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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Hi, guys! Happy FRIDAY! 😎

So, when I was at the earlier this week, I met a bunch of wonderful bloggers. Not surprisingly, we talked a lot about blogging and blogs. One of the blogs mentioned in our conversations was Cake Wrecks, which is “a gallery of deformed, distasteful and bizarrely decorated wedding and birthday cakes.” It sounded right up my alley– and it totally was! It’s hilarious! Be sure to check it out– you’ll definitely have a good laugh! 😆

Isn’t it crazy how many great blogs are out there?!? I feel like I find another good one to read almost everyday!


I didn’t have much of an appetite this morning (weird), so I kept breakfast simple with a couple of pieces of whole wheat toast with peanut butter on a seahorse plate. I also added a few raisins to one slice.



And, of course, I enjoyed some iced coffee with breakfast.


Cookie Friday Day

I received so many yummy photos and recipes for Cookie Friday this week! You can see them all here!

Question of the Day

Today’s Question of the Day has 2 parts. I actually asked part of it on Twitter yesterday and received a ton of interesting responses, so I thought it’d be a good QOTD on my blog.

How do you find new blogs? Do you consider it spam when bloggers leave a link to their blog in the comment section of other blogs?

P.S. You have until lunchtime to enter the Bertolli giveaway, and I’m hosting a Larabara giveaway on Trading Up Downtown.



  1. I love Cake Wrecks! They’re SO funny! I find new blogs through other blogs! And through sites like 20sb! But my favorite way is by reading other blogs! I’m going to my first blogger meet-up on Sunday here in Boston after the BAA 5k and can’t wait! That’ll be a great way to meet new bloggers too!

  2. I don’t think it is bad etiquette to post a link to your blog as long as the link is to a s pacific post that is 100% relevant to the conversation you started on your blog.

    Actually I just posted on this subject! here is the link: just kidding!

    Cake Wrecks was actually one of the first blogs I started reading. It’s hilarious!

  3. I typically find blogs when bloggers link to other blogs in their posts. I find it fascinating to see how the blogging community interact and intersect. I’ve also recently joined a blogging community, so I have been discovering a wide variety of different blogs that way.

    I think I only posted a link within the comment section once since I’ve started blogging. The main reason I did it was because I had already written about the topic at hand and thought that what I wrote best articulates how I felt about the subject. However, after I did it, I learned that was a frowned upon in the blogging community. Now, I only do it when it’s part of a contest, or when the blogger says it’s ok.

  4. I often find new blogs by reading comments on other people’s blogs. Like yours for example, I may read someone’s comment then click on their name and go check out their site. I think that in some cases it’s obviously spam when people leave links, but sometimes I think it’s innocent enough. I think the blogger community thrives on sharing sites with one another.

  5. I never thought of it probably being spam and now definitely feel a bit self-concious. I’ve done this when I leave a comment so that people know who the heck I am and if they want, can check out mine too. I don’t do it as advertising or anything and REALLY hope those whose blogs i’ve commented on don’t think so- YIKES! :/

    I have found new blogs from blogrolls, recommendations from others and from people commenting on my posts.

    ~Christie (I don’t think I am leaving my site link anymore, but usually do here)- sorry Tina!

  6. I usually find blogs through mentions on other blogs or twitter. My reader is out of control!!!!!! I don’t like when people randomly leave a link to their blog- there’s a “website” section to fill out in the comment form that’s exactly for that!! Unless of course it’s completely relevant to the conversation, not just “hey come read my blog” link.

  7. I don’t find it spam when other bloggers post their blog URL in their comment because that’s usually where I find new blogs! That and through links in the content of other blogs. It’s a quick and easy advertising method that I don’t find invasive!

  8. Haha when people leave links, unless it’s a case of “OMG I wrote about something incredibly pertinent to this discussion several months ago and here’s the link to that specific post” I just think that they don’t realize you can click on their name and get to their blog that way. I do find new blogs through reading people who post on blogs I like to read though.

  9. I end up finding new blogs when I read my comments, and wanna know more about them because of there blog name or what not… I have ended up finding some amazing bloggies this way<3

  10. Ah i love cake wrecks!! So funny and of course the Sunday sweets day are wonderful! I saved one from either last sunday or the week prior because they were so beautifully done!

