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My friend Monica is visiting from California! She’s a great friend and decided to fly across the country to run 20 miles with me. 3,000 miles + 20 miles… now that’s a good friend, right!? Anyway, she flew in on Thursday night, so we kept things low-key and ordered Thai take-out for dinner– Lime Leaf, of course!

IMG_0865 (800x600)

Friday morning, we woke up bright and early, hung out with Quinn and ate some breakfast. I went with banana oatmeal with ground flax and apple butter.

IMG_0879 (800x600)

Monica gave Quinn the most adorable Easter present: A rubbery ducky dressed as a bunny. Too cute. Quinn loved it!

PicMonkey Collagee

After Quinn’s morning nap, we headed to the park with Murphy. It was a chilly and cloudy day, but, thankfully, the rain held off during our walk.

IMG_0896 (800x600)IMG_0897 (800x800)

On the way home, we stopped by Whole Foods to grab lunch. I went with a big salad.

IMG_0899 (800x600)

And a couple of cookies: A chocolate-covered macaroon (amazing) and a black and white cookie (it was just okay).

IMG_0900 (1) (800x600)

While at Whole Foods, I saw this amazing piece of artwork… pug + banana = two of my favorites.

IMG_0904 (800x800)

We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging around the house and then a couple of our friends came over to hang out. They stayed for dinner.

IMG_0905 (800x600)

And dessert.

IMG_0907 (1) (800x600)

(I love these cookies so much!!)

IMG_0910 (800x800)

After our friends said goodbye, Monica and I went to bed semi-early because we had to be awake before 5:00 AM to run 20 miles, which included a half marathon road race. Recap coming soon!

Questions of the Day

How was your Friday? What’d you do?

Have you tried the Sandwich Cremes from Whole Foods? 



  1. Hi!! I saw you and Monica at the Duxbury Half this morning but didn’t get a chance to say hi after! I’m a junior in college and I’ve been following you guys since freshman year!! Just wanted to let you know that you guys have inspired me so much to keep in shape and stay fit, and a lot of your tips/workouts/recipes have been so helpful as I have (sort of) stepped into the real world. Thanks again, and let me know if you ever do a training run around the Charles!!

  2. I love middle picture of Quinn with his Easter present! “Look Mom!” We don’t have a Whole Foods in Grand Rapids, MI. 🙁 I am always jealous of things you post. Friday night my hubby took me to see Fifty Shades and then we came home and enjoyed some Vidal Blanc!

  3. I was inside the entire day on Friday! I spent most of it doing blog things and then my husband came home and we watched movies and hung out.

    Today it is finally warm enough here in Chicago to walk around, so I just spent 4 hours out and about and eating all the food!

  4. Are those cookies brand new at whole foods? I haven’t seen them before. My Friday was spent napping and. resting. up, actually! I went to a sporting warehouse and that was pretty good, but I couldn’t find any decent shoes

  5. Are you gonna run in your new lobster shoes? 🙂 I’m STILL thinking about those shoes! I woke up at 5:30am this morning to see the blood moon but went back to bed…much easier than running 20 miles, but a good hike is on the docket for tomorrow.

  6. Oh man, when two of my favorite bloggers meet up and run together, my heart swells! Love reading both of your posts from the weekend 🙂

  7. I love nights in with girlfriends, takeout, and wine! Those Whole Foods cream filled cookies look dangerously good. I cannot eat a black and white cookie unless it’s from a deli!

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