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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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As you know, I’m a huge fan of The Ellen Show. I look forward to laughing with Ellen everyday and never miss an episode. My husband is well aware of my Ellen obsession and, occasionally, he watches it with me. He likes to laugh, too!

A little over a month ago, Ryan Gosling (yummy) was a guest on The Ellen Show. He joined Ellen on a recumbent bike to show support for viewers making a resolution to lose weight. The two of them peddled nonstop during the segment. They also wore sweet adult-sized footie pajamas. While watching the episode, I mentioned to Mal that I thought it would be pretty cool to own a pair of adult-sized footie pajamas. I’m always cold, so they’d be perfect for me.


Well, my husband remembered my comment, so now I’m the proud owner of pink footie pajamas.

IMG_0046 (640x427)

Mom, what the hell are you wearing?!?

IMG_0047 (640x427)

The pink footie pajamas are sort of tight on my ginormous calves, so Mal is going to return them for the next size up. I’m leaning toward getting the duck patterned ones that Ellen wore on her show!

What do you think of adult-sized footie pajamas? Would you wear them?


The gift that I ordered for Mal won’t arrive until tomorrow, so I made up for it by making him a nice dinner with all of his favorite foods: steak tips, grilled asparagus, and brown rice.

_MG_0092 (640x426)

_MG_0082 (640x426)

The marinade for the steak tips turned out really well. Mal was very pleased with it. Here are the approximate measurements of the ingredients that I used:

  • 1/4 cup soy sauce
  • 1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 2 tbsp barbeque sauce
  • Salt & pepper

_MG_0096 (640x426)

For dessert, I whipped up a batch of Apple Crisp, which is also one of Mal’s favorites– mine too!

_MG_0101 (640x426)

Did anyone else catch Watson on Jeopardy tonight?!? So cool!



  1. I think you are the most wonderful blogger. This reminds me of Ralphie in “The Christmas Story” when he was forced to wear the bunny pink pyjamas on christmas morning.
    Suggestion for your smoothies idea: 1/2 frozen avocado…also, 1 TBSP of coconut oil (melted). I like adding a full tbsp of some kind of oil for extra calories and nutrition.
    I kind of want to try chia seeds, but I’m afraid. I have horrible digestion issues and worry those little seeds are just too tiny and odd.

    1. Hey Rachel! Just wanted to chime in on the chia seeds. I have really horrible digestive issues that doctors thought would need surgery or heavy medication but with proper diet i’ve been able to maintain feeling well for long periods of time. I found that flax seeds in smoothies irritate my colon A LOT, but chia seeds seem to soothe it. I make the smoothies ahead of time adding in the chia seeds last and then let them gel for a bit in the fridge. Chia seeds soak in up to 10x their weight in water which seems to help hydrate the colon. The magnesium content helps to soothie muscle spasm and irritation and promote good sleep. Try making a little bit of chia gel (maybe using only 1/2T at a time) maybe it will help your problems too 🙂

  2. Too Funny! I got a hot pink target onesie for Christmas. I’ve been trying to find one long enough for me for years! And Watson…very cool and very strange. It was pretty cool though that he actually missed some, made it more interesting! Have a great week 🙂

  3. I am pretty small, and a couple years ago I bought a pair of boys’ XL footie PJs because I thought they were funny…but I have ended up wearing them all the time! They are awesome in the winter, and pretty much always make me smile because they are kind of silly (mine have polar bears all over them). Love that you got one!!

  4. Hysterical Tina! I saw that episode of Ellen and I couldn’t stop laughing. Mal is too funny for getting you that. I love that you guys stayed in and had a nice meal together, it looks delish!

  5. I remember thinking they were so annoying when I was little and I had to go pee in the middle of the night, haha. But now that I’m an adult they just sound so warm!

  6. hahaha! that’s hilarious Tina! So cute…but NO I would not wear footie pajamas! haha why? Because the thought of being trapped in a whole-body suit and having to take it off every time I have to use the bathroom scares me 😛 But it would be fun to wear….

  7. I can’t sleep with socks or anything on my feet so I imagine I would find these super annoying!!! Still funny though.

  8. So funny! I don’t think I could wear footie pajamas because I imagine my feet would feel claustrophobic. Oh, an I love Ellen! I don’t have TV anymore because it’s a total time suck for me, but I wonder if I could watch full episodes of Ellen online…hmm.

  9. I’d wear those in a minute. My dad bought me some for a Christmas present when I was in college (years ago) and I loved them. It’s all about staying warm and cozy!

  10. I used to make my mom cut out the foot part of the PJ’s. I guess I’m still that way because I can’t sleep with socks on and tend to pull them off in the middle of the night.

    Love the footie PJ’s though…and your love for Ellen!

  11. Ummm… so random but Brian got me the EXACT same pink pair of hoodie footies last night!! Hahah my cousin got them for Christmas and I was saying how I wanted them then…and he remembered. Pretty sure we should get together and go somewhere in our fuzzy pink outfits hahah!!

  12. i cant wait for more blog dogs!!! When Henry Moose makes it on CarrotsnCake, all of my family and facebook will know! haha Happy Valentines!

  13. Footie PJ’s crack me up! They’d be so much fun for sliding. But I get sooo hot at night and if anything is on my feet, I will burn up. I still sleep with a fan on even during the winter!

  14. SO cute!! I saw that show and wanted some too… I HAVE had a pair before, in college… I wore them all the time and loved them!

    we were out for dinner last night, but we are watching Watson the next couple days… Jason is an engineer and we are both super interested in seeing it! There was a documentary last week about Watson – amazing!

  15. I can’t believe this. I got those EXACT SAME PAJAMAS for Valentine’s Day – bubble gum pink and all. They are pretty awesome, in a decidedly non-sexy way.

  16. Hey Tina! I’m de-lurking here… I’ve been a longtime reader, but am usually reading on my phone (while feeding my bambino) so I don’t have a chance to comment. LOVE your blog and that you don’t take yourself too seriously. 🙂 I saw this episode of Ellen and it was nothing short of hilarious!!!

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