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Are you in the market for a new pair of running shoes, but don’t know what to buy? Well, Brooks can help with their online Shoe Finder. It works like magic, but it’s rooted in the best running science to date. Stride Signature is the new idea that there is no right or wrong way to run, except your own unique way of running. Based on Brooks’ own scientific research, they assess the way each body naturally runs. Then, you choose how you want to experience your run””whether it’s soft, springy, flexible, or fast. This combination makes for the most comfortable and personalized running experience ever. Basically, Brooks has made it easier for all of us to find our favorite shoe!

Brooks Running

I recently tried the Shoe Finder myself, and it recommended the shoe that I am currently wearing (Launch 3) with the Glycerin 13 (my other favorite) as a secondary suggestion. Nailed it. The questions in the Shoe Finder are so unique– many of which I had never been asked related to running– so it was really cool to see that it was spot on with my preferences.



Giveaway time! One lucky CNC reader will win their choice of Brooks Running shoes!

To enter: Try out the Shoe Finder and leave a comment with your results. I’ll randomly pick a winner later this week to win a pair of Brooks of their choice! Good luck!


  1. Glycerin 13! Perfect, since that’s my favorite pair of Brooks already! However, I would love to win a pair of Cascadia’s, as I just moved within a mile of an excellent trail.

    Thanks for the giveaway!! 🙂

  2. “Cushion me” Adrenaline GTS 16! Would be perfect to start training for that fall half and marathon! PR chasing and trying to keep up with my super fast friend…. Ha!

  3. Unisex Racer ST 5…for some reason, I’ve never heard of that shoe!! I currently run in the asics gel cumulus because I couldn’t find a Brooks shoe for my high arches that still felt comfy.

  4. My results were for a neutral shoe like the launch! I am a tough fit and have worn the Brooks Ravenna for years. When I’ve been fitted a neutral shoe is the next best option. Currently my shoe of choice isn’t broke…so I’m sticking to tradition!

  5. I got the Ravenna 7! I’m a huge Brooks fan, I’ve had Adrenalines for the past few years. But with some recent hip pain during my runs, I’ve been wanting to switch things up so this was very helpful!

  6. As a mom to a six month old, I am excited to finally commit to getting back into distance running this spring/summer. I currently have the Launch 2, which I love. And the Shoe Finder identified the Launch 3 as the best for me!

  7. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I need a new shoe that’s right for ME. My results were Cushion Me: Women’s Adrenaline ASR 12. I am always worried about my bad knees and the high impact running has on them. I have a feeling these will be real winners!

  8. Women’s Launch 3! There were some interesting questions in there so I’m super curious to see how accurate the results are. I need a new pair of running shoes STAT%!

  9. Women’s Glycerin 13 SUPER SOFT. Perfect! I have so much trouble with blisters and bad arch support so these looks great 🙂

    What a fun quiz by the way! Thanks for sharing!

  10. This is great! Apparently I’m very similar to you and got the Launch 3, Glycerin 13 and Ghost 8.

    Fingers crossed!

  11. Glycerin 13 for me! I have always worn Adrenalines. I love Brooks but mine are worn out and I have been meaning to get new ones. Would love to try Glycerins.

  12. Addiction 12! I currently have the Adrenalines but was just thinking that I needed to get a new pair 🙂

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