Frosty Morning Run & What I Wore For It

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Gooooooood morning!

I started my day with a chilly morning run. When I headed outside, I saw frost on the grass! Brrrrr!


I actually planned to go to CrossFit today, but my upper body was super sore from yesterday’s workout, so I switched it up with an easy 3-mile run.

A bunch of you guys have asked me what I wear for cold weather runs, so here’s a picture of what I wore this morning for 40-degree (F) weather:

  • Long-sleeve tech top with a tank top (or t-shirt) underneath
  • Crops
  • Flip Belt
  • Socks and sneakers
  • Gloves


I love these running gloves from New Balance because they have special touch screen fingertips, so I can change stations/songs and snap photos on my iPhone during my runs. (FYI: I’ll nix the gloves if the weather is in the upper 40’s.)


When the temperature drops below 40 degrees, I’ll wear a heavier long-sleeve top/jacket, longer pants, and maybe a hat (I like this one with a hole in the back for my ponytail), but everything else stays the same.

When the temperature drops below 30 degrees, I don’t usually run outside because I’m a big wuss. Same goes for snow. If there’s a lot of snow on the ground, I won’t normally run outside. I’m always worried about slipping and falling, so it’s not worth the risk to me. Plus, it’s frickin’ cold!


After my run, I quickly showered and then made a big French Toast Breakfast Scramble and poured it into an empty Teddie jar. We had two jars (Super Chunky and Unsalted) open at the same time, which is why you saw one the other day on CNC. We also just really love peanut butter and eat a lot of it!


After breakfast, I drank a glass of iced Dandy Blend with eggnog. (I finally gave up on that Rice Nog and just bought the real stuff.)


Question of the Day

Do you run outside in the winter? What’s the coldest temperature you’d run in? What are your favorite go-to pieces of gear?

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  1. Okay, I can’t exactly say that I can relate because I live in Houston where there is no such thing as cold (or at least the cold that you’re talking about), BUT I do love it when I can run in my earwarmers. 🙂 It makes me feel all cozy inside.

  2. I’m definitely not a fan of super cold runs either… I’m pretty much the same as you. If it drops below 30 degrees, an outdoor run is probably out of the picture. A couple years back I did a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, and it was TWELVE degrees outside. My sweat was freezing!

  3. I ran on Sunday in 27 degree weather and it was my long run for the week. Lets just say that there was a lot of cussing going on because I am doing a winter half marathon. Haha.

  4. You are brave, woman! I can’t run outside in the cold. Period. And my idea of cold is probably pathetic hahah. I find I sometimes get a weird feeling in my throat (it kinda hurts) that just makes it totally un-enjoyable. I do admire you for it, though! And those gloves are so awesome.. love it!

  5. I may be from Florida, but I hate running in the heat and love running in the cold! My runs are so much easier when the temperature dips!

  6. I learned how to run outside in the snow last winter here in Chicago. I did several long runs on the treadmill (up to 12 miles) and finally got fed up with it. I think the coldest I did though was about 28. I have a half marathon on January 26th… haha who knows how cold it will be!

  7. Frost outside is not a FAV of mine! I’m about at your level with the “below 40” rule. I ran a race last year & there was ice on the ground, I totally busted it right at the mile 5 & that has kind of “scarred me”.

  8. I grew up in Canada and lived in Iowa for two years, so I have run in temperatures up to about 10 below fahrenheit. I usually wore two pairs of pants, three tops, a hat, neck warmer and gloves. I think it is really funny that I put up with that nonsense for so long because I HATE the cold. I live in Texas now and would happily run in temperatures anywhere up to 100.

  9. I’d kill for the frost on GRASS! Haha I live in Canada and haven’t seen the grass underneath all the snow since before Halloween… Doesn’t stop me from running though. I’ll run up to -20C (-4F). Which is what is was yesterday. So be grateful for the weather there!

  10. I do run outside in the winter… although it doesn’t help my circulation lol (I have raynauds) but I make sure I bundle up like crazy and keep it local. I don’t run in the teens or lower 20’s though.

  11. When it comes to running in cold weather, I love the saying that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. I think the coldest it has been on a run for me was about 6 degrees in Germany. It was cold but beautiful.

  12. I’m going to start running outside when it’s cold because I just enjoy the run better. I think the coolest I’ve done outside was somewhere in the 40s. In the end, I’m definitely a fair weather runner. It’s okay…I love the treadmill too. I can hop on and zone out.

    Just bought a pair of NorthFace gloves. Might try them this weekend except it’s supposed to get up to the 60s in DC! Outdoor running for sure! 🙂

  13. Cute gloves! The weather in San Francisco doesn’t get too cold (at least these days, it doesn’t go below 45 or 50). I like that they include a ponytail hole in the hat, too!

