Food Diary & Some Family Adventures {Wednesday}

Hello, hello!

Here are yesterday’s meals and snacks with some family adventures from the day mixed in!


OMG Pancakes – I added almond butter to mine!


Breakfast also included a glass of iced coffee with chocolate almond milk, which gave me a potentially awesome idea: chocolate almond milk ice cubes! I’m going to try them in my iced coffee tomorrow morning. I will report back!


These two are so adorable, and they’re already best buds. #love



Saut̩ed kale and mushrooms with roasted broccoli and crumbled feta РI just added some olive oil, garlic powder, salt, and pepper, and it turned out so well! I will definitely make this again!


After lunch, Mal and I ran some errands with Q at the Derby Street Shoppes.

Baby’s first trip to the Apple store!

photo 1 (8) (600x800)

Baby’s first trip to Lululemon!

photo 2 (8) (800x800)


After a little shopping, we stopped by Rustic Kitchen for some drinks and snacks.

Mama had herself a cocktail! Blood orange mimosa = amazing!

photo 3 (6) (600x800)

Mal and I shared some barbeque pulled pork sliders – he ate two; I ate one.

photo 4 (5) (800x800)

Q ended up getting fussy (aka hungry) during our time at Rustic Kitchen, so we fed him a bottle”¦ in a bar. See, we’re still cool! Haha!

photo 2 (6) (600x800)photo 1 (6) (600x800)

After our adventures out and about, we came home and locked ourselves in the bedroom. It was 8,000 degrees and we only have AC in the bedroom, so we hung out and tried to cool off.

photo 5 (4) (800x600)

photo 4 (4) (800x600)

Once it cooled down a little, Mal, Murphy, and I headed outside to the back porch for some snacks before dinner: veggies, rice crackers, and hummus with a side of baby monitor.

photo 2 (7) (800x600)

Tamari rice crackers from Whole Foods = the bomb!

photo 1 (5) (800x600)

Handsome devil.

photo 1 (7) (800x800)


Mal really wanted American Chop Suey for dinner, but our stove is broken (whomp whomp), so he got creative with his cooking methods!

SAM_0978 (800x533)SAMSUNG CSC

It turned out great in the end! I added steamed broccoli to mine.





I was pretty pumped about the map inside the box of chocolates. I typically love surprises””even when it comes to my food””but I don’t like being surprised when it comes to my chocolate. I want to pick the tastiest pieces and avoid all of the fruit cream ones! Haha!

SAM_0997 (800x533)

Bunk beds. SO CUTE.


Question of the Day

Do you like being surprised when it comes to your box of chocolates or are you a fan of the map?

Is it hot as balls where you are?

Baby in a bar? Yay or nay?


  1. Big fan of the map! My mom buys me a box of Russell Stover’s dark chocolates for Christmas every year…so I can have the whole box to myself! 🙂

    We have been in a few restaurants that don’t allow kids in the bar area, even if you are just waiting for a table. I can see if it is an actual bar but a bar in a restaurant is perfectly fine…plus, bars are loud and block out the cries! 🙂

  2. Quinn looks so alert and bigger already! So fun to see 🙂 Looks like you guys are having an awesome summer and are relaxed parents…gives me hope for one day in the future!

    1. @Cel:

      the caramel ones are the best!

      When my mom was in school (catholic), the nuns would reward them for cleaning the chalk boards with chocolates… Only they all had thumbprints on the bottom. I guess the nuns only gave them the flavors they didn’t like! How generous. 🙂

  3. Sorry, Mrs. Gump, I LIKE knowing what I’m going to get. We’ve definitely had our share of hot-as-balls days in Wisconsin, so my husband and I are eagerly awaiting the installation of air conditioning. It’s too hot to cook!

  4. Ick! I hate when you bite into a chocolate and get the creamy or fruit filled ones! I just like chocolate and nuts, or anything with coconut or caramel 🙂 What a nice day, and a mimosa sounds like the perfect first cocktail! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Happy 4th of July! I hope Q has a cute little 4th onesie, I love holiday onesies on babies for some reason! They’re just so darn cute!

  5. Thank you for being so normal; from your birth story to your having a drink to feeding her hungry baby a bottle! It is SO REFRESHING to see a mom owning her choices, staying sane and having a happy family! Woot!

  6. I most certainly want to know if I’m getting delicious chocolate or nasty “spit it out and put the remainder back in the box” chocolate. Gag.

