My Flight Is Delayed {But I’m Eating a Delicious Salad}

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Hello from Boston’s Logan International Airport! (Hooray for free WiFi!)

I left my house bright and early this morning (via taxi) and flew through rush hour traffic, thanks to the HOV lane. I have to admit, it was kind of fun whizzing by the parking lot on Route 93 instead of sitting in it!

photo (640x480)


When I arrived at the airport, I cruised through security (seriously, it took about 10 minutes), so I swung by Starbucks for a little treat. (Apparently, we don’t need to take off our shoes anymore to go through security. I wonder what changed?)

photo (1) (640x480)


At Starbucks, I went with a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate and, holy crap, it was delicious! I should have ordered a grande. Or venti! Honestly, I think I just wanted a cup 3/4 full of whipped cream with drizzled caramel, sea salt, and a little bit of hot chocolate at the bottom. I should order THAT next time!

photo (2) (640x640)

While enjoying my hot chocolate, I bumped into Sarah, who is on my flight and attending the same Wine & Dine event at Disney. As always, we had lots to chat about!

photo (4) (480x640)

About 10 minutes before we were scheduled to board our plane, we were informed that it was inoperable and a new plane needed to be ordered. Unfortunately, this meant we wouldn’t depart for another 3 hours. Boo. Delayed.


Since I had plenty of time to kill, I went in search of lunch. I figured I could pass the time by eating! Ha! I ended up getting a Grilled Chicken Club Salad and a bag of Sun Chips. I actually just broke into my salad, and it’s really tasty””much better than expected! Mmm”¦ bacon.

photo (3) (640x480)

Now, I’m going to get some work done. My inbox is CRAZY!

See you in Orlando!

Health News & Views

I love eating a bowl of cereal with milk as a meal or snack, but I swear no matter how big I make my serving, I find myself hungry just a few hours later.

I know cereal is a healthy option for breakfast or as an afternoon snack as long as it’s made with whole grains and low in sugar, so I’ve found a number of ways to make my usually wimpy bowl more satisfying. I hope these tips help you, too!

How to Make a Bowl of Cereal More Satisfying

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Questions of the Day

What’s the longest/worst travel delay you have ever experienced? What did you do to pass the time?

Do you think cereal is satisfying? What kind(s) tends to fill you up?



  1. I hope you will provide updates on Disney Wine & Dine. I might attend that next year and would like to hear about your experience.

  2. i’m a big fan of the organic valley cereals and barbara’s, because they’re lower in sugar than others. i also love peanut butter cheerios, cinnamon chex, and frosted mini wheats! i usually bulk mine up with walnuts and/or a nut butter :). safe travels!

  3. I remember getting delayed by around 8 hours when trying to leave Cancun after a family vacation when I was a kid (yes, Cancun for a family vacation – not the best plan ever). I’m pretty sure we spent most of it eating and shopping for trinkets in the un-air-conditioned airport. I’m sure my parents were miserable but I don’t remember hating it that much.

    And I just flew last weekend and was surprised by not having to take shoes off as well. It felt like a moral victory – the terrorists aren’t winning! (or something like that)

  4. I’ve had so many delays it’s not even funny. One time I was scheduled to fly back to the east coast from California on an afternoon flight. The flight kept getting delayed and they were threatening cancelling and re-booking us on a red eye, which would not have allowed me to get to work in time the next day. Of course this happened when I took a sneaky sick day so no one knew I was on the west coast and not being able to get to work the next day because of a flight delay was not going to cut it. Eventually we got on the flight but it was an incredibly stressful situation and the folks at American were pretty terrible to me.

  5. The new Attune Foods cereals with quinoa, chia, hemp, etc keep me pretty full. I tend to add fruit to a bowl of cereal for extra fiber/fullness.
    I think the worst delay from recent travel was being on a last flight out to connect to another last flight out. First flight was very delayed so I wouldn’t make my connection. Had to stay at a very seedy airport hotel, didn’t have our bags (because they’d already been checked) and had to sleep in a scratchy airline t-shirt and then wear all the same clothes the next am. It felt so good to finally get home and shower and brush my teeth!

