First {Double} Date

Good morning and happy Thursday!

Yesterday afternoon, I got my shop on. Mal and I are redoing our sun porch, so I bought a bunch of decorative accessories at HomeGoods to spice it up. I made a Sun Porch Ideas board on Pinterest, which inspired me and helped me pick out all of my purchases. Look at me being all stylish! I think our sun porch is going to turn out really well, and I can’t wait to show you guys the final product!

homegoods shopping

When I was putting away groceries yesterday afternoon, I stumbled upon the skull in the freezer. He strikes again! (I wonder how long this game is going to last? It’s been almost a year! Haha!)

the skull

I also made an awesome batch of trail mix yesterday afternoon. I wrote a post about how to make great homemade trail mix for Health next week, so I needed to test out my recipe.

trail mix ingredients

For dinner last night, Mal and I met our friends Rob and Colleen for dinner at Legal C Bar in Hingham. The restaurant opened only a couple of months ago, so I was excited to try it.

IMG_4332 (600x450)

Mal and I arrived a little early and snagged some seats at the bar. I wish I snapped a photo of it because it was really nice””large, open, in the middle of the restaurant with flatscreen TVs and low lighting. It was definitely one of those bars where you could sit for hours and just hang out.

IMG_4334 (600x450)

The bar was offering a special on French wines and a “mineral-accented” flight caught my attention. You know how I love mineral-y white wines!

IMG_4338 (600x450)

Well, hello, lovelies! The Pinot Blanc was just okay, but the Chablis and Sancerre were excellent!

IMG_4339 (600x450)

When Rob and Colleen arrived, we ordered a bunch of appetizers to share among the four of us: steamed mussels, buffalo shrimp <—- DELICIOUS!

IMG_4347 (600x450)

And two orders of fried pickles because they were so good. I ordered the Blackened Tuna Sashimi for my entrée, but the photo turned out really dark and unappetizing, so I didn’t include it. It was really tasty though!

IMG_4348 (600x450)

Good times with good friends! It was so nice to catch up with these two!

IMG_4351 (600x450)

Health News & Views

Are you going to a barbecue this Labor Day weekend? We all know these kinds of get-togethers sometimes make it difficult to eat healthy, especially when it comes to what’s cooking on the grill.

Of course, chicken breasts, turkey burgers, and veggie patties are healthier options compared to a traditional cheeseburger because they’re lower in calories and fat, but what if you’re in the mood to splurge and have a major craving? (Hey, it’s the end of summer after all!) You can still enjoy the real deal without blowing your diet by keeping these tips in mind

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Question of the Day

Do you remember your first date? How was it?

I actually don’t remember my first date, but I remember my first double date because it was with Mal and we occasionally reminisce (and laugh) about it.

Back in high school before Mal and I started dating, two of my friends, who were a couple, invited us to dinner with them at Bertucci’s. Mal and I were friendly with each other, but we definitely weren’t an item or even dating at this point. Of course, I was nervous to go out to dinner with him, but, with friends, I didn’t think it would be so bad. Well, apparently, Mal was even more nervous for our double date than me!

When our pizza was served to the table, it was placed on a tray right next to Mal, so it was assumed he would serve each of us a piece of it. Mal was so nervous, he had all sorts of trouble serving the pizza. He didn’t make a mess or drop a slice of pizza on anyone, but I remember him being so awkward and seriously struggling to serve the pizza. I think he was even sweating! Haha! Poor Mal.


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