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Hi and happy Friday!

Did this week feel like a realllllly long week to anyone else? Holy cow… on Wednesday, I seriously thought it was Thursday… and then I woke up on Thursday morning thinking it was Friday. Well, we finally made it, and I’m so thankful. This is actually our last “boring” weekend before the craziness of the holiday season kicks off. We’re booked straight through the new year with festivities and fun, and I seriously can’t wait for all of it to start! 🙂

In today’s edition of the Friday 5, I’m sharing 5 things I’m loving lately including a new sports bra find, Quinn’s cool bento box, my latest Amazon obsession, and a new TV show we’re loving!

Happy weekending, friends!

1. Hylete Sports Bra

I’m digging this new olive green sports bra from Hylete. I’m super picky about sports bras, so I was surprised how supportive it was during a CrossFit workout. (The nice folks at Hylete sent it to me to try.) It’s super comfortable and very flattering (aka no uni-boob). Even though it doesn’t have adjustable straps, it provides plenty of support. Plus, love the olive green color for Fall!

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2. Macro Tracking Challenge Goodie Bags

Salt Shack CrossFit recently partnered with Carrots ‘N’ Cake Nutrition & Coaching for a 12-week macro challenge, so I made goodie bags for all of the participants… and I have to say, they turned out really well!

Thank you to all of the amazing sponsors!

3. Bentgo Kids Lunchbox

Apparently, bento boxes are the “cool” thing to have at lunchtime at school, so Quinn asked us to buy him one. He’s been lovvvvving it, and I’m enjoying packing his lunches because I find myself adding more whole foods to it – instead of the packaged stuff when he had a traditional lunchbox. I also love this one because you can pop the insert right into the dishwasher (or rinse by hand), which is much easier than washing a cloth lunchbox like I was doing.

Kid's Green Bentgo Box

4. Buying Cards on Amazon

I don’t think I’ll ever buy a card from CVS or Target again – maybe not even the Dollar Store or Trader Joe’s where they’re just $1. Buying greeting cards on Amazon is so cheap, and I love that you can buy them in bulk, so you never have to worry about purchasing a last-minute card on the way to a birthday party or wedding. I mean, 40 assorted birthday cards for less than $12? That’s $0.29 per card! Sign me up! I’ve also purchased thank you cards and Halloween cards, just recently.

5. A.P. Bio

Mal and I randomly stumbled upon this show (that has nothing to do with biology!), and it’s absolutely hilarious. We definitely got sucked in! If you need a new, easy-to-watch comedy, I definitely recommend giving this a watch. We seriously LOL during every episode!

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  1. Hi! Can you link to the lunchbox? My son is about the same age and I agree washing the cloth one gets old! Thanks so much! Have a good weekend.

  2. Those goodie bags are amazing! I always use your code for Health Warrior orders, I’m grateful to have a 20% off code anytime. 😆 I discovered the brand before you started working with them (or I become aware of it). I just love your Friday 5 recommendations, and they are one of the highlights of my Thursday evening (I live on the west coast).

  3. The bulk card idea is amazing! I just ordered a bunch! Helps save money and I will always have a card available. Especially with all the kids parties. A card for $4 is ridiculous!

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