  6. Last spring we drive from Baltimore to Nashville to go to the country music half marathon and got stuck behind a huge accident. Our 9 hour drive turned into 16…. Miserable!

  7. Ugh – bummer on the delay! At least you have some good company 🙂 As for my worst travel day, it was the day after my wedding on the way to our honeymoon in Greece. We missed our connection by seconds and had to sit in the Athens airport for 4 hours until another plane was leaving for Santorini. I remember being so tired that I just broke down in tears! At least I had 10 days on an island to make up for it 🙂

  8. Can’t wait to see the photos! 😀

    Let’s see – that time my mom and I joined my dad in Switzerland for a business trip and our plane was held so that other people made their connection from a late flight. Which meant we missed OUR connection in Germany, because Europeans don’t play like that. 😉

  9. Favorite cereal is Fiber One…I know its “old lady” but it keeps me regular, LOL. I like to mix it into my greek yogurt but also love to eat it dry as a snack!

  10. I had a four hour delay this past summer flying from DC to South Florida. I had just started speaking with my now boyfriend so I literally spent 3 of those 4 hours on the phone with him. I thank that delay because I think we got a lot closer to one another since we had so long to just talk.

  11. I think my longest “delay” was with hurricane Sandy…I was in Miami when the storm hit (live in NJ right outside NYC) and was “stuck” in Miami for an extra 10 days! Obviously not the worst situation but I swear after a while I just was ready to get back to normal life.
    I can’t buy cereal. A box would last 2 days! But I love plain old fashion cheerios!

  12. Inbox overload is so stressful to me haha I’m so type A that I have to go through my email as soon as I see something pop in. Also, I feel like it was JUST summertime, and now the holiday cups are out at Sbucks? Geez.

    Safe travels!

  13. I have the same problem with cereal…I usually add a banana and some blueberries to pump it up. BUT my heart (or should I say stomach) truly belongs to eating oatmeal in the morning with almonds, cranberries, blueberries and more 🙂

    Never been delayed *knock on wood* – I’m flying to NY a month from now, so hopefully that goes smoothly.

  14. I tend to eat cereal as snack/dessert, but when I eat it as a meal, I like to have Mini Wheats or Kashi Go Lean with a banana. The Kashi cereal has a lot of protein, so it def helps me stay full longer.

    Have a great trip!

  15. I think my worst delay was years ago trying to fly to Florida. Our early afternoon flight kept getting pushed back, and then they told us because it got too late, they would need a new crew due to time/working regulations. Finally, at midnight, we had a team volunteer and we were able to take off!

    I just flew through Newark and San Diego airports, and they both still require no shoes. Oh well.

  16. The worst travel issues involved my daughter coming home for Christmas from London a few years ago. There was bad weather up and down the East Coast. She was doing a semester abroad and her first flight was cancelled rescheduled in 2 days then that flight was cancelled. We were on the phone to different airlines begging to get her on something. She did make it home in time, but it was stressful.
    I love cereal. Product 19 is my favorite. They do not sell it on the West Coast. I have it shipped by the case. I have it as a nighttime snack often.

  17. When I first moved out of state, everytime I would fly home for a visit I would have some major delays. One trip in particular stands out. I finally made it to Seattle but I still had one more flight to get to Spokane where my parents and sisters live. They cancelled that flight due to the weather. Instead of getting on a different flight they decided that putting us on a bus to cross the state was a better idea. A bus ride across the entire state in the snow?? No thank you. I got on my computer and was able to find another flight even though the travel agents were telling us there was nothing. I made it home finally with less money but that was worth not sitting on a bus for days.

  18. Kashi Go Lean always fills me up, I don’t really travel by plane often but I do by car and music always makes me happy. I’m also a book worm so if I have a book I’m good to go.

  19. Way to take the delay in stride! And glad you have company 🙂 I have been known to not do so well when my flight or travel plans get out of whack! haha So type A…

  20. 3 hours is such a long delay! At least you’ll have time to get a lot done?

    I always drizzle some sort of nut butter over the top of cereal to make it filling and satiating – otherwise I’d never stop at just one bowl!

