Frosty Morning Run & What I Wore For It

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Gooooooood morning!

I started my day with a chilly morning run. When I headed outside, I saw frost on the grass! Brrrrr!


I actually planned to go to CrossFit today, but my upper body was super sore from yesterday’s workout, so I switched it up with an easy 3-mile run.

A bunch of you guys have asked me what I wear for cold weather runs, so here’s a picture of what I wore this morning for 40-degree (F) weather:

  • Long-sleeve tech top with a tank top (or t-shirt) underneath
  • Crops
  • Flip Belt
  • Socks and sneakers
  • Gloves


I love these running gloves from New Balance because they have special touch screen fingertips, so I can change stations/songs and snap photos on my iPhone during my runs. (FYI: I’ll nix the gloves if the weather is in the upper 40’s.)


When the temperature drops below 40 degrees, I’ll wear a heavier long-sleeve top/jacket, longer pants, and maybe a hat (I like this one with a hole in the back for my ponytail), but everything else stays the same.

When the temperature drops below 30 degrees, I don’t usually run outside because I’m a big wuss. Same goes for snow. If there’s a lot of snow on the ground, I won’t normally run outside. I’m always worried about slipping and falling, so it’s not worth the risk to me. Plus, it’s frickin’ cold!


After my run, I quickly showered and then made a big French Toast Breakfast Scramble and poured it into an empty Teddie jar. We had two jars (Super Chunky and Unsalted) open at the same time, which is why you saw one the other day on CNC. We also just really love peanut butter and eat a lot of it!


After breakfast, I drank a glass of iced Dandy Blend with eggnog. (I finally gave up on that Rice Nog and just bought the real stuff.)


Question of the Day

Do you run outside in the winter? What’s the coldest temperature you’d run in? What are your favorite go-to pieces of gear?

P.S. You still have time to enter the giveaway to win 1 of 5 containers of Pro Performance L-Glutamine Powder. I’ll pick the winners this afternoon!



  1. I run outside in the winter, but it’s difficult now that I’m Washington state. The cold rain makes it much less fun. I always have a Christmas morning run as well 🙂

  2. I used to not run if the temp was below 20, but I’ve gone running in temps as low as 10 degrees F. An ear-covering is a must, but honestly, once you get moving and the blood is circulating, the cold doesn’t feel too bad.

  3. I live in Canada so it’s ALWAYS cold! I run as long as it’s not snowing out and the sidewalks are plowed. I canceled my gym membership like you did so if I don’t run in the cold, I don’t run!

  4. Thanks for the tips on what to wear – I’m in training for a half Ironman next June and most of my runs will happen during the cold months and I don’t want to be strapped to the treadmill the entire time! I might have to invest in those gloves too!!

    What’s the deal with Dandy Blend? Why did you start drinking it? Just wondering about it! 🙂

  5. I’m in training for the ING Miami Marathon (here in NYC) and let me tell you I am pretty much regretting this whole training through winter scenario. 20 milers in freezing temperatures are not sounding fun! Took me several hours to feel warm after last sunday’s 18 miler! But it was fun to purchase a ton of new cold weather gear 🙂

  6. So Delicous makes an egg nog that is pretty good, I dont even like egg nog but this tastes creamy and rich like the real thing but its dairy free…

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