Four Years with Mal

As cheesy as it may sound, four years ago today, I married my best friend.

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Mal rules for a lot of reasons, but my favorite is that we always have so much fun together””whether it’s doing CrossFit, traveling, drinking beers, or simply making up spur-of-the-moment games to play together””we always manage to make each other laugh. And (also important) we somehow balance our equally neurotic personalities quite well, so living and spending a lot of time together works out just fine for us. I still have no idea how I got so lucky with a guy like Mal. He’s the best.

Happy anniversary, Mal!!!!!


Here’s a quick recap of our past three anniversaries. Feel free to click on the link for the full recap.

A Simple Celebration (3 years)

Last year’s anniversary celebration was pretty low-key, but still really nice. Mal and I ate dinner on the back porch, and I surprised him with new Adirondack chairs for our backyard. Reading the recap this morning put the biggest smile on my face!


Celebrating Two Years

Mal and I had a blast celebrating our 2-year wedding anniversary. We were invited to spend the night at Hotel Veritas in Harvard Square. The hotel’s Guest Services Manager is an avid Carrots ”˜N’ Cake reader, so she offered to put us up for the night. What was such a fun way to celebrate!


Our First Wedding Anniversary

For our first anniversary, we ended up visiting Kath and Erica in Charleston, South Carolina. It wasn’t the most romantic first anniversary, but it was definitely a nice vacation with friends! (Seriously, what the f am I wearing in the photo below? Derp.)


Wedding Recap

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Question of the Day

If you’re married (or dating someone), when is your anniversary? What has been your favorite anniversary celebration so far? 


  1. The love of my life (and my best friend) and I started dating July 17 1992. Next week we will have been together for 20 (!!) years. Our wedding anniversary is Sept. 27 1997. 15 years this Sept. My favorite anniversary is our 11 year I think…we went hiking in the coast range west of Portland or and then went home and dressed up for an awesome dinner out. Next week we happen to be going to see foreigner in concert on our 20 year day so that will be fun! Happy anniversary and wishing you many more!

  2. Happy Anniversary! You and Mal are such a cute couple. My husband and I are going to celebrate our “34” anniversary in October.

  3. Congrats on four years!

    My husband and I started dating on November 11, 2006, and got married on our five year anniversary, which was 11-11-11.

  4. Our anniversary is October 3rd – it will be 3 years this October! So far, my favorite anniversary has been our second which we spent up in Maine. So beautiful up there!! Very romantic.

  5. Awww, congratulations! I know exactly what you mean, my boyfriend is totally my best friend too. We just have the most fun together.

    An aside, you really have gotten buff in the past four years. You are definitely the same size, but man, the muscles that have popped out — I need to join a Crossfit box, stat!

  6. Love it!! Happy Annvi!!!!!!!!! Mine is New Years Eve! (easier to not forget it that way!) It was more a xmas themed wedding lol

  7. Happy Anniversary! We have been married 18 yrs. & it has been wonderful. Best anniversary gift was when my husband gave me a puppy and the best anniversary trip was when we went to Hawaii for our 10th anniversary.

  8. Happy anniversary! Our anniversary is January 26th, 2009, so three and a half-ish years so far. We tend to be pretty low-key since we are both students. Our big plan is for our 10th anniversary – we want to spend a week in Hawaii with family and friends, have an actual wedding ceremony (we did the courthouse thing first), and then have an amazing party. I’m also hoping to set aside my original engagement ring at that time for our son and get my husband a cool titanium band. I hope you and Mal continue to have a wonderful life together!

  9. Happy Anniversary!!

    We just celebrated our 2nd Anniversary on July 10th. Last year we went out for dinner at new-to-us sushi bar and hibachi grill. This year, we went to see Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer in 3D – woo! haha 😉

  10. my honey and i started dating… one week before valentine’s day! talk about the most awkward time to start seeing someone. we’ve been together for 3.5 years now, and hopefully we’ll get our butts in gear to get married on our 4 year anniversary! i never thought i’d want a valentine’s wedding until february turned into “28 days of lurrrrrrrve” for us 🙂

  11. My boyfriend’s and 1-year dating anniversary is on September 20th. I definitely want to do something romantic because (1) it’s my turn to plan a date that month (idea stolen from Julie at PB Fingers! Love the alternating date idea), and (2) because we’ve spent the summer apart and will be reunited a month before the anniversary! It’s a great moment to look forward to.

