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Welcome to the #FITMOM series on Carrots ‘N’ Cake! With the New Year upon us and lots of mom readers in the mix, I wanted to share some Q&As with several of my favorite fitness bloggers, who also happen to be moms. Read on to see how they make fitness a regular part of their lives! 

Gina Harney

The Fitnessista

Children: Olivia, 5 and Penelope, 2

How long of a maternity leave did you take before you started working out again? Looking back, do you think it was too much time, not enough, or just the right amount of time?

For each of my births, I took 6 weeks off from the gym, but I was walking up until that point once I felt good enough. I think for my first birth, it was just the right amount of time, but when Penelope was born, it would have been better for me to take things more slowly. I took an Orangetheory class as soon as I was cleared to work out again, and looking back, I think it was too much.

Once you started your workout routine again, how did you workouts change? What did your new workout schedule look like?

My workouts are so much shorter, and much more effective. I also don’t tend to want to pound my body with high impact like I used to. I’ve seen more physical results from focusing on a dedicated strength training plan, with intervals and cardio mixed in. My schedule usually varies depending on what’s going on, and what fitness classes I’m teaching, but my ideal week includes a barre class, 1-2 heavy strength days, a spin class or 2, lots of walks around the neighborhood, and a yoga class.

Now that you’re a mom, what are your top tips and tricks for sticking with your workout routine?

I have to remind myself that if I don’t make it a priority, it won’t happen. It’s so easy to let tasks and chores take over, and before I know it, it’s 11pm and I haven’t worked out yet. If Penelope is napping and I can catch a quick workout, I’ll leave my work to-dos and laundry piles alone for 30-45 minutes and get it done. I remember how great I feel when I just get it over with! I’m much more focused and energized when I take time to sweat.

Listen to your body. It might not want to do what you *used* to do before your baby was born, and that’s ok. Do the exercises that make you feel good and that you’ll look forward to. You’ll be much more likely to stick with it that way!



  1. I think it would be helpful if you include an intro about who the person is, do they have a blog or a full-time job or both, how long their blog has been around, what it focuses on, where they live, etc. Just some tips from a reader!

    1. Yes- the post seemed to just get started for me when it abruptly ended. I was looking forward to hearing more from Gina, since I know she even designed a physical program for postpartum moms. Guess I’ll just click over to her site tho!

  2. I love Gina’s blog! It’s soo good to see this collaboration and your new series. Also such a different perspective seeing her from and interview standpoint instead of her posts.

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