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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Hi, guys!

Just wanted to share some eats from our first week with a newborn!


Mal and I are really trying to eat healthy, so I started documenting our recent meals. (During my pregnancy, we really didn’t eat well, so now we’re trying to get it together.) Mealtime is definitely different nowadays, so it’s nice to have someone to help keep me motivated to eat healthy.

Recently, I’ve noticed that I find myself forgetting to eat, which I know sounds absolutely crazy. I am sonot one of those people who forgets to eat (like ever), but with a little one taking up the majority of my attention, I’ll go hours and hours without eating, only to find myself starving. Meal prep has been quick and easy (a lot of throw-together dishes) and, thankfully, we have all sorts of prepared foods from family and friends in the refrigerator waiting for us now, so that has made life a zillion times easier too.

Some eats from the past week”¦

Whole Foods salad and hot bars

SAM_0288 (900x600)

American Chop Suey


Ham and cheese lettuce wraps


Eggs for breakfast


Cherries! Great for late-night snacking


Bread + honey peanut butter – another great late-night snack


Veggies and pita chips with The Laughing Cow cheese


Chicken pot pie

SAM_0380 (900x600)

Open-face ham, egg, and cheese sandwich

IMG_3707 (900x900)

I’ll share more eats next week. Documenting my meals definitely helps keep me on track!

Questions of the Day

Do you find that documenting/recording your meals helps you eat better?

How does your partner help keep you motivated to live a healthy lifestyle?



  1. I really just could not live without My Fitness Pal 🙂 It is SO helpful at tracking not only my calories, but specific nutrition information as well – how much sodium, sugar, fat, etc I consume in a day. It has changed the way I eat – I love it!

  2. I am so impressed! You are eating so healthy! I definitely didn’t do this good right after pregnancy, and I still don’t do as good as you! You’re my inspiration! My hubby is super healthy, and so I definitely lean on him a lot of the time. I also have found that cooking for him forces (in a good way ;)!) me to eat the good foods that he is eating 🙂

  3. I totally understand with forgetting to eat! I am NOT one of those people, but when Ella was a newborn (5 months ago – crazy!) I completely forgot about eating and would be STARVING once I realized it. Breastfeeding makes you a hungry beast!

  4. I don’t have kids but I live a crazy life and many days I forget to eat. I basically pre make a bunch of stuff on Sunday and lug a lunchbag around with me all week with snacks. If I didn’t have them, I wouldn’t eat either.

  5. Documenting definitely helps me stay on track! Even if I’m only being accountable to myself, somehow seeing everything in black and white (or color, if it’s photos!) helps me make better choices. I love using MFP on occasion to track a week or two. It also helps me remind myself what my food needs are and what helps me feel my best.

    It looks like you guys are doing a great job making good food choices! Congrats again on baby Q!

  6. I’ve religiously tracked my eating & exercise on my Fitness Pal for the past 3 years. Tracking doesn’t work for everyone but I find it keeps me accountable and is second nature to me now. Also, I have digestive issues so it’s nice to be able to have a record for when it acts up.

  7. I am the most routine eater I know yet when I had my son, not only did I forget to eat sometimes, I remember hardly being hungry and forcing myself to eat during the first few weeks. I don’t know who I was looking back on this now lol.

  8. I plan to make some meals and freeze them before baby arrives. Hopefully I remember to thaw them out if the days are that busy/crazy! Ha!

  9. Congrats Tina on the new little addition to the family!! Just wanted to say I LOVE these kind of posts…seeing what you eat day to day is great…hopefully more in the future :):)

  10. Oh man! I can’t imagine forgetting to eat. I guess it’s something I have to look forward to! 🙂

    It’s so awesome that your family and friends brought you some eats. I’m sure that is a huge help as well!

  11. My boyfriend has really good willpower when it comes to snacks. He can get a package of cookies and ONLY eat them in his lunch… If it were me, I’d buy the cookies but then accidentally eat them ALL in one day and have none left for lunches.

    I am trying to learn to have his willpower… haha.

    Awesome job sticking to healthy meals even with a new little guy!

  12. Congratulations! If you are like me you will still have cravings and be ravenous when you are breast feeding. Its normal, I ate alot of carbs with my son and still lost all my weight and more by 5-6 months. The kicker is when they stop breastfeeding and you are in the habit of eating not so great food. I make my husband keep me accountable for staying healthy. He has a very hard, physical job so he doesnt work out with me, but if I tell him I need to go run or work out he usully pushes me to go. He stays with the baby and tells me to get out of the house.

