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I’m waiting for Mal to get his act together so we can go to a friends’ barbeque, so I decided to blog about how I spent some of my past 4th of Julys while I wait. Putting together this post was a fun little trip down memory lane. Hope you’re having a wonderful July 4th weekend!

2010: Independence Day Beer Pentathlon

Mal and I have a great group of friends. They’re nice people and they’re always up for something fun- like a Beer Pentathlon! When everyone arrived at my in-laws house, we organized the Beer Pentathlon. Mal and I had an idea what we wanted to do, but we figured getting everyone’s input would make the event a lot more fun. We ended up having five teams of two competing in five different beer games.





2009: BBQ X 2

My 4th of July was such a blast! Let’s just say, many good times were had by all! In fact, I had so much fun, I totally wore myself out. Instead of heading into Boston for the big Esplanade fireworks show, Mal and I decided to watch them at home from our apartment balcony. Surprisingly, this ended up being a fantastic idea- we were able to see 10+ fireworks shows from all around Boston and the surrounding towns. It was awesome! During the day, Mal, our friend, Jon, and I went to two BBQs to celebrate July 4th.




2008: I Love Vermont

I’m back! What a jam-packed weekend! We did everything! I’m exhausted”¦ and a tad stressed- the big day is in less than 6 days, and we’ve got lots and lots and lots to do, which means a quick recap of our VT weekend. (Hope you guys understand!) Mal and I arrived at our friends’ home in Jeffersonville, VT around 4:00 on Thursday, and immediately headed to Breakwaters on Lake Champlain in Burlington to enjoy some appetizers, beers, and fireworks. While waiting for the fireworks to begin, Mal and I enjoyed some Long Trail Blackberry Wheat beer and live music.






  1. Haha! I’m with Aubrey! I covet your abs!!! 🙂 My physique is very straight up and down and boyish! 🙁
    I love seeing your BBQs from summers past! Hope today’s is lots o’ fun, too. Whose Frenchie is that? Positively adorbs!

  2. A beer pentathlon?! That totally reminds me of this Beer Olympics thing I did last year… a lot of beer, a lot of games, a lot of outdoorsy sunshiney goodness, a LOT. OF. FUN. Have a great 4th!

  3. I love Vermont too – I’m headed up there at the end of this month and I absolutely can’t wait.

    It’s funny cause I remember reading these posts when they were the current 4ths and thinking how much fun it seemed like and they STILL seem like just as much fun all these years later 🙂

    Enjoy the BBQ!

  4. Just saying Tina, but you rock that bikini!!!! Recaps are fun! It’s nice to remember what you did in past years that you may have forgotten about. Blogging is honestly best for that. I can’t wait to see my blog when it’s a few years old and look back on what I’ve done!

  5. Can you please tell me how to get those abs? My god. I would love to celebrate the 4th of July in the US sometimes. Enjoy the festivities!

  6. 2008…the carved fruit bowl, the PB cup cookie/cupcakes that I spy (I make something really similar), and your smokin’ bod…that’s my fave year you posted 🙂

    It’s so fun to have a blog that’s multiple years old b/c looking back at the old posts is so great!

    Hope you’re feeling good today!

  7. #1) That watermelon filled head is freaking adorable!
    #2) Your abs are super ripped in that 08 pic and I feel like I could grate (vegan) cheese off of them.

  8. I love how organized you guys were with your beer games… that’s pretty funny! 😉 And I agree with everyone else… you looked amazing in those pics! You’re a great example of a healthy and balanced lifestyle!

  9. Ok. You have to do a post on your ab routine! Seriously, I don’t understand that I run 3 or 4 times more and eat less than so many people who have abs and I def have not even 1 ab! I know it’s gotta be due to what I eat=carbs and more carbs! Anyways, a little advice from you what think works would be great!

  10. Love this post! I wanna do a beer pentathalon!! I’m out of the country AGAIN for a 4th of July so I’m going to experience it through my blogging buddies 🙂 and yeah, you have a rockin’ body, I agree with the creepers, but I always think that when you post pic’s. You always look lovely from weddings to bbq’s to races. I giggled when you posted about the shorts giving you a “wenis” I have had to part with two pairs of running shorts because of that! I mostly like running in leggings now… no more tenting!
    enjoy your holiday!

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