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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hooray! It is finally flip flop weather here in southern Massachusetts. As soon as the temperature hit the mid-60s yesterday afternoon, I broke ’em out for the season!

017 (600x450)

Beautiful spring weather also means grilling outside on the back porch.

023 (450x600)

Last night, Mal grilled up a piece of black cod with a maple-mustard-soy sauce marinade.

018 (450x600)

Meanwhile, I cooked up some risotto and green beans inside. (I bought this box of risotto months ago and then randomly found it in the trunk of my car last weekend. I guess it fell out of my grocery bags without me knowing it?)

011 (450x600)

A little while later, dinner was served.

031 (600x450)


029 (600x450)

Mal and I ended up sitting outside for quite awhile chatting, so I grabbed a blanket off of the couch to keep me warm. (Please note: the blanket is the same color as Murphy. The pug owners know why.)

034 (600x450)

Eventually, we came inside, and I ate a couple of Paleo chocolate chips cookies while we watched TV. Mmm! Best cookie recipe ever.

038 (600x450)

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Questions of the Day

Is it flip flop weather where you are? How often do you wear flip flops? 

How often do you workout at home? What are you favorite pieces of equipment for at-home workouts?



  1. It was so nice in Chicago yesterday too but now I see more crappy weather this week. Ugh, I love this city but not so much the fickle weather patterns. I’m so ready for spring!!

  2. This past weekend was flip flop weather here is Missouri! I’m always in an extrememly good mood when flip flop weather comes. I need my vitamin d.

    I used to be a gym a phobe up until last month actually. All my workouts were at home. I have almost every beach body dvd made. I LOVE LOVE slim n 6, P90, and Insanity.

  3. I’m glad you’ve all had such great weather! Things were great this weekend in Chicago (although not quite flip flop weather since the wind made it feel much colder!) but we’re getting another random cold front mid-week… Hopefully the warmth will be back soon!

  4. I love flip flops and would wear them all the time but here in England we still having snow!!
    Your fish looks lovely. Making me very hungry and green eyed!!
    i am not so good at work outs at home as love running on my lunch break and cycling on the weekends. really need to add some toning in the mix.

  5. Flip flop weather just hit in central PA and like you, I couldn’t be more thrilled! I usually wear ’em as often as possible when I’m not at work. My faves are classic black J. Crew wedges…think I have 4 pair for all different occasions. 🙂
    Have a great day!

  6. Love the blanket comment – when we updated our couch we made sure it would work with pug fur – we got a gray couch bc we have a brindle pug.

  7. Yeah, it’s technically flip flop weather but I’m not ready for it yet. In our neck of the woods it seems to go straight from winter to blast furnace hot.

    Oh heck yeah! It’s how we’ve lost our 200+ lbs each! Never stepped foot in a gym! 🙂 5-6x week. We do a lot of DVD’s…Turbo Fire, Supreme 90 Day, P90X, etc. But equipment wise we’ve got free weights, Total Trainer, aerobic steps and a water rower.

  8. I recently joined yogadownload.com so I can fit in quick yoga workouts at home for cheap. I don’t have the time or money to dedicate to a full studio membership so it has been a lifesaver! They have 20-40 minute routines which are perfect if you are short on time

  9. This post makes me thing of how the definition of “flip flop weather” menas different things to different people. If it were 65ºF where I live, people would bring out their heaviest winter jackets, scarves and boots.

  10. It’s rain boot weather in Madison!
    I workout at home about 3 days a week. Must haves: yoga mat, exercise mat, multiple sets of weights (3, 5, 8, 10, 12)!

  11. haha I totally understand the blanket thing — I have a lab/pit mix and a Boston who have lots of things in “their” color 🙂 I need to try your Paleo cookies — once my Whole30 is done.

  12. I threw on my flip flops yesterday too with a big *yippe*!! I wear them most ever day – I even wore flip flops at my wedding (a sparkly pair). 🙂

  13. I finally broke out the sandals yesterday! Felt so great, but made me realize I should have got a pedicure first 😉 lol But we had a freakishly hot day yesterday of 80 in Pittsburgh, so it was totally necessary!

  14. OH that marinade sounds good, I have some cod filets in the freezer (from TJ’s) that we will grill up this week!

    I live right by you, but I am not ready for flipflops! I am always cold. Maybe May I will be ready for open toe shoes!

    I love my kettle bell, but need to get a higher weighted one. The 15 lb is too light for me.
    This weeks weather has me ready to start my outdoor am workouts. I bring my jumprope, kettlebell and weights out back and do a curcuit workout, with a jog around the neighborhood to start/end the workout. Whooohooo, I cannot wait!

  15. I live in flip flops year round but I also live in Arizona.
    Just wanted to say I started crossfit yesterday for the first time (I’m a boxer girl and runner) anyways I am hooked already. I couldn’t wait to get back so I went to the 5am this morning and we did “Nichole” I ended up doing 39 assisted pull ups. Can’t wait to be able to do it unassisted

  16. Once it hits the mid-40s, I’m in flip-flops. (But, it’s funny how different 40 degrees can feel in March as opposed to in October. There’s no way I’d be nearly barefoot in 40-degree weather in October!)

  17. Aww Murphy, you’re so cute!

    I’ve just arrived in Scotland. It’s very far from flip flop weather here! At least the sun is shining.

    I often workout at home. I don’t usually use any equipment. I just do bodyweight exercises.

  18. I have a few fitness pieces like, ball, jump rope and dumbells but I seldom workout at home. I like having the time to myself and really like to be ‘out’ to exercise. Either outdoors running, biking or going to the gym.

  19. it IS flop weather here in southern IN! I also notice you are wearing Rainbows…I just bought my first pair on Sunday! Any tips on breaking them in?

  20. It was beautiful in Iowa City yesterday (like low 70s!), but it was such a tease for the less than stellar weather week we have ahead of us. I love risotto and I am making an asparagus and mushroom version later in the week! Recipe soon to come haha

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