  13. It’s a tough time but best to make healthy habits now when it’s hardest. The amount of mums that come to me that “don’t eat” all day long..they just pick at their kids meals, grab the occassional unhealthy snack that doesn’t even register. Documenting and trying your best to set meal times definitely helps, documenting more to bring back awareness (I always get clients to keep a food diary for two weeks before I meet them!) and then the regular meals for the long lasting habit!

  14. You’re doing a good job of eating healthy. After I had my baby, people brought lots of food (so thankful) but it was all comfort foods (bad) so I felt kind of gross at first. I felt better once I started making our usual, healthy dishes again. I remember eating lasagna for what seemed like weeks lol!

  15. I use My Diet Diary to calculate calories and what I’m eating just for a few days and I find myself back on track and more aware because, like all of us, we get a little lazy and loosey goosey with eating habits. Haha

    Anyway, all your eats look good. YUM!

  16. I’m super impressed that you’re eating so healthy with a newborn! With my newborns, I didn’t eat so healthy because I just ate whatever anyone brought us, which was frequently pizza or something.

    I’m not one to count calories, but I’m trying out a new calorie-counting app called Calio since I’m doing guest posts for them and also work as their video spokesperson and using the app has definitely made me pay more attention. I don’t even use it regularly since I”m not trying to lose weight or anything, but I was shocked at how much fat I was consuming. Even if it’s healthy fat, you can still have too much of it!

    My hubby is a cyclist, so he’s into healthy eating too. We’re on the same page with that, which makes it easy!

  17. Tina, congrats to you and mal! Such a blessing. Just a helpful hint with staying well nourished and well hydrated while adjusting to your “new normal”. I just finished 1 year of nursing with my son, as well as keeping up with a toddler, so I’m not too far removed from those wonderfully tired days. As well as, I am a labor nurse, so I’m frequently teaching new moms about feeding, and taking care of themselves too. You already look like you’re rocking this!!! I always kept a water bottle handy and full, breast feeding made me soooo thirsty!!! And I would have protein shakes often, usually with the early morning feed. I found I would get so preoccupied and before I knew it, it was noon and I’d eaten next to nothing. Also, sometimes the combo of lack of sleep and breast feeding made me nauseous, so the protein shakes and smoothies helped when I was too tired to chew! Also, look into places in your area that premake meals. I ordered from a place called let’s dish in maryland, you placed the order, they prepped, you pick up, and into your freezer it goes, and it’s all fresh ingredients! So helpful!!! Good luck! Enjoy this time! It’s amazing.

  18. My due date was July 24… But things didn’t go as planned and I had complications… Baby boy came on June 10. Wish he would have stayed longer in my belly… But sometimes life wants it otherwise. Baby is one week old today. With everything that happened… I have to say that forgetting to eat has become normal. Not that I have anything against me (as the doctor implied)… Only that someone else has became more important than myself (not to forget that someone else deepend on me!). All that to say that even if -just like you- I never understood someone who “forget to eat”… I do now. And it has nothing to do with food.

  19. When I first started to eat better, I used Livestrong’s MyPlate and tracked religiously. I don’t track anymore, but it really gave me a good starting point to see just how much I was over(or under!)eating. It’s so awesome that you two are working together and keeping each other accountable to stick to healthy meals!

  20. I was the same way when our son was born. I’d forget to eat and then be starving and eat everything in sight. So glad you aren’t doing that and causing yourself a tummy ache like I did.

  21. Oh my goodness, when I saw your cherries it reminded me of early on in my breastfeeding days! I couldn’t get enough of them! One day, my husband, who was a stay-at-home dad at the time, started complaining that AJ was super fussy and gassy. He blamed the cherries and banned me from eating them! Poor hubby at home all day with a gassy whiney baby, and banning cherries was all he could control. I have never looked at cherries the same way. Mmmm, I am going to buy some today 🙂

  22. I remember my early nursing days and those first 6 weeks I would forget to eat, too! It’s crazy. Plus I really wasn’t hungry. My appetite didn’t pick up until much later, when I became starving all the time and would eat all the food. Anyway, around month 3 is when I started losing all the weight I read about. Good luck!

  23. I have been reading and enjoying your blog for years. I just want to give you major kudos for keeping up with it and healthy eating with a newborn. I have two kids and I know those first few months are so hard (and also rewarding) – so way to go!

  24. I use myfitnesspal to log everything. I tell myself I have to log EVERYTHING!! I find myself not wanting to eat something after all because I don’t want to log it.. It might sound good at the time but knowing how hard I’ll have to exercise to burn off the calories makes it not worth it..

  25. Tracking your meals can be good but it can also be detrimental. I don’t do it all that often – maybe 3x a week? – and on the weekends, I don’t even bother because I know things fluctuate too much!

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