Wahoo! Awesome dinner last night! :mrgreen:

Mal and I made Asian Rice and Vegetable Bowl With Eggs and Chili Sauce for our guests last night. The recipe called for so many delicious flavors”” many of which had a little kick to them! I love that!

IMG_0016 (640x480)IMG_0013 (480x640)

Dave and Marie weren’t coming over until about 7:00 pm, so Mal and I had plenty of time to prep for dinner and relax before they arrived.


Once we had dinner under control, Mal and I relaxed on the porch with a couple of beers in hand.

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Of course, the pug joined us. He hates missing out on any sort of action.


IMG_0035 (640x480)

Dinner turned out so well! This recipe is a keeper! I loved the addition of an egg on top of the rice and veggies, and, of course, I enjoyed all of the different flavors in the dish! Mmm!

IMG_0040 (640x480)

With dinner, we also served a simple salad (greens + cucumber slices + grape tomatoes) with leftover homemade Ranch dressing.

IMG_0044 (640x480)IMG_0045 (640x480)

IMG_0047 (640x480)

Dinner concluded with cookies for dessert!

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As always, it was so nice to see Dave and Marie. Marie and I actually have a manicure date this evening, so I get to see her two nights in a row!


I woke up craving cookies this morning, so I ate a couple before I made breakfast. Sometimes, you just gotta go with your cravings!

IMG_0057 (640x480)

A little while later, I toasted some whole wheat bread and spread pickled prunes on one half and almond butter and chia seeds on the other.

IMG_0054 (640x480)IMG_0053 (640x480)

And, I enjoyed a glass of iced coffee with soy milk.

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Question of the Day

Finish this sentence:

I’m a wimp when…

I’m a wimp when it comes to giving blood. I’ve fainted so many times in the past, I tend to bug out about it! I haven’t fainted in years, but I still worry a lot. I get knots in my stomach just thinking about it.

P.S. Check out the Father Bill’s Place team and me on the Back on My Feet blog! 😀


  1. I’m a whimp when it comes to public speaking! But I’m nipping that in the bud next week! First of a series of big group presentations on Nutrition so hoping to get over that hump. (I used to faint every time I went to a doctor or hospital too! Literally lost my vision, everything went black and if I didn’t get to sit immediately I would faint!)

  2. You sound like my sister- she is terrified at giving blood! Once I was ahving a blood test at home and someone came over to collect the blood! After collecting it, she was going back to the clinic and whilst on the train, her bag got stolen…which contained my blood sample! Argh i had to redo the whole process the following day!

    I’m a wimp when it comes to lifting my suitcase in the airport! I always sweetly ask some guy who seems nice enough!! Nothing a little eye fluttering can’t help with HA HA!

  3. Ditto on the blood thing. I fait EVERY TIME. It’s so embarrassing, especially when the clinic has to call you husband to come pick you up….

  4. Great job on dinner Tina! I’m a wimp when it comes to staying up late…. I’m usually in bed between 9 and 10! (I’ve got to mention though, that most days start at 4:45am so I need that much sleep to be able to function!)

  5. I am a big fan of the BIBIMBAP! A wonderful korean dish exactly like what you made. It is traditionally served in a hot stone bowl, so it chars the rice a little bit, and makes it just a little more nutty…. SOO GOOD! It looks like you made a very close copy of it. I am curious how you made your chili sauce though. Can you share the recipie?

  6. I’m a huge wimp when it comes to spiders! I always have to get someone get rid of them for me. One day last spring I stayed downstairs all day because there was a big spider on the stairs and I was afraid it would jump on me or something. Seriously, biggest wimp ever haha.

  7. i’m a wimp when it comes to….driving up hills. … strange. I had a bad experience with a four wheeler once that’s left me fearing going up hills.

  8. Your dinner looks great! I love making Asian inspired meals at home. I haven’t done it in a while but I really should. I have a wok that is going unused.

    I am a wimp when it comes to killing bugs. I can’t bring myself to do it. I just scream and get my fiancee to do it. I really need to try to do myself but I just can’t. Ick!

  9. I am in love with your oatmeal almond butter (customizable) cookies!!!

    I have been searching for the perfect healthy, small ingredient list, easy to make, small-serving size recipe for cookies for a while now. I also gave up most chocolates and sweets for lent so these were perfect!

    I was able to use what I had right in my pantry. I used craisins instead of dates or choc chips and Peanut Butter & Co.’s White Choc. Wonderful PB (which im not crazy about alone or on toast but in this recipe is amazing) instead of almond butter. The addition of a little cocoa powder was great as well.

    They have been the perfect anytime energy boost, desert, late night snack, anything really. With an ingredient list like that, they are pretty guilt free too if you ask me! I forsee a lot of baking and customizing with these in my future.

    Thanks so much!


  10. Oohh, I’m a wimp when it comes to killing spiders. Just the thought makes me freak out. Even worse is when you finally get the courage to kill it, leave to get the tissue, and return to find it gone. It’s like–you know it’s somewhere in the room but you just can’t see it. Freaks me out every time!

  11. I’m a wimp when it comes to the dentist. I can think of many other tortures I would prefer in place of a visit to the dentist and the include towels, water, boards and sharp pieces of bamboo.

    I nearly cry every visit, even if it’s just a cleaning.

    I’m a wimp.

  12. I’m a wimp when I get sick. It might just be a cold, but I whine and moan and turn into a bit of a drama queen (picture the guy in the NyQuil commercial saying “…I can’t even reach the remote.”). I’m just a high energy person and very busy so I HATE when I don’t have energy! Luckily I take pretty good care of myself so I almost never get sick.

  13. I used to be soooo afraid of public speaking. As a nurse I teach about labor and dellivery and care of the newborn all the time to my patients, and I decided to embrace the challenge (and make a little extra money) by teaching child birth ed. Speaking to a small group (12-24) of people has gotten easier and easier. I think it comes from having a sound and broad knowledge base of a subject people want to hear about. As I got more comfortable, sharing stories of mine and friends experiences, it becomes more like talking to friends rather than strangers especially if you can get them to laugh). Confidence comes with feedback/constructice criticism and compliments which I get from eval sheets from my class.

  14. I’m a wimp when it comes to giving speeches!! I used to grab on to my moms leg in the fourth grade, begging her to let me stay home when I had a speech!!! I always get nervous when I just hear the word “speech”!

    p.s your breakfast looks great!! 🙂

  15. I am a wimp when I get less than 8 hours of sleep! I need lots of sleep to function and be nice to people! 🙂

    I just love your blog! You always make me smile!

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