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Good morning, friends!

Yesterday morning started like a lot of them: Morning baby belly laughs, diaper change, breakfast for the little guy + iced coffee for me, and then breakfast for me while playing with Quinn and watching the news. Our mornings together are one of my most favorite parts of the day.

IMG_0297 (800x600) (800x600)

A couple of hours later, Quinn started to get cranky and went down for a nap. I’m pretty sure he’s hit the 9-month growth spurt because all he wants to do lately is eat and sleep.

Speaking of a growth spurt, Quinn is quickly outgrowing his clothing. Some of his pants are total floodwaters and his onesies fit like a Borat swimsuit. It’s getting a little ridiculous, so I bought him a bunch of new stuff on ThredUp. Have I mentioned I am obsessed with this website? Obsessed. It’s amazing for kid’s clothing, especially when you hit up the clearance section. Stuff is like $5! And, I didn’t realize this until yesterday, but you can use Ebates with ThredUp, so you get cash back on your order too. Boom. I love getting deals online.


When Quinn woke up from his nap, we played, ate, and then I got him ready to come with me to a doctor’s appointment. I’m still have minor UC symptoms here and there, so I want to get them under control before they potentially get worse. I also don’t want to add more drugs to the mix, ya know? Quinn was great during my doctor’s appointment. He played, drank a bottle, and then slept on the ride home. Success!

IMG_0091 (800x800)

In the afternoon, Quinn and I met Kerrie for a run outside. The weather was beautiful yesterday””in the low 50s””so we definitely needed to take advantage of it. Kerrie and I took turns running with the jogging stroller and we finished just over 3.5 miles. I am SO HAPPY that Spring is on its way! It was a rough winter, man.

IMG_0096 (600x800)

Questions of the Day

What was your morning like today?

Have you bought any new Spring clothes?

Would you rather eat an orange or an apple?

P.S. I have my 2:50 run today. Wish me luck!!!



  1. Mornings with the babe are my favorite, too. He woke up at 4:50 this morning, so we had way more time than usual before I headed to work!! We took a run with the stroller yesterday, as well… it was so nice to be outside! I think he was loving the fresh air… it’s been awhile.

    Apple for me!

  2. I would rather eat an orange, but only if it’s pre-peeled haha. I hate peeling them! It’s so weird. Otherwise, an apple with peanut butter, chocolate chips, and cinnamon.

    Good luck with your run! 🙂

  3. Did you decide to get rid of the Chicco Tre? Your link is to the Chicco Activ, so I’m wondering what made you switch. We are currently registered for the tre for our little one to arrive in June.

    1. We have the Chicco Activ. I just did a giveaway for the Tre on CNC. Sorry for the confusion. I really love the Activ, but I think the Tre is the “nicer” model. It looks pretty sweet!

  4. Apple any day! I love that photo of you and Quinn where you say it is such a beautiful day but there is a huge mound of snow behind you! 🙂 I can’t wait to take my little one for a stroller workout!

  5. Little guy was up around 5:15, but back to sleep by 6. I notice you still use your car seat in the stroller. My little guy is 5 months and I had hoped to run with him in the jogging stroller without the car seat this Spring. Have you tried that or is there an age limit to that?

    Apple – every day.

      1. @Tina:

        Actually, as long as they fit into the seat portion of the jogging stroller, they can be transitioned early! I started using mine without the carseat around 3 months!

    1. @Pam: I have two boys and ran with both starting at 3 weeks post partum with doctors permission. They started in the car seat. I agree with Tina about speaking to your pediatrician. It really depends on their head control more than anything else.

    2. Pam I ran with my first son and running with my second son now, my dr (and everything I have read) recommends waiting until after 6months. they need to have full head/neck control before you start running. You’re almost there:)

      1. @lisa: I believe the car seats can also make the strollers top heavy, so that may be something to consider, as well as neck control when running

  6. Weirdly enough, I used to hate eating apples when I was younger because I hated how it would rub up against my chin whenever I bit into it. I don’t know if my chin changed or if my bite is different post-braces, but I don’t seem to have that problem anymore and I love them!

  7. Quinn is adorable!! My daughter will be two this June:)
    I absolutely loved watching her figure out how to crawl and stand:)
    Our morning was good, my daughter has a cold, so hasn’t been having great nights but she’s slept through the night 3 nights in a row, so we are back on track (I hope!).
    I’d rather eat an apple in the fall and an orange in the winter!
    Good luck on your run!

  8. This morning was nice, my hubby works away, but came home last night, so this morning was great to sleep in a bit, and leave a few morning chores for him. lol

    Apples totally beat out oranges….unless they are mandarins…then those little suckers win out.

    I haven’t bought any new spring clothes yet, no kids, but one dog got a new collar…if that counts and spring wear.

  9. I love shopping at Childrens place or Kohls for Ryan. I refuse to pay full price for kids clothes. They always have clearance and then coupons on top. I paid $8 for a fleece jacket (one for next year), $2.50 on average for tshirts. Its great! I always get the next size up when deals are that great, because he will wear short sleeves all year round (over long sleeve shirts) so its never a waste!

