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Hi, friends! Happy Friday!

It feels like a survey-type of morning, so here’s a running-themed Q & A that I saw on Julie‘s blog awhile back. It was fun to do and definitely motivated me to go for a run today!

Best Run Ever

Easy. Reach the Beach with Team Off Balance. We had such a blast! I would love to relive that 24 hours!

reach the beach


reach the beach

Three Words that Describe My Running

Fun, social, and sporadic.


My Go-To Running Outfit

My go-to running outfit is usually a short sleeve shirt with capris or shorts (depending on the weather). I actually really liked my outfit for the Run for Charlotte this past weekend:

059 (450x600)

Quirky Habit While Running

I wear my Spibelt (now Flip Belt) super high on my waist instead of on my hips. My friends find it quite amusing.


Morning, Mid-day, or Evening

Any time! I used to be a morning runner, but I’ve started to enjoy late-afternoon/early evening runs.

I Won’t Run Outside When It’s

Snowing. No thanks! I’d rather run on the treadmill.

snow run

Worst Injury – And How I Got Over It

Oh, jeez, I’ve had a million””all of which were due to overuse and scoliosis/misaligned hips. When I was training for marathons, I stretched, iced, foam-rolled, and all that jazz, but running less/shorter distances, in general, has been good for my body.

I Felt Most Like a Badass Mother Runner When

I finished (and PRed at) the New York City Marathon after barely training for it (because of injuries and a UC flare). I still can’t believe I survived it. I definitely owe Theodora big time for getting me through it!

new york city marathon finish

Potential Running Goal for 2013

Beat my current 5K PR time! I still can’t believe I got the exact same time last weekend! Hey, I’m consistent, right?

Next Race Is

The ZOOMA Annapolis Half Marathon on June 1st.

Questions of the Day

When is your next race?

What’s your quirky running habit?

What’s your best run ever?

P.S. Speaking of running, for those of you who are spectating the Boston Marathon on Monday, here are some tips: Spectator Tips for the Boston Marathon.



  1. My next race is Pat’s Run honoring Pat Tillman in Tempe on April 20th. But I’m suuuper excited for my first half marathon in San Diego on June 2nd!!

  2. My best run was my first run back after YEARS off from running. It was the Cupid Chase 5K and I felt stronger and finished better than I ever have…Haven’t scheduled another race yet after doing three 5K’s in the first three months of 2013, but I’m looking for a new one soon 🙂

  3. I’ve had shin splints since my marathon in November, so today’s 3k felt AMAZING! I’m looking forward to my 10k next month. I know it will be super slow, but I’m going to enjoy it so much!

  4. When is your next race?
    My next race is the Airport Run in Berlin. Its a 10k or HM across the Berlin airport. Its at night and the whole runway will be lighted up with flames.
    What’s your quirky running habit?
    mhh dont think I have one.
    What’s your best run ever?
    My best run ever. I guess last weekends HM. It was my first and I met my goal of finishing unter 2.30:-)

    How do you like your Spibelt? I am thinkg about getting one.

  5. I just ran the Blue Bell 10K this morning!

    I think my quirkiest running habit is probably that I like to sport my Texas flag shorts almost every time I run. It’s not just that I love the print, they also happen to be the most comfortable shorts I own 🙂

    My best run ever would have to be the Austin Marathon. It was my first (and only, so far!) marathon, and it was awesome. My boyfriend ran the last 7 miles with me and it was an amazing bonding experience, and I felt so accomplished and on top of the world when I crossed that finish line!

  6. My next race is the American Lung Associations Fight For Air Climb in Greenville, SC. This race is very close to me because my mom has suffered with COPD for close to 10 years and has just been diagnosed with Lung Cancer.

    My best race ever: The 3rd Annual Charleston Half Marathon. This was my first race ever and I was so excited. I finished number 2089th out of 5000+ contestants and proved to myself that I wasn’t a quitter. I actually ran with a lady named Kelly Luckett for the last 5 or 6 miles. This will be her 9th year to qualify in the Boston Marathon as an amputee! I am so excited to keep an eye out for her today!

    My quirky habit – Breathing in & out through my mouth. I know everyone says to breathe in through your nose & out through your mouth, but when it comes to running that just doesn’t work for me! My athletic friends find this strange, but it works so well for me!

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