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All packed up and ready to go to New York City!

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Are you wondering what my trip to NYC is all about? I shall explain”¦

Remember when I submitted my “Nacho Skins” recipe for the Whole Foods blogger contest? Well, it won the grand prize (yay!!!), which was a two-night stay in New York City for me and guest as well as an invite to an exclusive wine and cheese media event. Pretty amazing prize, right? Obviously, I am pumped. Mal couldn’t take off time during the middle of the week to come with me, so I invited Monica to join me for some fun in the Big Apple. She arrives bright and early tomorrow morning, and I can’t wait to see her. Although, I’m a little bummed that I forgot my banana costume to surprise her.

I took an afternoon train from Boston to NYC, so a town car arrived at my house this morning to take me to South Station. I felt so fancy traveling in style to the train station!


I had about an hour to kill before my train departed, so I sat down at a table, cracked open an issue of Real Simple, and ate my lunch, which I brought from home.

IMG_0310 (600x450)


On the menu: Parmesan and Garlic Roasted Edamame.

IMG_0308 (600x446)

Mashed sweet potatoes with turmeric, curry, cinnamon, nutmeg, garlic powder, and sea salt.

IMG_0309 (600x450)

A banana and a few pieces of stone ground dark chocolate.

IMG_0307 (600x450)

I finished eating my lunch and then decided I still had room for Pinkberry. Obviously.


Then, it was time to board the train to Penn Station.

Boston —>

IMG_0312 (600x450)

—> New York City.

IMG_0316 (600x450)

When I arrived in NYC, I hopped in taxi to the hotel where I will be staying for the next two days. It’s really nice!

photo (440x600)

Pics of my room:

IMG_0314 (600x450)

IMG_0318 (600x450)

IMG_0317 (600x450)

IMG_0320 (450x600)


Once I got settled, my stomach started to grumble. Dinner was still a few hours away, so I grabbed a salad at Starbucks to hold me over. In the mix: kale, butternut squash, broccoli, roasted beets, red cabbage, roasted tomatoes, brown rice, and lemon tahini dressing. It was the perfect snack to hold me over until dinnertime.

IMG_0324 (600x450)

Question of the Day

I know this question has been asked on CNC and other healthy living blogs in the past, but I’m looking for some new ideas and hope you guys might be able to help.

What are your go-to healthy meals and snacks for purchase when you travel?

I often pack healthy foods from home, but when I need to buy something to eat, Starbucks and Whole Foods are my go-to options when I travel.

P.S. Check out my newest post on The Laughing Cow blog: Guide to a Carefree Summer! (There’s a cute photo of Murphy in it!)



  1. Congrats on winning! Let us know what you find out on good “on the go” places to eat/snacks! I work two jobs and on days when I go from one to another its hard! B.Good is pretty decent though, they are only in Boston.

  2. Welcome to NYC– glad to have you visiting and congrats! My go to snacks on the road are hard boiled eggs, kind bars/lara bars, freeze dried fruit (it’s super light!)– I also often pack a little pack of my favorite candy so I won’t be tempted to spend $7 on a tiny bag of Sour Patch Kids in the airport store!

  3. I don’t often take snacks with me mainly because so little actually holds over by the time I get where I’m going! I like to buy bars and trail mix or else stop someplace like Starbucks or Au Bon Pain if I’m looking for something more substantial to eat. I have been making these muffins out of almond flour, canned coconut milk, and blueberries that I think might do pretty well with traveling so maybe I will try those out next time though!

  4. Woot Woot! The recipe did look pretty good. I am definitely going to have to give it a try!! That hotel room looks very nice…Too bad Mal or Murphy couldn’t travel with you….but then again some alone time is always nice.

  5. A couple of ideas (I have some strange allergies – no dairy, no egg, no soy, etc) so finding things I can eat on a plane or in a train station can be tricky.
    Breakfast – I like to bring those instant oatmeal in a paper cup things they sell at costco or wherever. Delish, and I just get hot water on the plane.
    Snack – banana, nuts, lara bar, or a baggie w/ some sliced raw green pepper.
    Traveling internationally – I love checking out the fruit stands in other countries – you never know what you will find. Then I will stock up on various fruits and veggies to eat while in transit locally (on trains, etc). Plus if it is something you can share, you make friends (ex: big bag of cherries or something).

  6. I generally always have little containers of: PB2 (to pour into a plain greek yogurt, available like anywhere), home made trail mix (nuts, dried fruit, chocolate chips, yadda yadda), some type of bar or if the going gets tough, I always just get an iced coffee, with half skim/half coffee. I figure a cup of skim milk is a pretty good source of protein/calcium, and who doesn’t love java?! :)))) Happy travels!

  7. I try to always have good travel snacks like granola bars and fruit leather (because Yes, I eat like a nine year old) but starbucks is always a great option for a little snack.

  8. Nice! Have fun! I always pack a lunch and/or snacks when we travel and my husband always laughs because I’m so well prepared, but when I need to buy something I’ll go for fresh fruit, granola bars, yogurt, trail mix…whatever I can find that isn’t too processed 🙂

  9. I usually like to pack fruit, healthy cereal, granola bars, carrot sticks, cashews, beef jerky, small packages of peanut butter, whole wheat crackers, pretzels, etc.

  10. Looks like a great place to visit, even better when it’s free. You seem very well organised, nicely done with the lunch.
    You would have saved some money and still eaten healthy!!

  11. the UK version of primal pacs (naked ape pacs, they are amazing and ship to the US as well), hard boiled eggs, whole avocados, bananas, nakd bars (again, a UK thing, i think the equivalent US products are larabars), veggie crudites and if i’m racing i’ll bring hemp protein powder. x

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