  14. We don’t really experience winter here as it only drops at night and during the day is about 60, 50 at the lowest. Coconut milk eggnog is the best! Keep an eye out for it you will love it with dandy blend 🙂

  15. The 2 items I must have during cold weather running: my headband (cold ears are the worst!) and my arm sleeves. I warm up rather quickly so it’s nice to pull them down without having another layer underneath. I love running in the cold—sure beats the humidity of a Virginia summer!

  16. I commend you for running in the cold! I seriously cannot do it! Even 40 degrees is a little too cold for me. During the winter I always cut back on running even though I hate doing that, I just don’t have good experiences with running outside in the cold. It’s a nice time for me to experience other forms of working out though…and I still try to hit the treadmill to keep up with it.

  17. I run all year long, so yep, running in the winter is a must. At first, it sucks, but once you get going it’s actually quite nice!

    Musts for me are gloves (I wear Lululemon gloves just like your NB ones with the fingertips), ear warmers (my ears get super cold!), and a nice jacket (if it’s 40 or above, a lighter jacket, if it’s colder, a heavier jacket). I’m a Lululemon freak, so you can usually find me decked out in Lulu gear.

    If I can avoid the treadmill, I will! So, I just suck it up and get out the door 🙂

  18. It’s in the 30s now here the mornings so no way am I running outside…my car was frozen over at 9am when I went to the gym! I leave at 8 three other mornings of the week and the walk from the car to the gym door is killer enough! Once you head and hands are warm, or least when mine are, I feel ok.

  19. – 8 is my cold running “pr”…LOL! I wore fleece lined running tights and flannel lined wind resistant pants. Who knows how many tops (probably 1 tank, 2 long sleeve and my pullover jacket), gloves under mittens, hat, scarf.

    I try to run outside twice a week all winter long and am usually pretty sucessful thanks to my yak-trax! (No falls in 4 years of winter running).

    I feel like a bunny when I’m bounding through snow drifts in the early morning. Runnnig outside in the winter helps me with SAD and has caused me to like winter a lot more!

  20. I’ll do anything to avoid the dreadmill, so I run outside in almost anything. I’m from Central New York, so I’m used to crazy cold temperatures and weird precipitation. Once it gets really cold (below 30 degrees) and if it’s snowing, I run much more cautiously–I’ll adjust my pace accordingly, and I’ll cut my run short if it’s really, really bad outside.

  21. This is actually my first winter where I’d consider myself more of a regular runner. I want to run outside, but unfortunately all my hours of daylight are sucked up by work! I manage to get some runs in on the weekends though, and then I’ll usually go in the middle of the day so it’s not too cold. I’ve been looking into some running gloves, thanks for recommending a pair!

  22. My running partner (Fred the mutt) insists on a 5 am run nearly every day, but also hounds me for after dinner walks. I have to admit he’s really not spoiled, just trained to expect it, my fault. Tulsa pre-dawn summer temps of 90(!) and winter mornings of 20 or below are pretty normal. While I feel great now, chances are I won’t be nearly as excited about our routine as my pregnancy progresses (only 15 weeks now). Just taking it one run at a time.

  23. Growing up in the Northern part of Illinois my whole life I have gotten used to running in the cold, (and heat for that matter)! I won’t run too much below freezing though. Definitely have to wear tighter fitting clothes to keep the warmth in! I think I would rather run in the cold than the blistering heat.

  24. I look forward to running in the cold! I run the most miles and have my best runs when it’s 40 and below 🙂 I’m weird.. I know! I get lake effect snow off of Lake Erie, too! MY FAV!

  25. I’m not sure if I was running then, but I can remember walking when it was 6 degrees out! It was 27 when I went this morning.

  26. I run outside all winter long and I head out before sunrise. The only thing that will keep me inside is freezing rain, though my circulation stinks so I sometimes have to cut my miles due to frostbite. I’ve got a collection of neck warmers, fleece-lined hats and ski gloves, plus I’ll pull out a buff to cover my nose and mouth it’s cold enough to irritate my lungs. I should reconsider living in New England!!

  27. Uh, this morning it was 4 below zero for my run. That’s alaska for you! I was actually wearing pretty much what I wear for anything under 30 degrees. I sweat like a pig while running so find that I warm up almost immediately.

  28. I have just given up my gym membership for crossfit and, although it’s coming into summer for me now, I’m dreading running in the rain. Any tips?

  29. This is the first winter I’m really motivated to run outside in the cold (I’m training for a race). At this point, I think the coldest I’ll run in is 20 degrees. My long sleeved underarmour shirt has already proven to be the most worthwhile during the cold weather. It makes a huge difference.

  30. Love those gloves!! I think 30 is the coldest I like to run in. I have run in colder weather but I’m miserable. I do pretty good except my feet go numb. Any suggestion on running shoes for colder weather? I love my Asics but my feet are just too cold in them. Love your blog!

  31. Love the cold. Yaktrax make snow and ice do-able. I think about -12F plus a good 18 mph wind is my record. I still had to vent my hat and unzip my coat by the time I got home. The worst is when the plows can’t see you because it’s still dark!

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