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I have a cool new running/fitness product for you guys! Introducing the Flip Belt!


The Flip Belt is a “single tubular pocket” that carries everything you need for your workouts. Each one has four openings (two in the front + two in the back) where you can easily insert your cell phone, Gu/fuel, keys, ID, cash, etc.

IMG_5541 (750x563)

The folks at Flip Belt sent me one to review, so I’ve worn it a number of times on my runs to test it out. I thought nothing could rival my beloved Spibelt, but the Flip Belt is putting it to the test!

IMG_5544 (750x563)

What I like best about the Flip Belt is that it doesn’t bounce, which is my #1 gripe with the Spibelt. Once I get going on my runs, I don’t notice my Spibelt bouncing around, but I always think it’s kind of annoying for the first few minutes, especially if I pack it full. The Flip Belt is flat and even all around, so it doesn’t bounce at all.

IMG_5550 (563x750)

The Flip Belt can be worn low on your hips or higher near your waist. Both ways are comfortable, but the Flip Belt inched up when I wore it low on my hips during a couple of my runs, so I’ve been wearing it closer to my waist where it doesn’t move around.

IMG_5559 (563x750)

The Flip Belt makes it easy to access my iPhone or whatever else I’m carrying (no zippers to fiddle with) during my runs. I worried that small items, such as a key, would pop out, but I just flip the belt inward to lock in my items so they stay put. I haven’t had any issues so far!

IMG_5564 (750x563)

I love this product so much, I asked my friends at OpenSky if we could offer a deal on it and they agreed. Check it out! If you’re not following me on OpenSky, be sure to sign up, so you can get the deal. AND here’s a chance for you to WIN a Flip Belt!

IMG_5560 (563x750)

To enter: Just leave a comment on this post about your favorite piece of running/workout gear. I’ll randomly pick a winner tomorrow morning.

Good luck!



  1. I actually received a shoe pocket at one of my first 5k events ever a few years ago. It velcroes onto my shoe and can hold my chapstick and the car/house key. It is easily my favorite piece of running gear- I just can’t go too far without my chapstick!!

  2. I liked a running belt I had a few years ago. Very light and it had a nice stretch to it. It really felt secure when you were wearing it without it hindering your performance.

  3. my favorite gear is my iphone and headphones as of now, but i sure would love a flip belt! it would make running so much easier by not having to hold it!

  4. The Garmin 305 makes me feel like a big time athlete even though I’m poking along the streets early Sunday mornings. My love affair with the Spibelt has ended because of the bouncing. Maybe the Flip Belt is the answer!

  5. My favorite running gear is my Spibelt. The FlipBelt sounds very interesting, because with Spibelt I have to tug my keys right next to my phone and worry about scratching. I have a very small wardrobe for running, and don’t have a Garmin, so the choice is easy for me.

    How is the sizing of FlipBelt? For wearing it on my hips I would need quite a large size and I don’t think it would work out quite right…

  6. My favorite piece of running gear are my running shoes! And if I’m outside, my headphones and iPod to listen to music.

  7. although i love my spibelt too, i think my nathan handheld water bottle and my camelbak got the most use during my recent marathon training cycle

  8. My favorite piece of running gear still is my garmin forerunner! I have tried a couple of belts w pockets, and can’t say I have loved any of them. Sometimes they are necessary, and I put up with their bouncing -which does drive me crazy for at least a few minutes (if that doesn’t ruin the whole run and I just have to quit.) So I would love to find one that works well and stays put! This one sounds very promising 🙂 thanks for the review!

  9. iPhone, for sure. For the music and MapMyRun app. I don’t love the armband so I would definitely like to try the SpiBelt and see if its a better option!

  10. I can’t leave home without a good sports bra, Victoria Secret used to make some great sports bra’s oddly enough, haven’t found anything like them.

  11. My fav running gear is my Nike visor because it keeps the sun out of my eyes and my hair out of my face! As well as my heavy two year old in our city mini jogging stroller because it gives me a really good workout!

  12. This is perfect! I hate that most running pants/shorts don’t give you a good way to carry your iPod. I hate wearing the band on my arm, so this would really work well for me! My shoes are definitely my favorite piece of running gear! Love my Mizunos!

  13. I currently have a spibelt, but I find that it bounces too much so I would love to try this flip belt!! My fav piece of running gear is my Garmin watch; helps keep me on track and allows me to monitor all of my training runs and pace!

  14. I just started working out at the gym and would love one of these to keep my things in that I take. It would be perfect!

  15. I’ve heard about these belts! I’ve always wanted to try one!

    I have to agree with the hundreds of other comments on here: My favorite piece of running gear is my Garmin watch. I almost can’t believe I ever DIDN’T use one. I know having GPS isn’t necessary to run, but it sure gives you the freedom to roam AND the added bonus of monitoring speed!

  16. After seeing your spibelt, I bought one for myself and feel naked without it! I would love to try this out if its working so well for you too

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