Finally! A New Recipe Page!

I’ve been meaning to update the Recipe page on CNC for months and months now. It hadn’t been updated since 2009, so I had my work cut out for me- from re-categorizing and fixing broken links to weeding out so-so recipes and adding new, delicious ones. Now, instead of it being a bunch of links to things I’ve simply cooked over the years, it’s actually recipes that I know and love and make frequently. Basically, the recipes listed here are the best of the best! Enjoy!

recipes (717x719)



Breads & Muffins














  1. Hey i love your recipes! I clicked on the Light & Cheesy Spinach & Squash Egg Bake and it took me to a giveaway blog with no recipe on it, so thinking that might have just been an error! THanks! 🙂

  2. I literally just opened 9 of these recipes in new tabs to start reading ASAP. Did you hear me? NINE! It would have been more but I’m supposed to be working. Ugh. I’ll have to bookmark this page for later! 🙂 Also, Peanut Buttery Bars is on here twice FYI

  3. Not only do your recipes sound amazing but they seem super healthy as well. Colorful, tasty and easy to make is wonderful. I am looking forward to adding these yummy goodies to my cook soon list. So thank you tons…

  4. LOVE how there’s a separate category just for pancakes…clearly (and rightly so) a food group all on their own 🙂

  5. Is there any way to have a printable version of these recipes? I get lost having a bunch of pictures breaking it up. Thanks!

  6. Which recipe is the one fore the blueberry & strawberry thing in the picture (withthe blue and red sprinkles)? It looks delicious!

  7. High-Fives to you for putting that fabulous recipe list together! Just like everyone else, I will be snooping around here for quite a bit to try some of these out. They look awesome and thanks for sharing!

  8. I’d LOVE to win this cookbook because I’ve heard nothing but AMAZING things about Mama Peas’ recipeas 🙂 Thanks Tina!

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