  10. I used to be an apple-only kind of gal, but I can barely stomach them these days! So weird. So, I’ll take an orange over an apple any day! Good luck on your run today! You can do it!

  11. What was your morning like today? I work in an office during weekdays + commute so it went something like this: wake up at 6am, get ready for the day, reheat a slice of quiche for breakfast, brew iced coffee, put together my gym + lunch bag, commute 45 minutes to work. So, weekends days are much preferred over here. 🙂

    Have you bought any new Spring clothes? I bought a white cotton blazer yesterday! We’ve been hitting the 40s and 50s in CT so I got excited.

    Would you rather eat an orange or an apple? Apple

  12. I had kind of a low-key morning. I woke up too early after going to bed too late (finals time around here, so I was trying to work through an essay), then headed to the gym for a really good workout. Came back and got ready, and now I’m relaxing a bit and fueling up for a lot more work!
    I need to buy some spring clothes! I’m planning to go shopping during my spring break and spend some birthday money 😉
    Apples every day! I like oranges, too, but I reeeeeally love apples. Also, peeling an orange is a bit more of a pain.

  13. Im so bad at buying clothes, mainly bc I have to be in a certain mood to do so and I can’t control when that mood will strike. I have been looking at getting more exercise clothes since now I can justify them as a work expense, but give me some Target t shirts and I am good to go on the clothes front.

  14. My morning didn’t start off very well..I was leaving for my bus and realized I left my apartment keys and wallet in my car..which my fiance takes to work. Luckily I can work from home, so it turned out alright.

    I would rather have an orange, but they take so much effort to peel!

  15. It still weirds me out that it is the middle of March, and you have snow still piled up to your head… I live in Texas, and I can’t believe that it’s still there! I know I know, you’re SO over it, but it still amazes me that on a 50 degree day that stuff isn’t gone. IF we get snow, it’s gone the second the sun hits it!

    I only like apples if they’ve been sliced, and I only like oranges if they’re already peeled (I might be a tad bit lazy). 🙂

  16. I haven’t tried running with my jogging stroller yet but now that it is getting nice out I want to! This morning started with a 5:30 am 4.5 mile run. Now I am eating breakfast and feeding my little one. Oh and apples for sure!

  17. If you like ThredUp, you NEED to look at It’s an awesome online consignment store, and some of the money goes back to schools. I placed an order, received it yesterday, and the quality was right on for what the description said.

  18. This morning we got a jogging stroller run in, too. My three year old always yells “Mommie, go go go” when we first get started. It is so cute. The rest of the morning has been getting a lot of work done since this weekend is LA Marathon weekend. I am trying to work ahead since I will be away most of Saturday and Sunday going to the expo, running the marathon and participating in the festivities.

    I highly recommend these onsie extenders. It allowed us to get a little extra wear out of our favorites!

  19. Yay! So glad spring is in the air for you guys. It definitely does sound like it was a rough winter. ThredUp truly is awesome, and yes, for kids’ clothes too! I have bought Hunter several things on there that I love for an awesome price. Good luck on your run today!! You’re amazing!

  20. I can’t imagine what all of you in Boston have gone through this winter. I’m sick of winter but I feel like I don’t have much of a right to say that compared to what it’s been like for you! I did buy a St. Tropez self-tan kit, which makes me feel like spring/summer are almost here 🙂 It’s the closest I’ll get to a beach for a while!

  21. Today’s morning started EARLY! Little guy was up at 4am and wanted to par-tay! Not cool, he’s lucky he’s cute! We had his 4 month appointment this morning too and he passed with flying colors! Since he was in a good mood we hit up the Natick Mall for spring clothes! Hooray! I bought 6 pieces from Banana Republic!

    I would rather eat an apple, although I’ve been eating cara cara oranges lately. Oranges are just messy and not so easy to eat on the go like an apple is.

    Good luck on your run today!

  22. I’m so happy Spring is here!! Its making running so much more pleasant. I’m on the hunt for some new spring/summer workout clothes.

  23. I have to check our ThredUp again. OshKosh/Carters always has great deals on clothing online – oh the Door Busters! 🙂

  24. My morning started at 1am with a screaming toddler, and ended with another doctor’s appointment for another ear infection diagnosis. Ugh. I did take a 1/2 day at work to get a nap in. Still in a fog, though.

    I adore those play eggs. Where are they from?

  25. I have UC and feel your pain. Totally sucks and hate to have to take more meds. I know what really helps with me is eliminating my trigger foods: coffee, caffeine, dairy, gluten, raw veggies and raw fruits. Coffee is definitely the hardest. My Dr. says food has nothing to do with the symptoms, but I can tell a huge difference.

  26. Like a Borat swimsuit!!! Hahaha! Love it. Your blog is my absolute favorite! & I’ve been a reader for a while now! I just love your approach to life in general. From health, to organization, and now “seeing” your parenting style! You just get it. Thank you for all that you do for me, and others through sharing your life!

  27. Do you ever take Q out in the stroller without the car seat? Just curious! I know some babies still like to be in the car seat.

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