Filet O’ Fish and Breakfast Sandwich

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Happy Friday!!! I thought I’d start today with something fun this morning. Have you guys seen that McDonald’s Filet O’ Fish commercial with the talking fish? At first, I thought it was totally weird and sort of annoying. But, now (for some strange reason) it cracks me up! So, what do you think about the singing Filet O’ Fish? Love it or hate it? 

Ok, onto more serious things! 😉


I took your advice and tried eggs for breakfast this morning. I seriously love oatmeal, but you gotta change it up every now and then! This morning, I made an egg-white breakfast sandwich with mushrooms, cheddar, and buffalo sauce on a toasted English muffin.

To make the egg white and mushroom patty, I used the fast and easy microwave method

Mmmm… melted cheddar… 

I added some fruit (and antioxidants) to breakfast with a glass of POM mixed with water. 


The breakfast sandwich definitely filled me up, but we’ll see how long it holds me over. On a good day, my oats can hold me over for 5 hours! 

Lunch Preview

Today’s lunch is a homemade salad with lettuce, carrot sticks, grape tomatoes, red pepper, mushrooms, and pumpkin seeds as well as a blueberry-flavor Stonyfield yogurt. Lunch is on the smallish side today, but I already planned to treat myself to something sweet from Crema Cafe as my afternoon snack. Friday calls for a treat! 

Yoga Challenge: Day 6

So, today’s yoga can be summed-up in two words: Holy moly! I’m still recovering from it! I did YogaDownload’s Core Yoga #1, which is basically power yoga with a kick. The class leads you through a flow that incorporates lots of poses designed to strengthen the core. Honestly, this class kicked my butt, but it a good way! It challenged me from beginning to end. The “knee to nose” holds, bicycles, and the “boat” had my abs screamin’! I know I will feel the work I did today in in my abs tomorrow!

How was your yoga today? Have you noticed any physical changes yet? 

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  1. I did the AM yoga on Comcast on Demand this morning and it was just what I was looking for. I wanted a good stretch, because I ran 4 miles last night and didn’t stretch well. It was a little over 20 minutes and I feel amazing!!

  2. OMG That filet-of-fish commercial makes me laugh every time I see it, mostly because my fiancee totally rocks out to it, head bobbing and everything! Its a little freaky because in my “fat” days, I’d actually EAT a double filet-o-fish.

  3. Great looking breakfast! I’ve never seen that commercial before. It’s pretty funny but I think it could get on my nerves pretty fast. 🙂

    I feel like I can already sense an increase in flexibility because of the yoga practice. This is especially the case in my calf muscles. These usually felt tight the next day after a long run, but since I do my yoga session after the run, I think it really prevents that.

  4. At first I had no idea what that commercial was for because I was always in the room and then I would randomly sing it. Then I saw the thing and think it’s weird…I still have it stuck in my head randomly though. haha

  5. I was just prepping a post with that commercial hahah! But now obvs I’m not. I have that song stuck in my head at ALL TIMES! Last weekend on the ski trip my friend Gina was singing it the whollllle time and now it really cracks me up!

    if it was you in that sandwich you wouldn’t be laughing at allllllllllllll!

  6. I like that Filet O Fish commercial too! It is so weird, so random, but it makes be break into this huge smile every time I see it. Some commercials don’t work when they are obviously trying to do something similar, but this one is great! (not that I’m actually going to buy a Filet O Fish now)

    Also, Crema Cafe is so good! I just read your other post about it, and really, its the decor and atmosphere that really add to their tasty food and drink!

  7. I’m having an oats v. egg & english muffin show down today too! My oats are magical, geez, they can hold me over so long. I’m a little skeptical about how this brekkie will do… I’ll be interested to hear how long it lasts you!

  8. MY shoulders are much more sore than normal. I did the morning flow this morning, and I do think it was fairly invigorating… but it will never replace coffee.

  9. breakfast looks great!

    i haven’t done my yoga yet today – I’m either going to do a yoga at work series or wait until I get home. We’ll see how the day goes – not so good at work (my computer is having major issues) so I may need it at work! 🙂

  10. That breakfast sandwich sounds so good!! They play that McD’s commercial what seems like every 5 minutes here so it gets on my nerves but the first couple of times I thought it was hilarious 🙂

  11. LOL! that filet-o-fish song is way too catchy. except it makes me CRINGE!!!! who wants to think about a real live fish when they’re eating one,… ew. i’m excited to see what you get at crema!!! 🙂 tgif!

  12. Ugh! My husband and I hate that commercial. It’s a race to the remote to mute the TV or change the channel whenever it comes on. Enjoy your treat this afternoon!