  11. Hi Tina + readers!
    I have been seeking out blogs recently and I can’t figure out how to find a blog with a specific focus. For example, I am interested in reading a blog from someone who lives in San Francisco and writes about their adventures there – healthy living and beyond! I have tried searching on FoodBuzz but I mostly find recipe blogs. I am looking for a blog similar to yours, Tina, because you document all the fun things you do in Boston area – Love it! It would be great to learn about great restaurants, running trails, neighborhoods, and nightlife in San Francisco since I am moving there soon.

    I would appreciate any recs on how to do blog searches! Happy Friday 🙂

  12. I don’t think it’s spam, as long as the person is leaving an insightful comment with it. I find other blogs through comments / links! I think many people do…
    I also like having a huge amount of blogs in my reader… I go through fazes of which ones I’m reading really regularly and then back again to old favorites. Variety is fun!

  13. i find blogs just like everyone else through the comments sections and blog rolls.. i think it’s much more appreciated when someone leaves a sincere comment vs a plug for their site.. if they want to include it then they should just ask the blogger..

  14. I don’t consider spam – I think it is just newbies that don’t know any better. I did it at first, too. And I remember Angela from OhSheGlows doing it, too. Once I learned, maybe within the first week, I stopped doing it. I find the majority of new blogs from blogrolls, or commenters on my own blog!

  15. Most of the new blogs I find are actually just from people leaving comments on my blog or an interesting comment on a blog I read. I don’t have a lot of time to go hunt out new blogs so this works great for me. ALso, now all my friends know how much of a bloggie I am so they always send me links to stuff they think I might like.

    I think that it isn’t spam if someone links to their blog as long as it is pertinent to the post/comments and flow of “conversation” like linking to a recipe they made that has an ingredient someone doesn’t know what to do with or if they had a post on a similar topic but with a different spin. I dunno. I guess it is a judgement call.

  16. I love Cake Wrecks!!! It is such an entertaining blog!!! So original…another one I love, but it is not about food is FIND! (all about notes found on the street or random areas..) you should check it out!

  17. I will check out that blog…sounds interesting!

    As for links in the comments…I don’t know why people would do that. Your name links to your blog…right? I know when people are working it when they don’t read my blog and just leave a comment just to leave there name behind. I hate that!

    I hope you have a GREAT Friday! I think we all could use that right now!

  18. I <3 your cookie Friday idea. It always makes me crave cookies & gets me baking in the kitchen. I actually have had a recent urge to try an oatmeal raisin cookie (I don't think I've ever actually tried one, I used to be a VERY picky eater). But since discovering oatmeal and granola (my favorite breakfast, which I practically have every morning) I decided I probably would like the oatmeal raisin combination. I googled oatmeal recipe raisin recipes and one of your recipes popped up. Which I was super excited about, since I read your blog daily & trust your opinion and recipe. The recipe was for your oatmeal raisin cookies with canned squash! I just went to the market and bought all the ingredients & plan to make them sometime this weekend!! Love your blog and think you do a great job!! BTW, I find new blogs through other blogs, either through there posts or their blog rolls.

  19. I tend to find blogs through blogrolls. I found this blog through KERF. I am fairly new in the public blogging scene and I am so glad to get the heads up on not leaving links in comments. I’d hate to offend any of the bloggers I admire. Happy Cookie Day to you. 🙂

  20. I have to agree with the majority of comments here, where if it’s a useful link (like if I ask for recipes and they’re linking to a recipe) it’s ok. There are instances that aren’t ok! I can think of a couple regular commenters who ALWAYS leave the hyperlink to their blog in their comment and it always ends up in my spam folder. Sometimes I catch it, but usually I don’t have time to look through spam comments. So unfortunate, because they’re generally sweet comments!

    Another thing that has been happening lately: I’ve been doing P90X and different coaches keep leaving links, trying to recruit my readers to join their team. Basically they’re trying to make a profit off of my readers, my blog and my hard work, and it ticks me off. I always remove all hyperlinks from those comments, even the hyperlink in their name. 🙂

  21. Gosh, I find new blogs all over the place. When other bloggers leave comments on my blog; blogrolls; comments on others’ blogs; recipe sites and just about everywhere. There’s so many food and health blogs out there, I wish I had more time to swoon over them. 😀


  22. I certainly don’t think it’s spam for bloggers to leave their links in comments – that’s exactly how I find new blogs! Soem I only check occasionally but others I become very loyal to.

