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Hello and good morning! We are snowed in over here. Yes, we are.


And, according to the weather folks, the Blizzard of 2015 is going to rage on well into the early morning tomorrow.


Where we are on the South Shore of Massachusetts, we’re expected to get close to three feet. Holy cow!


With the wind gusts, it’s pretty crazy out there right now. Poor Murphy did not want to go outside to go potty this morning, so Mal may or may not have pushed him out the backdoor into the backyard. Murphy goes straight under the porch to do his business, so he is protected from the elements, but poor pug. He’s so not a fan of snow.

SAM_0066 (800x533)

When Murphy returned from snowmageddon, he was rewarded with a spoonful of peanut butter.


Related: Our power just flickered off and on TWICE. Gahhhhh. Please stay on! Stay safe, friends!!


Before the storm hit yesterday, Mal stopped by Whole Foods to stock up on supplies.

SAM_0055 (800x533)

He bought some necessities: Bottled water for formula and extra baby food (just in case). And then he bought all sorts of snowstorm food: Peanut Butter & Cocoa Balls, chicken soup, boxed mac & cheese, and Whole Foods brand cheese squares (like Cheez-Its, but not nearly as good). When you’re snowed in, it’s alllllll about the comfort food!


Mal also bought a bottle of wine and wood for the fire. He really knows how to embrace snow days!


Question of the Day

What are your favorite snowstorm foods?



  1. I love a snow day! Its 66 degrees here in Oklahoma but they are predicting snow for us on Sunday, and by snow they mean sleet and ice. We hardly ever get snow just ice. My lab hates going out in any kind of bad weather. Sometimes when its raining I literally have to walk out with him holding an umbrella! The things we do for our fur babies. I like Superbowl type snacks when I’m snowed in. Anything with cheese works for me!

  2. Growing up, whenever the first real, big snowstorm happened (ie school closed), my mom and I would make donuts, which was a tradition she and my grandma had done.

    Now that I’m grown, we have the same tradition in my home- if the snow is so bad that husband has to stay home from work (I mean, we live in South Dakota- we can’t make donuts every time we get a serious storm!), we make donuts. I’m playing around with recipes (Paleo) and different cooking methods (baking/frying in coconut oil), so that by the time our little boy is 2, we’ll have our family tradition continued with our own recipe!

  3. I made the paleomg chicken enchilada stew in the crockpot, and it has been sooo delicious during this storm.

    One BIG mistake I made- there’s no chocolate in the house!

  4. Stay warm! That looks like a lot of snow. I like keeping up with the storm via the Today Show even though we’re experiencing and extremely mild winter here on the west coast. It definitely makes storms seem a bit scarier when you have a baby to care for too!

  5. We are also having a snow day although here in Jersey we did not get as much as they thought we were going to. We ended up with about 3 inches although they were calling for about 12-18. Regardless, they called off school and everyone had to be off the roads. We made a big pot of chicken soup and a pot of chili and have been alternating between for meals. Drinking some beers and wine and the kids are having hot chocolate. Enjoy our down time!

  6. I love being snowed it! We just went outside to shovel and there is so much snow!! I have a feeling we aren’t going anywhere tomorrow, either.
    I love a good hearty crock pot meal during snow days. The house smells good and it is so comforting!

  7. Good call on those snow day snacks, Mal 🙂 I’m also snowed in here in CT, but we got more like 9 inches–we were forecasted for 20-30 and I am not going to complain. Love soup or chili on a snowday, and homemade cookies or baked goods of some sort are also a must. So is a warm breakfast with coffee: over easy eggs and canadian bacon for me today.

  8. I’m so enthralled by topics like this! I live in California, and wouldn’t dare complain about our sunny weather, but I hope to one day live in a place that gets snow (a move to Toronto is actually being discussed). It sounds so cozy and magestic. I’m purposefully overlooking the cold, wet, bad parts 😉

  9. I lived in MN until a few months ago (now in CA) and the idea of snow days make me really nostalgic this winter! I’m not a fan of the freezing cold temps MN gets, but snow days are still fun as adults. I would always bake something and spend some time relaxing on the couch with a book.

  10. Stay safe! I’m from Ohio, and while we don’t get quite the kind of snow as you East coasters, I’ve definitely experienced some crappy winters… Ours has been quite mild this year, except for some extreme cold for a short time. We only got 4″ this time & it’s also only the 3rd snowfall. Guess we’re making up for last year (we already had gotten 58″ by this point then…).

  11. The blizzard wasn’t nearly as bad as they had predicted here in NJ, but I still made sure I had wine and avocados! Can’t get enough of them lately!

  12. Holy Cow Juno is doing a number on you guys! I hope you (and Murphy) stay warm! We only have about 8 inches here right now! One of my favorite foods to make during the snowy days is vegetarian chili…sometimes I even get crazy and add ground turkey!

  13. I made a big pot of spaghetti and meatballs while snowed in yesterday. I also bought some treats lol- Reese’s cups, Hershey bar for s’mores, and a bag of Munchies. I just couldn’t resist! Thankfully we have left overs for tonight 🙂

  14. I love snow days! You get to catch up on all your shows and movies and cuddle on the couch!! Growing up in Chicago it also meant going out to shovel every hour or two so it didn’t pile up too much and sledding. Our dog used to hate to go outside in the snow (she was medium sized), so we’d clear a path on the deck and then shovel some snow to get to the grass for her. She’d always go outside, take a few steps, and then look at you like she was trying to say “you go outside, it’s cold”.

  15. I am currently doing a Zone Block Challenge with my CrossFit box and this snow-day eats were SOOOOOOO disappointing! But I let my kids enjoy their day! I bought a variety pack of sugar cereal for breakfast, they had make-your-own sundaes for snack in the afternoon, and I just bought them a bunch of snacky stuff. We had a rule, you had to eat something healthy before you were allowed a sugar-snack 😉

  16. We got lucky and hardly anything happened here in southern MD. You got it all, but my favorite snow day food is actually chocolate chip cookies!

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