  13. Question for all of you smart health conscious men and women-
    Say your going out to dinner to an “unhealthy” place (and the menu isn’t available online) since it’s lent and you can’t have meat which would you get:
    fried shrimp platter, fish fry platter, individual pizza, or piergoi dinner? I know they all have a ton of calories, but which do you think has the least?

    I have NO idea

  14. @Karla: Personally, I would have a healthy snack before I left for dinner (veggies or fruit with protein), and then at dinner, I would order something small. Junk food/fast food is fine in MODERATION. Just make sure whatever you order is not a huge portion, and if it is, don’t eat all of it. And, of course, ENJOY the splurge! 🙂

  15. Once again, I went back to the Gentle Hatha this morning! I love it! I feel like I’ve gotten the poses down, so now I am working on my breathing and clearing my mind, which is VERY difficult! I do feel that it’s more stretching than stregthening, and I kinda want something along the line of your description Tina, so maybe I’ll give that one a try! 🙂

  16. i switched my bfast up today, too 🙂

    cant wait to try that bfast sammie! I def. want to make it!

    Karla…i wouldn’t worry about the calories. order what you want and eat until you are full. put the focus on your body, not the energy!!!

  17. You’ll have to let us know if that sandwich was filling. It looks REALLY REALLY good!

    I do my yoga in the evenings normally, so I can’t comment yet on today’s post, but I will say this: I have noticed a change in my arms. I have always had heavier arms, and yoga is helping me tone those areas. And I’ve only done yoga three times this week… it’s unbelieveable.

  18. the breakfast sandwich looks SO good!

    YAY for Day 6! I can feel soreness in my arms – they don’t look any different, but it’s only a matter of time- I hope!

  19. I did gentle hatha yoga yesterday (didn’t have time to post) and core yoga today. It IS challenging!!!!

  20. Lovely breakfast Tina, and yes, Fridays are definitely good treat days!

    Yoga was challenging today. We did 2 minutes of handstand prep, and my arms and legs couldn’t take anymore. I had to just sit in Child’s Pose for a bit which I never do in the middle of class. I was proud of myself for taking a break – I don’t always listen to what my body needs.

    I am already noticing changes in my arm strength and balance – so exiting! Have a good weekend. 🙂

  21. I live in the UK so haven’t seen this advert. A bit strange though. However, I am rather partial to a Fillet O’Fish. Last time I had one I thought it seemed very small. Tummy must have grown!

  22. What always gets me is the wave of fast food fish commercials around during Lent. I’m not sure if other people have noticed it, but every year from about Feb.-April the fast food restaurants offer tons of fish-related specials. Weird, especially this version with a fish saying we wouldn’t like it if he was eating us, since Lent is about giving up meat …

    But it is funny. Made me laugh. 🙂

  23. Hey everyone! Your bfast sandwich looks goooooooood!

    Quick Question: I am looking for a new sportsbra for yoga, I want to make sure “the girls” do not fall out when I am in downward dog and let me tell you THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME AT YOGA CLASS! I was in downward dog and I glance at my chest and my boob was making an appearance! thank god it was all women that day and the restroom was a few feet away lol…so yea what bras do you guys use. I basically want something to strap me in. THANKS!

    and I am looking fwd to unwind when I get home with a nice long yoga session.


  24. Carrie, I noticed that too! they do it every year (2 for 3 bucks) and EVERY year I give up fastfood for lent so I can never take advantage of the deal lol

  25. I am loving the yoga challenge! I’ve done the 20 minute lunar flow from for the last two nights and it has been a perfect end to my day.

    Today I was off from work so I took the opportunity to try a Yin yoga class at a nearby studio. It was phenomenal! I walked away feeling light and re-energized. I loved that the poses were held for 3-5 minutes and it gave me an opportunity to relax and focus on my breathing.

  26. I’m lovin’ all this yoga talk! And the discount at…Thank You! I’ve missed the first week of yoga every day, but plan to get on the train starting tomorrow. Thanks for the great inspiration!

  27. Ahhh Tina! That filet-o-fish commercial makes my boyfriend and I (but mostly him 😉 ) crack up and start singing EVERY time it comes on…and sometimes just randomly throughout the day! Haha I’m glad we’re not the only ones who find it hilarious!
    Your breakfast sandwich looks great, I love the microwave method for egg whites…so quick and easy! Happy Friday!


  28. That is SO FUNNY that you posted the “filet-o-fish” video, because it totally cracks me up. Glad to see I’m not the only one!

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