February Happenings

Hi guys and happy March!

I’m back with another CNC/Haupert family monthly recap. Here are a few fun snapshots from February 2021 – enjoy!

Our picky eater loves his oysters (and Rubik’s cubes). We actually left the house and dined out at a restaurant during Mal and Quinn’s school vacation, and it was glorious!

We surprised Quinn with a few fun gifts on Valentine’s Day (notice another Rubik’s cube!).

February vacation projects: Organizing Pokemon cards! 🙂

Is this not the funniest shower curtain!? T-rex, pizza, and a pug! As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be the perfect upgrade for Quinn’s bathroom, and he absolutely LOVED it!!

Quinn has become quite the little climber!

We stumbled upon this massive snowman in our neighborhood and just had to snap a photo!

We tried out a new local coffee shop and loved it!

Quinn with a flaky almond croissant – good choice, kid!

We had cousins Matthew and Karli over for a playdate! 🙂

Quinn mastered the art of relaxing. He snagged the best seat, right in front of the fireplace, at Scarlet Oak!

After a rough 4 months, I finally started Stelara. Let’s hope it works!

We loved Ted Lasso, so Quinn and I made a batch of biscuits for Mal. He loved them!

And I made a batch of Eat Gangster chocolate chip cookies because I didn’t want to miss out on the fun!

And I’m treating myself to caffeine occasionally – can’t go wrong with cold brew!

What was a highlight or favorite moment from your February?


  1. I really hope the Stelera helps you!

    Thanks for the update. Fun to see your family. I miss these posts!

  2. Highlight from February was a road trip! We took our 2 dogs with us to Charleston, Savannah, and Asheville and had a great time exploring all new areas to us.

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