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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, guys! How was your weekend? Mine was great. Nothing too exciting to report, but it was definitely a nice couple of days.

Friday night

Friday evening was relaxed and low-key. Mal and I went to CrossFit and then grabbed dinner from Whole Foods on the way home. I went with some California rolls (major sushi craving) and then cooked up some sweet potato tots from Trader Joe’s once I got home.

IMG_7278 (900x675)

Mal hit up the prepared foods at Whole Foods. He got some teriyaki chicken and grilled asparagus and then also had some of the sweet potato tots that I made at home. As you can see, Murphy was especially interested in his meal. FYI: We have a “1-second rule” in our house.

IMG_7281 (675x900)

After dinner, I enjoyed some mango sorbet with chocolate sprinkles, which was the perfect way to end the evening.

IMG_7283 (900x675)


On Saturday morning, I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I made breakfast (Greek yogurt with chocolate Chex + half of a wrap with almond butter and marmalade inside), took Murphy for a walk, and then threw on my workout gear for a CrossFit workout.

IMG_7286 (900x675)

Usually, Mal and I sleep in a little on Saturday mornings and then go to the 10:00 AM class at CrossFit, but we were wide awake and ready to go for the 9:00 AM. Carpe diem! Recap of our partner WOD here.

IMG_1592 (900x900)

After CrossFit, we swung by Whole Foods for iced lattes and some ingredients to make Monkey Bread for our friends’ joint surprise party later that evening.

IMG_1595 (675x900)

At Whole Foods, Mal and I finally found the Perfect Food Bars. The owners and members at our CrossFit box are crazy about these bars. Everyone loves them and numerous people have raved about how amazing they are. I’ve looked a few different times at Whole Foods, but I’ve never had any luck finding them, so I was really excited when I finally had the chance to try one. I went with the carob chip flavor and really liked it.

The carob chip bar is peanut butter-based with a slightly sweet, honey flavor and all sorts of nutrients in it from tomato, bell pepper, alfalfa, celery, kelp, carrot, papaya, and spinach (you don’t taste any of them) as well as healthy fats (flax seed oil, sunflower seed oil, pumpkin seed oil) and a whole bunch of protein (17 grams per bar). Now, I know why they’re called Perfect Foods Bars!

IMG_1598 (900x900)

I spent the rest of Saturday getting organized around the house””cleaning, doing laundry, replying to emails, baking Monkey Bread.

IMG_1652 (900x900)

Eventually, I got hungry for lunch, so I whipped up an omelet with chopped asparagus and crumbled feta along with a toasted English muffin with butter on the side.

IMG_7290 (900x675)

I was still a little hungry after that, so I ate an apple too.

IMG_7272 (675x900)

A little while later, Mal and I headed to a surprise party for a couple of our friends. They’re both turning 30 next week, so our friend’s mom planned a get-together for him and his girlfriend.

IMG_1633 (675x900)

SURPRISE!!! (They had NO idea!)

IMG_1634 (900x675)

The party included a wonderful homemade dinner.

IMG_1638 (900x675)

And plenty of desserts!

IMG_1651 (900x675)

Happy birthday, Jon and Jenn!

IMG_1645 (900x675)


Mal and I slept in until 10:00 on Sunday morning. (Yea, I dunno. We’re lazy.) My grumbling stomach woke me up, so I immediately made breakfast, which was Gluten-Free Pancakes with Honey-Almond Butter. Mmm… incredible.

IMG_7317 (675x900)

I spent the rest of Sunday working while Mal made some progress on the nursery.

IMG_7354 (675x900)

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Question of the Day

Do you like surprises or do they drive you crazy and make you want to know what it is immediately?

I love surprises and can wait to find out what it is. Mal, however, is just the opposite and obsesses about them, which is extremely entertaining for me.



  1. I love surprises! It is so sweet when someone plans a thoughtful gesture, party or something in your honor. Can’t wait to see the baby’s room!!

  2. Murphy has such a great life 🙂 He looks so comfortable! I had a surprise party thrown for my 16th birthday but for two weeks before, all of my friends kind of ignored me and all stopped talking when I walked in the room. I was so sad but it made the party even better–I had no idea! I think some surprises are good ones but I’m not the most patient person. Have a great week!

  3. I love surprises too, but I’m kind of like Mal where I obsess about them trying to figure out what they are. They are great once I figure it out though:)

  4. I love love surprises! For my brother’s 30th birthday, his girlfriend (now wife) planned an amazing surprise party for him…

    Little did she know that my brother was going to propose the night before! It turned out to be a weekend full of great surprises 🙂 Our family was in on all of it, and it was wonderful watching the two surprise each other!

  5. You always get so much done! I like surprises so long as I’m not told that I have a surprise coming; if that makes any sense! Surprise me, but don’t dangle it in front of me.

  6. Awesome sounding weekend! After your post I am now craving Whole Foods food bar for lunch!
    By chance where did you get that tray on the trunk? We have been searching like crazy for something similar to that!
    I love surprises but I am really good at guessing them ha. Drives my husband nuts!

  7. That perfect food bar sounds delicious! I’ll have to search for them at my local WF.

    I love a surprise. My favorite one was my brother (who lived in Portland, OR at the time) randomly showing up at my front door. I had no idea he was home and when he was living on the opposite coast, I usually only got to see him twice a year. That was the best.

  8. Hey Tina! I was wondering if you’ll be putting in a search function on the website. I really like the new view for food, but it’s so hard to find recipes now!

  9. My husband threw me a surprise party for my 26th birthday and it was honestly the most thoughtful gift he could give me! Not to mention he’s sneaky and used it as a complete distraction toll after and proposed 2 weeks later 🙂

  10. I am sure you have already been inundated with comments like these in your real life, but enjoy the sleeping in and don’t feel lazy about it. Your sleeping in days are numbered. I sit up with my 7 month old at 5:30am on Saturdays relishing when I used to sleep until 9am. 🙂

  11. We had some good sushi too this week, actually when I was pregnant (1 year ago), I never gave up sushi, I used to have raw sushi every two weeks, my doc was fine with t as long as it was from a good place. I never had those in the grocery store, but only sushi from the reputable restaurant that we used to go!

  12. I think I like surprises, but I’m literally so nosy that every time someone has tried to surprise me with like anything, one party included, I’ve figured out what it was that they were up to. That said, I’m thinking about throwing my fiancé a party for his birthday and he is so oblivious, I really think he has 0 idea.

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