  23. i would say i find other blogs either by comments on blogs i already read OR their blogrolls. there are other ways, but those are the most frequent! i wouldn’t call leaving a link to the blog in a comment spam necessarily, but i don’t know if it’s what i’d call blogging etiquette unless the writer asked for links in their post…just my opinion though 🙂

  24. Wow, Cakewrecks has gotten an upgrade! I used to look at it a lot when it was an ugly ‘ol blogspot blog. Thanks for reminding me of it again… it’s hilarious!

  25. #1 – cake wrecks — FANTASTIC. i actually laugh out loud on occasion

    #2 – links – i don’t really care (unless it’s overly done and annoying)

    I find blogs by looking at poeple who comment on my own, and checking out others blogrollls. I’ve also found a few through the people I follow on twitter.

  26. I adore CakeWrecks, such a funny site! You might also like OverheardInNewYork; not a food blog, but hilarious to anyone whose ever been on the T/subway.

    I love when people leave their link in my comments, it’s a great way to find new blogs. I will also occasionally click hyperlinks on funny comments on the blogs I currently read.

  27. I don’t think it’s spam when a commenter leaves a link to their site. That’s probably the only way I find out about other blogs! I DO, however, think it’s spam when someone comments and then says something like “I’m having a giveway <–Click here!"

  28. I love finding new blogs! Although, I have a hard time keeping up with them!! I usually find them by reading comments on other blogs or by comments left on my blog. I don’t mind people putting their blog links in comments unless it’s overly done.

  29. Thanks for the sharing the Cake Wreck site. I had never heard of it before. It was so funny and unfortunately some of the cakes looks like something I would have baked, I have learned to purchase my kids birthday cakes now.

  30. I love new blogs but I read so many already. I like to have my reader clean at the end of the day so I don’t add too many. I usually find them through the blog rolls on my favorite bloggers, people who leave comments on mine and comments on the blogs I already read. It’s such a difficult time to add more blogs because I don’t like to get behind in my reader.

    I love cake wrecks! She has such a sense of humor. I can’t believe some of them. You should go back and look for the vasectomy cakes 🙂

  31. LOL I have Cake Wrecks in my Google Reader…they are hilarious!
    I totally don’t think the blog links in comments are spam…hehe, I put mine in too! I use people’s blog links in comments sections to find more blogs to read! I am so glad that people leave their links. I also use the “blog rolls/fave blog” section on the blogs I read to find new ones. Finally, my Google Reader suggests new blogs for me, but often they are not what I’m looking for…”Whiskey Tasting Club Blog”??! What?!
    I think I found your blog though Oh She Glows. You, Angela, and Fitnessista…your blogs were what inspired me to get in shape and truly helped me start losing weight! I gave you guys a shoutout in my “Weight Loss Story” post. I hope others can find you the same way I did!!! Thank you 🙂

  32. Phew! I thought you were talking about how you can leave your site so people can click on your name. I was like, Aah! I’m spamming people?! But thank goodness that’s not what you are talking about. Hahaha…

    I don’t leave links IN my comments because I think it is unnecessary. If you leave a good quality comment that’s a part of the discussion then it’s my experience people will click over through your name. It’s a little desperate to add a link in your comment, no? Tacky at least.

  33. Posting a link to the blog seems unnecessary since the comment name serves as a link. I like to find new blogs through comments, especially when a good, pertinent question is posed!

  34. I usually find new blogs through comments or when another blog I read links to someone else.

    I agree that leaving a link to your blog is unnecessary because the comment name is a link to your blog.

  35. I usually find new blogs by clicking commentors names on other blogs I read. It’s really the best way to do it. It’s also helpful when bloggers link to others!

    Happy Friday! That iced coffee looks AMAZING!

  36. I do usually avoid anyone who links to their site again in their comment. If someone leaves a really good comment on one of my favorite blogs I’ll go check out their site, or if I like a guest post they’ve done. I also like it when groups of you bloggers meet up, and then I’ll go checkout the blogs of who you ate with, etc. I am actually actively trying to cut down how many I read though, so tend not to click through from Reader all that often so I don’t get tempted!

  37. That’s a GREAT question about blog discovery and etiquette. I don’t mind if someone leaves a link to a specific post if it’s relevant to the original post. I do that sometimes, but I do worry that it may be perceived as spam or shameless self-promotion. If it’s done in the spirit of sharing and fun, then that seems like it fits with the whole idea of blogging, no?

    Happy Friday, everyone! TGIF!

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