    It has been crazy hot here (NW Ohio)! We were quickly approaching the times when you get into your car and you sear your arm on the metal part of the seatbelt. Today and all through Monday it’s supposed to be BEAUTIFUL here and in the upper seventies-lower eighties.

    Baby in a bar? Meh, that’s fine. You two have only been parents for a few weeks, but you already look like pros! Love all Q’s shopping pictures – he’s already such a guy – sleeping while shopping.

  7. I am a big fan of the chocolate map. Good thing I’ve become a recognized expert in See’s candies (they don’t include a map), so I, too, can usually avoid fruity chocolates. (BLEH! Those seriously are the worst!)

    I’m in southern California (near the coast….near LAX). It’s not super hot, it’s actually kind of perfect.

    Baby in a bar is okay, so long as the parents are cool. I was at a bar a year or so ago and having drinks on a Friday night with friends. A parent came up to us and asked us to keep it down and asked the guys to stop using crude language because her four/five year old son could hear. (Maybe don’t take your four/five year old to a bar on a Friday night and expect to be surrounded by angels. Haha!) 🙂

  8. Quinn is an adorable little peanut 🙂 Looks like you and Mal are taking to parenthood well…god bless you and your family. Broken stove…perfect timing with a newborn, right 🙁 Glad you have the grill and microwave to work with. Have you seen the portable air conditioners? We bought one for our house, we can move it to any room. You just have to have windows that go up and down not the crank kind….best investment ever…IMO. We got ours at Target here is the exact one we bought and the link if you’re interested.

  9. NO FRUIT CHOCOLATES… I have to make sure I don’t get surprised by one of those nasty things.
    Hot as heck… when I get home from work its like 90 degrees in the house.
    Depends on the time of day that the baby is in the bar… lunch for a drink and snacks is cool… evening time when people are ready to mingle… probably not so much.

  10. I definitely want to know what’s in my chocolates so I can avoid getting anything that involves coconut. Blech.

    This humidity is so gross. When I’m home, I’m holed up in the bedroom with the a/c on, too. The only problem is the cat who hates closed doors keeps bumping the door open so he can wander in and out as he pleases!

  11. Thank you for using “hot as balls” – it’s legit one of my favorite phrases 😉
    I live in NYC presently so yes indeedy it is. However, there were nice breezes until yesterday and I don’t have AC at all yet…so…I’m trying to hang in there.

  12. Haha, I totally nursed my 12 week old in a bar on Monday. We considered it his first bar food, even though it was much healthier than the pile of nachos I had just inhaled.

  13. Yes, yes, and yes! Got to have a chocolate map although I’ve been known to poke holes to find out the filling. What’s your favorite filling? Me – I love coconut, soft caramel, and orange cream.

    Love the pic of Mal’s head and Q’s eyes! 🙂

  14. The heat index has been around 100F lately… Richmond is a nasty swamp during the summer. 🙁

    You guys look like you are doing so amazingly well as parents! I’m sure you’re trying to not complain about every little thing, but I knew you guys would be great! Such an adorable little family!! 🙂

  15. I’m a total fan of the map….I actually get a little stressed out if there isn’t one! hahaha. I don’t like to be unpleasantly surprised. hahaha

  16. All chocolate boxes should have maps. That would save me the time of cutting them open to see what is inside

    As far as heat, I was in Vegas last weekend and the coolest day while I was there was 106 degrees.

  17. This is only slightly related but once I was at the grocery store around Christmas time and saw a Terry’s chocolate orange (you know, the one you smack on the table to break) and I got soooooooo excited because I only get them at Christmas! So I bought one and took it home and was sooooooo excited, busted it, unwrapped it, and it was WHITE CHOCOLATE. I actually burst into tears in disappointment.

  18. That bunk beds picture is so freaking cute!

    It’s really warm and humid here in NYC. Didn’t even attempt the flat iron this morning. I don’t know wtf I was thinking, going to hot yoga this morning, but it felt good after. I’ve been really mellow all day. Hopefully that’s not just dehydration masked as zen!

  19. I’m glad you and Mal are still living your life and having a blast with Q. Too many of my friends have had babies and turned into downers. Glad you’re still having fun!

  20. LOL makes me think of the most memorable line from Sweet Home Alabama. “You’ve got a baby?? In a bar???” 🙂 totally yay

    I live in South Florida so yes, hot as balls, but the beauty of Florida is that A/C is every-freakin-where!! I actually find the heat more tolerable here than in our former home in NC…must be all the beach breezes!

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