have you had the snack size ones? Those are great for when you need something quick but don’t want the entire bar.

  16. I love Brooks running shoes! I’m somewhere between three meals a day and a snacker: I eat breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack, and dinner (and always some chocolate scattered throughout the day!). When I’m training, I try to make sure I eat more fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats like nuts to keep me fueled without overeating.

  17. Those shoes look amazing! I also love my current pair of Brooks but the next time I need new ones I’m going to look into that pair! I love the colors too! And new workout gear definitely makes me work harder 🙂

  18. I like to snack throughout the day. I started doing that a few years ago and I feel it helped boost my metabolism. I also just didn’t like how full I felt after only my three meals a day. Blueberries are my ultimate favorite when it comes to breakfast snacks!

  19. I’m a 3 meals, with an afternoon snack and dessert after dinner kinda gal!

    I try to listen to my body and eat more if I’m working out harder.

    Looks like your training is going well! I have my first two road races of the season this weekend in Pawtucket and Worcester, feel like we’ll be hurdling snow banks!

  20. Would you do Yasso training for a 1/2? I crossfit 5days a week but want to train for a half.

  21. Love your baby blog articles. Could you do an article on baby food and what your feed Quinn over a given week? I started following your blog on recommendation by a friend, as we had babies around the same day. Would love to see what you are feeding him and ideas on meals, etc.

  22. I have those exact same shoes and I love T
    them!!!!!!! I actually bought a 2nd pair in the newer color. Also, I constantly get compliments on those shoes. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

  23. I’m definitely a snacker, and now that I’m in training mode again I find myself eating 6-7 times a day to keep me feel satisfied. I make sure I have lots of foods that are fairly healthy but easy to grab-and-go on hand (nuts, fruit, chopped veggies, health bars, etc) so I don’t pull through a drive-thru somewhere.

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