Friday Morning Iced Coffee Date (10/21)

Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY, friends!

It’s Friday morning and you know what that means: It’s time for our coffee date! I’m drinking Coconut Paradise iced coffee, which, you guys, rivals Marylou’s Coffee (!), with a splash of coconut creamer (from Trader Joe’s). It’s creamy, slightly sweet, and pure perfection. What are you drinking this morning?

Ok, let’s get right into things…

So, I’m trying something new with the CNC newsletter, so I hope you decide to sign up for it (if you haven’t already). Next month (holy cow, how is November 1st so soon!?), I’ll share a 2-week fitness plan with workouts that you can do at home (perhaps during nap time) or the gym with minimal equipment. We’re all short on time, so these workouts are quick, efficient, and really give you the most bang for your buck! I’ll also share a special Thanksgiving Day workout to help you kick off the all-day foodfest on the right foot, so be sure to sign up so you don’t miss out!  (The newsletter sign up box is located on the right side on CNC’s main page.)

I was recently featured on about What It Took to Sculpt Six-Pack Abs! The article says: “It’s a lot of work,” but paying attention to my macros isn’t really all that difficult or time-consuming, especially now that I’ve done it for so long, and it makes such a difference in my body and how I feel. If you’re interested in working with me on a custom meal plan, check out Designed to Fit Nutrition for more info!


Speaking of Designed to Fit, thank you to everyone who entered to win one of our 4-week custom meal plans! Here is your winner:


Congrats on your new adventure! I just had a baby and am struggling to get meals planned and made!. This would be such a treat!

Congrats, Katie! Please email me at to claim your prize!

If we were having coffee this morning, I would also tell you that I made the 5-Ingredient Butternut Squash & Sage Breakfast Casserole from PaleOMG, and it turned out so well. I actually made it TWICE this week because Mal and I blew through the first one. It was so easy to make and deeeelicious! 🙂 There are actually quite a few new recipes that I want to try

Cauliflower Toast Recipe

If we were having coffee right now, I’d show you photos of our new master closet. Remember our summer project? Well, it was completed a few weeks ago, and we’re IN LOVE. It’s so fun getting dressed nowadays, and I can’t believe how much extra closet space we have now!


I’d also tell you that I finally got my flu shot. I mean, is something going around right now? I feel like everyone is sick! And I’m going in for Entyvio next week, and I KNOW my doctor will ask if I got my flu shot, soooo, long story short, I swung by the Minute Clinic after CrossFit to get it. It was so quick and easy. I was in and out in, like, 15 minutes. FYI: Did you know the Minute Clinic has a “Hold a Place in Line” option, so you don’t have to wait around forever? You just sign up online and let them know why you’re visiting. Then, you arrive at your chosen clinic and sign into the kiosk with a special online pre-registration code. It’s awesome, especially for those of us with maniac toddlers! 🙂


I’m obsessed with this water bottle (pictured below) fro my friends at CamelBak. Actually, I’m obsessed with this bigger version of it, but Mal snagged it and took it to school with him. Grrrr. It’s a good thing I like him so much! Haha! Anyway, this vacuum-insulated bottle keeps liquids cold for 48 hours (even longer if you add ice) and hot for six. I often leave it in my car during long runs, and it’s just as cold as it was when I left it. The bottle is actually designed for chugging (love that – haha), so it has a high-flow spout and a cap that fits neatly into the handle to stay out of your way when you’re drinking. And it’s double-walled design keeps condensation from collecting on the outside of the bottle, so it doesn’t make a mess and get everything inside your gym bag/car all wet. I’m a big fan! Mal is too! 🙂


And, finally, I would remind you of my sister and my LuLaRoe fundraiser next week on Wednesday, October 26th to benefit the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA). It’s an all-day, online fundraiser and you just need to be part of my sister’s LuLaRoe Facebook page to participate.

If you’re not familiar with LuLaRoe, you’re in for a real treat! Welcome to your newest addiction! LuLaRoe (LLR) offers skirts, dresses, leggings, and tops for women and girls (and tops for men). The fabrics are super soft and simply comfortable. The prints are bold, bright and fun. Sizes range from XXS to 3XL and girls 2-16. There is truly something for everyone! LuLaRoe has been described as the “Anthropologie of Direct Sales,” but don’t fear, it’s totally affordable!


How the fundraiser/sales work: Become a member of my sister’s LuLaRoe group and then check-in frequently throughout the day on Wednesday. The best styles and patterns go quickly and, unlike other direct sales companies, there’s no catalog to order from. Once the item is gone, it’s GONE, but that’s the beauty of LLR. You will have a truly unique piece of clothing at an affordable price. My sister will be available to answer questions throughout the day, so feel free to pop on over to see what her shopping event is all about. And, of course, you’ll be benefiting a wonderful cause, one near and dear to my heart, with your purchase! 🙂

Questions of the Day

What’s your beverage of choice this morning?

