I love running, Body Pump, and yoga. I also love power walking and step aerobics classes. I love to feel strong, healthy, and fit, so being active is an important part of my life. It balances me both physically and mentally.


I try to get some from of exercise everyday. It’s not always a heart-pumping, sweaty workout, but even just a walk or some gentle yoga count for me. Keeping exercise fun makes it easy for me to pursue a healthy lifestyle, but I do have my favorite go-to workouts!


I’m a big fan of planning and recording my workouts. It keeps me accountable, motivated, and helps me identify what works and what doesn’t work with my routine.


I’ve always enjoyed running, but it didn’t become such an integral part of my fitness routine until a few years ago. Now, I can’t imagine my life without it. Read all about my race recaps, training and workouts, favorite gear, dealing with injuries, how I fuel for long runs, and much more.


I receive quite a few questions from readers about my workouts and fitness habits, so, over the years, I’ve responded to many of them in the form of blog posts. These are the ones that seem most helpful to others.