  21. I was living in Albuquerque, NM and wanted to attend alumni weekend at my college in upstate New York. I had a flight that left on Friday and got in super late on Friday and then I flew back out on Sunday. I can’t remember the exact details but I ended up at the wrong airport due to a broken plane, then they could only get me to Pennsylvania that night. The flight to Penn was the last flight of the night, it was delayed by hours, so by the time we got on the flight, half the passengers were drunk. Then the flight started and we had a huge thunderstorm to go through, so no one was allowed out of their seats. This really made some of the drunks mad. When we arrived after the scary flight, we all got taken to a hotel since we missed our other flights. Then the weirdest thing happened… we all went down to the bar and just started drinking together. We stayed up until the bar closed, then snuck back in, low crawl style, and refilled our drinks from the bar. It was kind of fun partying with a bunch of people I didn’t know… we sort of bonded on that scary flight! The next morning, my flight to a tiny airport in NY was cancelled again, and by 1pm Saturday, I gave up and asked them to just fly me back to NM. It took approximately 3 months to get my money back from Travelocity for the whole weekend. They said that since I actually took flights, I should have to pay for them… but my argument that they never flew me anywhere near my destination means that I should NOT have to pay for my vacation in the airport! Sorry for the long story, but boy was it weird!

  22. 12 hours at Chicago O’hare was the most frustrating layover I’ve ever experienced. I was bumped off of 4 or 5 flights and I grew more tearful after every bump. I was trying to get home to family and I was a wee young lass.

    But on a bright note, the food selections in Boston were so much better than I had expected! Kudos on finding a good one 🙂

  23. My worst travel experience was when I was working on a reality tv show and we were flying to North Carolina. This was my first time flying with a crew that I just met. The flight was delayed, then we got on the plane and there was some type of malfunction, so we had to wait for another 2-3 hours before they told us our flight was cancelled and no flights were scheduled until the next day. So we have to push our schedule back one day and fly out early the next morning. It was stressful but we got through it. During that trip I was training to do my second bikini comp so I pre-packed all my meals with me. That was an adventure! lol.

  24. And… Cereal. I love cereal, but choose to eat oatmeal or cream of rice because it has less sugar and is more filling. I have a problem with cereal because I can’t just eat one bowl! I am a fan of Honey Bunches of Oats, OH’s, Gluten Free Lemurs, Special K’s Assortment, Cinnamon Toast Crunch…. I could go on and on! Thanks for the awesome blog and I love your question of the day. I try and incorporate something similar in my blog too. Take care!

  25. The hot chocolate sounds incredible! Plus, I’m loving the holiday cups at Starbucks! Also, I used to love the Harvest Cheddar Sunchips, they were always my favorite.

  26. My worst delay was going to Ireland from Poland for Christmas a couple of years ago. My flight out was cancelled due to snow and we were re-booked on a different flight the following day except said flight was leaving from the other side of the country! I ended up having to take a train all the way accross Poland, booking a hostel for the night then going to the airport in the afternoon without even knowing if the flight would leave! Not to mention that I had bronchitis the whole time. At least it’s a good story lol.

  27. I traveled a few weeks ago and I was amazed at all of the healthy options in the airports! I actually love flying out of Boston, I think security is a breeze. I just flew 2 weeks ago and had to de-shoe lol!!!!

  28. At least you have a friend to help pass the time! I’m definitely an airport walker to pass the time and get in a little exercise/movement before getting on a plane to sit for hours on end. Well, as long as I don’t have to much luggage to cart around with me. 😉

  29. I don’t tend to eat cereal very often as it doesn’t fill me up. Longest delay ever, was 33 hours stuck in Atlanta, it was horrible. To make matters worse, the airline would not refund us for our first night of hotel at our destination, so missed a day of our trip and lost money.

  30. I always seem to end up with delayed flights. At least it allows me the time to get caught up on things I tend to put off. Have a great time in Disney.

  31. this spring my sister and I spent 15 hours to get back from Seattle! We were delayed, diverted, and stuck on a plane for longer than I ever dreamed possible!

  32. I hate when flights get delayed and you have to wait for hours. But good food always makes the wait better! I hope you have a great flight!

  33. Kashi go lean high in protien low in sugar I eat it with a muscle milk instead of regular milk so much protien it keeps me full and it’s chocolate flavored try it!!

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