How to Find the Right CrossFit Gym When Traveling

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With Christmas just days away, I wanted to share some tips for finding the right CrossFit gym – just in case you’re planning a drop-in while you’re away from home. I love to travel and I love CrossFit, so I try my best to get a WOD in when I’m on the go. Some people are restaurant people; I’m a gym person. But part of the fun of CrossFit is the community, so I try to research the box as much as possible before I go because I like to know what I’m getting myself into. Knowing what to expect is key, so here are some of the strategies I use to find a CrossFit gym when I’m traveling.

How to Find CrossFit Workouts When Traveling

How to Find the Right CrossFit Gym When Traveling

Crowd-source at your home CrossFit and/or social media – Asking fellow CrossFitters for recommendations is typically my go-to for finding a high-quality CrossFit gym (or ones to stay away from). CrossFitters love to travel, so this strategy is often really reliable.

Use Google Maps (or similar) to figure out which gyms are closest to where you are staying – If I can’t find a personal recommendation, using Google Maps (or similar) when I arrive at my destination is what I do to find a CrossFit. Typically, there’s at least a couple of (if not more!) gyms nearby, so, to narrow-down my choices, I utilize these following methods…

Check out the class options and times – Some gyms offer more than the traditional CrossFit class (i.e. Oly lifting, endurance WODs), so I check out the schedule online and then determine if the times work with my agenda. And, of course, be sure to call or reserve your spot. It’s the worst when you make the effort to find the right gym and then the class is full!

Check out the gym’s Instagram account – How active a CrossFit’s Instagram account (or Facebook page) could say a lot about the quality of gym. It’s not a hard and fast “rule,” but if the gym and their members are engaged on social media, they might be friendly/fun/engaging in person! You can also check out reviews on Facebook and Yelp for additional details about the facility.

Determine if there are any CrossFit Games athletes tied to the gym – Typically, if a Games athlete works out a specific gym, it’ll likely have quality coaching and equipment. If you know that one of your favorite athletes is from a specific area, try to figure out which CrossFit they belong to and go there. You may even get lucky enough to have a celebrity athlete sighting! 🙂

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What makes you pick a certain CrossFit gym over another when you travel?  


CrossFit gyms I’ve visited over the years and highly recommend:

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