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I love airports! I love them so much that I go way before I need to be there just to hang out. Is that weird? Of course, I love the excitement of travel, but I also enjoy the endless people-watching opportunities!

Upon entering the airport, Mal and I were greeted by the delicious smell of the Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. We immediately made a pit-stop to order a couple of iced coffees for our travels.


Shortly after buying our iced coffees, we discovered a giant Dunkin’ Donuts cup with real coffee inside! It was a community coffee for everyone in the airport to drink! (Ok, so none of that is true, but Mal thought it would be funny to include in this post!)


Obviously, the big cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee made for a fun photo opp!


Mal and I enjoyed lunch at Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill in the airport.


Mal enjoyed a couple of over-sized beverages with lunch. He was laughing hysterically because we encountered so many large drinks at the airport. What a weird-o!


At lunch, I tried a few sips of Mal’s “Monsta” beer. Delish!


Remy’s was a cool little place. The walls were covered with Red Sox paraphernalia.

IMG_2768.JPG IMG_2769.JPG

For lunch, I ordered the Hummus Plate, which came with hummus, grilled pita triangles, marinated artichokes, olives, feta, and grilled veggies.

IMG_2773.JPG IMG_2774.JPG

For an airport bar, my lunch was really good– pretty impressive too! I ate almost the entire meal.


Security at Logan was a piece of cake. Mal and I got through in about 5 minutes. Love that! Our plane boarded on time too!


On the flight, I enjoyed some snacks: chocolate chip cookies + water.


The Chocobillys cookies were EXCELLENT! They’re made in NC, so hopefully, I can track some down to take back to Boston. Holy yum!


Stay tuned for my adventures from the big, bad South!



  1. I too love airports, even when I get laid over…people watching and browsing! My husband on the other hands cant stand airports!!

    That hummus plate you got is awesome!!!!

  2. Hi, I must say I am a very big fan of your blog. This blog has been such an encouragement to me to really stay active (I’m training for the mini-marathon!) and to eat lots of natural, organic foods. For a while I obsessed over my weight (I used to weigh 138 but I now weigh 117) and now I’m just learning to take care of myself and not overdue it or take my exercise to an extreme. I did have some health problems from overdueing my workouts and it’s been something I have really struggled with so seeing what you eat and how long you workout really helps. This blog has been such a blessing and I was wondering if maybe you had any prayer requests. Well, thankyou so much for your time. I hope you have an incredible day! Just email me if anything comes to mind that you may want me to pray for. If nothing comes to mind when you read this but something comes up a few weeks from now or whenever I will still be open to an email! I can’t thankyou enough for all this blog has done for me, and I really mean that.

    ~Lauren Smith

  3. Haha – the love of airports is definitely not weird at all. I’m the same way.

    And YES! I LOVE that Dunkin Cup, I definitely have a few pictures with it myself from my Logan travels 🙂

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