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On Sunday afternoon, Mal and I fell head over heals in love with the Fruit Center Marketplace in Milton. The Fruit Center Marketplace is a cross between Whole Foods and Idylwilde Farms (where my mom works). Its product offerings include: gourmet and specialty items, imported goods, prepared meals, sliced-to-order deli products featuring Boar’s Head, a floral department, natural and organic items, and even many of the familiar brand name food items that you find at regular grocery stores. Even though it’s a cute, little marketplace, it has everything that I could ever want (and more!) when it comes to healthy, organic, and gourmet foods. I KNOW I will be shopping here a ton in the future!

The Marketplace has a HUGE selection of gourmet brands, including Stonewall Kitchen products, which I love! I have a feeling there will be some occasional splurging on these goodies!

Unfortunately, the grocery items at the Marketplace are pretty expensive (ex: $5.19 for ONE box of Puffins!?!), so Mal and I didn’t buy much from this part of the store. We’ll be sticking to Stop & Shop for the 2 for $5 Puffins!

Cheese! Glorious, cheese! The selection was outstanding! It was a tad on the expensive side, but I will always pay a little more for QUALITY (stinky) cheese!

The coffee selection was also wonderful and not too expensive. The best part: Freshly ground beans! Mal and I purchased a bag of Green Mountain Coffee and the woman behind the counter happily ground it right up for us. I love the smell of freshly ground coffee beans!

Decisions, decisions… I bet he’s checking the unit price!


THIS is why I love this place so much! The produce at the FC Marketplace is top of the lineand not that expensive! Almost everything we purchased was comparable to Stop & Shop prices and a million times better in quality.

Fresh herbs! Sadly, Stop & Shop’s selection is typically meh, but now I know where to shop for fresh herbs.

We purchased a pint of strawberries that were incredibly fresh and perfectly ripe… and on sale! Love that!

I love the option to bag as many greens as you want to buy– sometimes I want more, sometimes less. I like the individual customization of greens! Plus, I feel like this method is “fresher” than the pre-packaged bags. Oooh, it’s the little things in life that make me happy! 😉

So pretty!

The Marketplace also had every type of nut, seed, and dried fruit imaginable, which will obviously be very dangerous for me in the future. This time, I splurged on some medjool dates! 😀

The Marketplace even has a nice wine selection with many organic bottles! (Not for purchase before noon on Sundays, of course!)

Salad bar heaven!!! The salad bar went on and on and on! It seriously had everything– including oreo cookie mousse! I’ve already decided that a number of dinners this summer will be salads from this salad bar!

It’s HUGE! (“That’s what she said!” 😉 )

If you can’t tell already, I’m in love with this place! And, it’s SO CLOSE to where I live! I’m surprised that I didn’t visit sooner! So, basically, you’ll be seeing A LOT more of it on the blog in the future!

The only bad part about our experience: we forgot to use our $10 off coupon! Doh! And, it expired yesterday! GAH! 😐 Oh well, we got lots of goodies anyway!



  1. That place is great! There’s one (the same owners) in Hingham – its on the way to the beach; best place to stop for salads and a snack on the way to Hull or Scituate!

    It sounds weird….but the Fruit Center has the BEST seafood salad; that’s not usually my thing (mayonnaise, seafood…) but for some reason, with crackers – theirs is amazing!! Enjoy!

  2. For a graduation present I’m going to New York and we are spending a day in Boston before we leave. I am definately going here! I’m sure for all the stuff in the salad bar, that it is pretty expensive but hey, I’m probably going to go here only once in my life! I will let you know what I think about it! Can’t wait till June 20th woo!

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