    Have a great anniversary! You are so lucky

  12. This is so cute! I love that you both can enjoy the simplicity of life with each other, and just be happy being together, thats how I am with my boyfriend. I don’t get when the girl in the relationship expects a big extravagant surprise like she “deserves” to be the one pampered and planned for. Your homemade lunch is almost as adorable as the homemade card. I would be happy with a simple card for almost any occasion, its the words that mean the most! Enjoy!

  13. Happy Anniversary! My boyfriend and I are celebrating our one year anniversary on August 6th. Not sure what we’re going to do to celebrate but I imagine a nice dinner/drinks out on the town.

  14. ahhh yayyy! hehe, I love seeing anniversary recaps and the story behind a couple. You guys seriously seem to enjoy each other’s company so much. 🙂 And my husband and I have only been married for 3 months!! but it’s going by wayyyy to fast….:(

  15. Our anniversary is May 20, and this year we celebrated 17 years of marriage! We got married when I was 17 (Yikes! I know!!) and he was 19. Now 3 kids later and beating breast cancer together, he is still my high school sweetheart and I could not make it through each day without him. My favorite anniversary was for our 15th, we flew to Vegas, just he and I, and spent 5 wonderful days. We were celebrating not only our anniversary but my finishing cancer treatment as well. It was a great week!

    Congrats to you and Mal on your special day!

  16. My husband and I were married 8 years on May 16th of this year. We used to try to travel every year on our birthday but now that we have two kids (ages 5 and 3), that does not always happen. We still make a big deal out of our anniversary and celebrate with dinner, a stay at a hotel, or something fun like a family vacation to the beach. I agree with you, I married my best friend too. Congrats on your four years!

  17. my first year wedding anniversary is coming up in september. i think we’re going to a nice dinner at the hotel we got married at 🙂

  18. Congrats on the four years!! 🙂 Happy anniversary!
    I hope I’m lucky enough to find someone as great as Mal when I’m older! 😀

  19. I have been married since Nov 12, 1988 – started dating in 1984. My favorite anniversary memory….My husband will say to me “I know what a little jewel I have” and on our 15th anniversary he got me a beautiful set of diamond stud earrings with a note inside the box saying “for my little jewel” makes me cry to think about it.

  20. Happy anniversary!

    My hubby and I will be celebrating our 5th anniversary next March, and I’m hoping to renew our vows and have a little 2nd wedding to celebrate.

  21. Happy anniversary! You guys are adorable.

    When my hubs and I were choosing our wedding date, somehow the only day that worked was the same week as my birthday. So the deal we brokered was that the week of the 2 milestones would become “Wife Week,” meaning that we’d have to celebrate for an entire week every year. It’s like Shark Week, only way better. 🙂

  22. Awe! what a cute story you guys have. I loved reading back from the engagement story and to your bachelorette party in vegas. ohh and btw: Happy Anniversary to the both of you 🙂

    Our (BF & I) anniversary is on New Years eve. This past new years eve we spent moving into our new place. Clock struck midnight and we clincked glasses and went to bed because we were so tired – real exciting hey?? lol

    Wishing you guys another wonderful year ahead.

  23. Happy Anniversary Tina and Mal!!

    My anniversary with David will be 4 years this October 26th. I’m trying to convince him that we should go to London, but with this whole house-building thing, it may have to wait. 🙂

  24. Most of our anniversaries our low-key, but for our 10th we went to Disney World which is where we went for our honeymoon.

    In October we will be celebrating our 15th! On our actual anniversary we will be flying to Orlando, then two days later… boarding the Disney Fantasy for a seven night Western Caribbean cruise!

    Happy Anniversary to you and Mal!

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