Ways to Speed Up Your Summer Workouts {Thursday}

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Guess who is 1 month old now? Yep, this little guy!!

photo (800x800)

Crazy, right? Times flies, especially when you are living one lonnnng day that never really seems to end. Hello, sleep deprivation! Haha! But, of course, this sweet boy is all worth it. I love him so much.


Ok, so today’s eats and happenings”¦


Two-ingredient pancake with almond butter, blueberries, and an iced coffee with chocolate almond milk


+ bacon!!! (I felt like such a weirdo snapping a picture of this piece of bacon! Haha!)


After breakfast, Mal and I took Q to the pediatrician for his one-month check-up. Everything went well, and the little dude is healthy and growing like a weed!

photo (1)

After Q’s appointment, we headed home and a short while later, my sister, Matthew, and my mom came over to hang out.



I cracked open a bag of Sunshine Edamame Blend from my friends at CVS/pharmacy to share with my family.


Everyone loved it, and we polished off the bag in a matter of minutes!

SAM_1159 (800x533)

The rest of the afternoon whizzed by””playing with Matthew while staying one step ahead of him (our house is totally baby-proofed now) and feeding/burping/changing Q totally consumed me. I can’t believe how quickly the hours passed!

Everyone wanted to say hello to Q! Haha!


Murphy is the best babysitter, and I love that he’s starting to get curious about Q. He actually wants to be around him now instead of peacing out whenever he cries.


Murphy even supervised “tummy time” this afternoon. He’s such a good big brother.


IMG_0881 (800x544)


Before I knew it, my family was heading home and my stomach was growling like crazy, so I broke into a bag of trail mix and practically ate the entire thing. I never ate lunch, so I was famished!



After that, I did a few things around the house, took Murphy for a walk, and then made dinner, which was Trader Joe’s Tofu Edamame Nuggets with Sweet Potato Wedges and ketchup.



Toasted coconut almonds + dark chocolate chunks x 5. I was really digging the chocolate tonight!


Health News & Views

Do your summer workouts fall by the wayside when the temp heats up? It’s all too easy to skip your regular sweat sessions when warm weather fun with family and friends takes over your calendar. (Poolside happy hour, anyone?)

But, of course, you probably don’t want to spend Labor Day weekend a few pounds heavier and wishing you hadn’t slacked off on your fitness routine all summer. Am I right? Here are 9 ways to speed up your summer workouts, so you don’t have any excuse to skip them!

9 Ways to Speed Up Your Summer Workouts

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Question of the Day

Do you tend to exercise more or less in the summer compared to the rest of the year?



  1. So cute and glad he is healthy and growing, such a good feeling 🙂

    I tend to work out about the same in the summer, it really just depends what I’m training for! I go to the gym less and just tend to run outside though.

  2. The pics of Murphy with Q are SO cute!! He looks so smiley and proud…guess he’s figuring out that you spend a lot of time with that baby so he might as well if he wants his time with you 🙂

    I work out more in summer actually, as I am in a swimsuit pretty much every weekend (Florida livin!) and it’s an excellent reminder of my trouble zones…

  3. Such a gorgeous pick of him! He has incredible eyes! Matthew looks so big now by comparison! I work out the same amount but do a teeny bit of running when the sun is shining! Anymore than 5/6km and I don’t enjoy it! 🙂

  4. matthew looks like he’s throwing the bunny ears like uncle mal. great pics Q is getting so big! love murphy as always

  5. I tend to work out way more in the summer because there are so many things to do outside, and it’s great to enjoy the beautiful weather! In the winter I usually go into hibernation mode, ha ha!

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