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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning!

Here are some eats from yesterday”¦ and then I have some fun “food crimes” to talk about!

Breakfast: Oatmeal + a fried egg + iced coffee with eggnog.

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Lunch: Chunked chicken breast with roasted potatoes, steamed spinach, and buffalo sauce.

photo 5 (8) (800x800)

Snack: Marylou’s almond cookie coffee + Greek yogurt and granola.

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Dinner: Cheeseburger Casserole (it was wicked good) + wine.

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So, Quinn and I had a rough day yesterday. He’s teething and has a nasty cold, so he was cranky and unhappy for most of the day. Poor guy. However, at one point in the afternoon, Murphy jumped up on the couch behind him, so, totally unexpected, Quinn started to smile. It was absolutely adorable, and he kept turning around to look at Murphy and smiled at him every time. Too cute.

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Quinn really loves this little furball.

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Ok, time for some “food crimes”!

I saw an article in this month’s issue of Parents and thought some of these kid “food crimes” would make a fun post. Feel free to play along and fess up to your “meals misdemeanors” in the comment section below. I made note of which ones I am guilty of!

  • Stalking: Munching only the tippy tops of broccoli spears. GUILTY (on occasion)
  • Saucetitution: Cheapening a good steak by dipping it in ketchup before consumption. GUILTY. I love steak with BBQ sauce. 
  • Loafing: Refusing to eat a sandwich with crusts on it. NOT GUILTY. The crusts are the best part! 
  • Embezzlemint: Plunging a greedy hand into the candy dish on the counter at the local diner and walking out with ten customers’ worth of breath fresheners. NOT GUILTY. Those things actually skeeve me out! 
  • Snacketeering: Demanding Skittles in return for behaving. GUILTY. On Saturday, I asked Mal to get me Marylou’s since I woke up with Quinn at 4:30 AM. 
  • Cereal Killing: Digging through every box of cereal in the house and removing all the marshmallow bits and prizes, dooming the family to weeks of dull flakes at breakfast. GUILTY (sometimes) 
  • Patty Larceny: Eating the burger, not the lettuce, tomato, or multigrain bun that would “healthy up” dinner. NOT GUILTY. I’m not a picky eater and hate wasting food.
  • Dessertion: Claiming to be full when the entrée is served””and mysteriously hungry when the ice cream comes out. GUILTY! So, so guilty. 

Question of the Day

What are your food crimes? 

P.S. Do you love eggnog as much as I do? Check out my newest recipe post: How to Make Your Own Lower-Calorie Eggnog Latte!



  1. Definitely Snacketeering since Mitchell was born. I never had a pregnancy craving or asked for anything until now. I agree, the lack of sleep/early mornings have me justifying a second round of coffee…and a cookie.

  2. I have a huge weakness for cookie dough and batter when baking treats! I have even taken cookies out of the oven way early to eat! I try to have a quick taste of batter or dough then fill the bowl with water fast to keep me from sticking my whole face in the bowl! haha

  3. My kids are guilty of stalking and dessertion for sure! My husband is way guilty of cereal killing, or really taking the good stuff out of anything in a package and covering up the evidence. Cookie dough ice cream is his specialty 🙂

  4. Totally guilty of stalking!! Not so much with broccoli, but more so with asparagus! I love the tips and could eat them for days, but the harder stalk part? Um, no thanks. I once ate all the tips and left the stalks when we went to dinner at my dad’s….he got so mad. Hasn’t let me forget it ,and I’m never first when the asparagus is passed anymore 🙂

  5. Dessertion!! When I was younger (and heavier) it was a very frequent thing. My parents always joked I had two stomachs, one just for dessert. It’s gotten better as I’ve gotten older, but sometimes my stomach will somehow make just enough room. Stretchy pants help too.

  6. I’m guilty of cereal killing! I do the same thing to trail mix as well. Dessertation is another food crime, especially during the holidays. We’ll have our big Christmas Eve meal and then I’m bugging everyone about when it’s time for dessert!

  7. Definitely snacketeering! I tell my husband all the time that because I did X, we should get ice cream/froyo/brownies. It usually works.

    I agree that the candy dishes at restaurants are kinda gross. If they are individually wrapped, then I might grab one, but even that would be a rare occurrence.

  8. I can’t wait to try the eggnog latte! YUM. My biggest food crime would be eating food at the grocery store while I shop (oops!). Usually grapes or some kind of bagged snack like chips! Also I dominate the nut butter at our house, so my poor husband barely gets any.

  9. Dessertion – I have a deal with my husband that we can get ice cream on the weekends. It’s my treat that I look forward too – but then my “weekends” consists of Friday, Saturday and Sunday! If its a holiday weekend well that’s a bonus because I throw Monday in to my “weekend” too! Gah! I can’t stop! I love ice cream!

  10. I am guilty of Snackateering…Im pregnant so all I have to say to my husband is I want chocholate and he goes to WaWa and gets me something delicious. I have to fess up and say I am also very guilty of bribing my two year old with chochlate chips to get him dressed in the morning and out the house on time….he only gets like three at a time but still I feel really guilty …sometimes haha.

  11. So fun! I am guilty of almost all those things especailly saucetitution, embezzlemint (but only when they are wrapped hardy sucky candies) and dessertion.

  12. So fun! I am guilty of almost all those things especially saucetitution, embezzlemint (but only when they are wrapped hardy sucky candies) and dessertion.

  13. I am so guilty of dessertion! I always have room for dessert! Another crime I am guilty of is picking out all my favorites from the trail mix (chocolate, cashews and raisins) and leaving a container full of peanuts and the not quite as yummy stuff!

  14. This is so funny — I was a “cereal killer” for halloween my senior year of college. I wore all black and taped a ton of cereal boxes to myself and went around campus posing menacingly with my weapon — a giant spoon. Hahaha I love cereal! I also surprisingly get hungry again when the dessert comes out…

  15. My food crime would be “disturbing the pieces”: breaking off halves or thirds of things instead of eating whole servings. My entire family does it, and we tell ourselves that cutting things releases energy and therefore lowers your caloric consumption. We also like to say that there’s always room in the dessert stomach!

  16. I am most definitely guilty of embezzlemint! My friends describe me as an old lady in young person’s clothing as I always take massive handfuls of mints (this is in part because my Dad always used to bring back big handfuls of mints when he went away on business trips and told me that was my present).

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