What’s up for the weekend?

Have you ever heard of LuLaRoe?

Did you get your flu shot yet?


  1. I’m drinking a cup of coffee, black, and would tell you I’m equally in love with PaleOMG recipes simply for the taste factor. Such amazing dishes!

  2. Isn’t the PaleOMG butternut squash and sage casserole so good?? We loved it so much in our house too. I also highly recommend the EBF slow cooker sausage kale soup. We had that for dinners this weekend and both my husband and I LOVED it. It definitely won’t disappoint. Happy Friday Tina.

  3. hey Good Morning! Drinking hot coffee, Cafe Bustelo at home with a little bit of creamer, reading blogs on the couch with my 60 lb dog 🙂 I woke this morning sore from head to toe which is a great Friday morning feel. Hit up Crossfit 2x and today will be day 5 of running. Btw- you totally inspired me to start Crossfit because of your abs! haha Have a great day Tina! Cheers!

  4. closet looks awesome!! i need someone to do that to mine…. and the rest of my house lol i have gotten my flu shot and william got his yesterday, but my dad said it’s still a bit early

  5. Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice k-cup! Surprisingly good for a k-cup.

    Wow, I’ve got some closet envy! Would love to hear more about who you used and some ballpark numbers. I know its not cheap, but I’m guessing totally worth it…..And um, Got Shoes???? heehee

  6. I stopped by a local shop and got, for my first time, an espresso-almond milk-greek yogurt- cocoa- and banana smoothie! HOLY YUM!

  7. Hi Tina! We’re also thinking of giving our walk in closet a make over. Which company did you end up using (if you don’t mind me asking)? We’re Boston based, so we can consider a more local company if you went that route. Thanks and happy Friday! 🙂

  8. I can’t seem to find where to sign up for your newsletter. Maybe because I am on an iPhone vs laptop? Thanks for your help!

  9. I never buy coffee in the mornings but I needed the caffeine of a strong Starbucks today so I stopped on the way to work and got my coffee for FREE! Total win and started my day on a great foot. How customizable are you Designed to Fit meal plans? I’m on an elimination diet from my doctor but also need to reign in my eating and was wondering how accomodating you guys can be when it comes to the plan. Happy Friday!!

  10. My beverage of choice this morning is flavored Cinnamon Sugar Cookie coffee – a coffee flavor by Green Mountain. I add collagen and unsweetened almond milk to it, delish!

    Tomorrow I’m running a 5k race and I also have an Orange theory class to take – Also having my annual Fall get together with friends tomorrow. We enjoy fall drinks (apple cider w/ caramel vodka!) and food! I’m making apple crisp, southwest chili and buffalo chicken egg rolls (not fallish but I’m known for my egg rolls).

    LOVE LuLaRoe! Best leggings ever!

  11. I am having my third (!!!!) coffee of the morning! This weekend is my son’s first birthday, and I am totally pumped! I could even tell this morning in the workout! I was able to do HPC at 90lbs for the first time!!! so fun!

  12. I’m drinking just regular drip coffee this morning because we are in a hotel traveling on a road trip from San Jose, CA to Seattle (where we are moving).

  13. Had coffee this morning – that’s my choice everyday. 🙂
    I’m so weird about getting the flu shot cause it’s extra chemicals in my body, I just try and eat healthy and stay away from anyone who is sick and cover my mouth during my commute. I know, so weird.
    Have a great weekend. 🙂

  14. 1. My beverage of choice this morning was a nitro cold brew coffee from Starbucks! I was extra ambitious at the gym today and topped my 50-minute spin class of with 60 minutes of strength training, so all of the caffeine was definitely necessary.

    2. Not too much is up for the weekend! I work weekends, and my “weekends” are Monday & Tuesday, which will be spent cleaning my apartment, working out, and preparing for my best friend to come visit the following week!

    3. I have heard of LLR, but I’ve never purchased anything! I might just have to jump on that bandwagon soon.

    4. I didn’t get my flu shot yet. I should probably get around to that. 😡

  15. My bevarage(s) of choice this morning are an orange La Croix I didn’t finish last night and some coffee I brewed this morning. My husband bought a Christmas blend from the Fresh Market that I was super stoked about, but the directions had me make it WAY TOO STRONG. I added a serving of pumpkin spice creamer and my mug still looked like black coffee!

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