First KFIT Bootcamp Workout at New Hingham Location

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Hi, guys!

Hump Day started bright and early for me. I woke up around 3:30 AM and could NOT fall back to sleep. I’ve actually been sleeping really well lately and then… BAM… crappy night of sleep. Ughhhhh. I was totally wired at that hour, and I *think* it was related to hormones (I’ve been keeping a journal), but my random Googling (in the middle of the night) didn’t clear things up. Hopefully, the hormone course that I’m taking in April will help me make sense of it all.

Anyway, by 6:30 AM, I was more than ready for breakfast. I had made overnight oats with vanilla protein powder, chia seeds, and sunflower seeds in an almost-empty Teddie peanut butter jar, so breakfast was waiting for me in the fridge.

After breakfast, I got Quinn and myself ready for the day. After I dropped him off at school, I headed to KFIT for a workout – my first one at the new location!

And, whoa, the workout was no joke: 1.5 mile run with a weighted vest, 100 KB swings, and planks. It’s like Kerrie knows I’m coming when she programs the workout. Haha!

I was especially glad to have some buddies to keep me going!

After class, I refueled with a protein shake mixed with the rest of my iced coffee from the morning and dug into my lunch earlier than usual (haddock, kale, and Chimichurri).

When I wake up super early, I find myself eating ALL DAY LONG. Anyone else?



  1. Love seeing your day in the life check ins—and this one is perfectly timed! I was randomly up at 3am this morning too even tho my 3 yr old has been super sick and I was sooo tired—wonder if it’s hormones bc I start today and always have heavy night sweats like you’ve talked about
    I know so little about the effects of hormones, but thanks for posting, super interesting!

  2. Exactly me too!! And what wonder it is to sleep on becausr it’s so relaxing too and you don’t use up as much food thus saving money… haha I’m a broke college kid here cutting corners when I can

  3. I eat so poorly when I wake up early not necessarily more. But today trying to eat better. Woke up at 3:30-4am. Little oatmeal, big cauliflower sandwich, and hopefully sunbasket veggie meal today. Lots of tea and water. Then early to bed!!!

  4. I live in Hawaii but work East Coast time…eating was such a struggle at first! Now I have gotten into a groove and don’t feel the need to eat nonstop

  5. New gym looks beautiful. Can you give more info on the weighted vest you are wearing? I’m looking to get one for myself.

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