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Hi, friends! Happy Friday! I have a few updates for you guys””two are good, one is bad.

Update #1: Our little pug-ster is feeling so much better.

We took him to the vet for a check-up yesterday afternoon and his eyes are just about heeled. Yay! The vet said we could stop giving him his eye meds, so Murphy is really happy. The poor guy actually started running away from us all panicked as soon as we’d go to get them.

IMG_9827 (750x563)_thumb[2]

The pug has healthy eyes, but”¦

IMG_9818 (563x750)_thumb[3]

… now has a weird growth on his lip. Wtf, Murphy?

IMG_9825 (563x750)_thumb[1]

Just in case you missed it:


The vet wasn’t sure about the growth (it’s not a pimple), so he suggested a needle aspiration biopsy, which would cost us a buttload of money, so we’re going to wait a few days to see if it goes away on its own. The growth popped up out of nowhere last week, so maybe it’ll go away just as quickly? I sure hope so!

Update #2: Our bathroom is being painted right now.

IMG_9813 (563x750) (563x750)

Mal couldn’t stand the green walls in our bathroom, so he volunteered to paint them a more neutral color, which, even with just one coat, totally brightens up the room. I’m excited to see the final product!

IMG_9811 (563x750) (563x750)

Update #3: My colon is unhappy.

I guess I jinxed myself by saying I was flare-free in yesterday’s post because now all signs point to a potential flare. Boo.

Over the past few days, things haven’t been quite right, but I thought my issues were just caused by something I ate. Unfortunately, I got confirmation (bleeding and cramping) this morning that things are progressing in the wrong direction. I immediately called my doctor, who put me back on Lialda. So much for being off drugs””that didn’t last long.

IMG_9882 (563x750)

Let’s hope things get back to normal ASAP!

Question of the Day

I’m kind of bumming about this colitis stuff, so give me an AWESOME update about your life!



  1. My pug/boxer has had one of those on his lip too for so long. It hasn’t gotten worse and he seems fine so we never did the biopsy.

  2. My awesome update is that although I am so sad that the Olympics are so nearly over, I am excited for the Paralympics and all 3 events I have tickets to!

  3. I hope everything with Murphy works out! He’s so damn cute. I hope you start to feel better too :-/

    I did actually think of you yesterday because my friend was wearing the cutest shirt with a pug on it and it said, “Pugs not drugs” haha 🙂

  4. Thinking of you Tina! I really hope that you can kick this colitis’s a$$! I know you can 🙂 Also, have you ever read ‘Wheat Belly’ by Dr. William Davis, a preventive cardiologist. I feel like you (and Mal!) would find it super interesting!

  5. Hope you feel better soon, how rubbish to be back on the meds but at least they should help it clear up. Murphy is still so adorable despite his little lip issue, I feel like in every picture he’s like ‘look into my eyes, look into my eyes’ and about to put me under! I’m training for a half marathon and have had to take three weeks off due to a foot injury but went for a run this morning. It was hard but so good to be back out there. Sure you will soon be back on it too!

  6. I have a shih-tzu and she has gotten a lot of growths. They are cysts and have just popped on their own eventually so they have come and gone. Maybe that is what Murphy has too.

  7. Hey Tina, happy to hear the pup is feeling better! Our dog got one of those on his mouth after being treated for a few other unrelated health ailments. We felt the same way (had just spent a buttload of $$ at the vet to fix the other problems) so we decided to wait it out and it started to get better after about a week, and is now almost completely gone on its own 2 weeks later. Maybe just an immune system thing?

  8. My pug had a growth like that on his chin awhile back. We never did anythng about it and it eventually scabbed up and went away. Every once in awhile it pops back up for a couple of days and then disappears again. Weird. It never seemed to bother him though so we just let it be. I hope Murphy has the same luck with his!

  9. Hi Tina! I hope you feel better!
    About that thing on Murphy’s face, I’m no expert but it looks like it could be doggy papilloma (basically just warts). My pup got it a while back and it should just fall off after a few weeks.

  10. Just an update…We took our pup to the vet today and they gave him antibiotics for the growth like Murphy’s. They said it came from plastic and an infected hair? They first asked if we fed him out of a plastic bowl (we don’t, but he likes to chew 2 liter bottles), apparently plastic does that. Dunno if that helps!

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