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Hello and good morning! We are snowed in over here. Yes, we are.


And, according to the weather folks, the Blizzard of 2015 is going to rage on well into the early morning tomorrow.


Where we are on the South Shore of Massachusetts, we’re expected to get close to three feet. Holy cow!


With the wind gusts, it’s pretty crazy out there right now. Poor Murphy did not want to go outside to go potty this morning, so Mal may or may not have pushed him out the backdoor into the backyard. Murphy goes straight under the porch to do his business, so he is protected from the elements, but poor pug. He’s so not a fan of snow.

SAM_0066 (800x533)

When Murphy returned from snowmageddon, he was rewarded with a spoonful of peanut butter.


Related: Our power just flickered off and on TWICE. Gahhhhh. Please stay on! Stay safe, friends!!


Before the storm hit yesterday, Mal stopped by Whole Foods to stock up on supplies.

SAM_0055 (800x533)

He bought some necessities: Bottled water for formula and extra baby food (just in case). And then he bought all sorts of snowstorm food: Peanut Butter & Cocoa Balls, chicken soup, boxed mac & cheese, and Whole Foods brand cheese squares (like Cheez-Its, but not nearly as good). When you’re snowed in, it’s alllllll about the comfort food!


Mal also bought a bottle of wine and wood for the fire. He really knows how to embrace snow days!


Question of the Day

What are your favorite snowstorm foods?



  1. We are right outside of NYC and didn’t get nearly as much as expected! We still have a snow day and I made humongous batches of pancakes and bacon for the 5 of us. I just like to chill and go slow on snow days but then there’s that pressure of needing to shovel! It might be a while until we get out. I can’t believe you may get 3 feet, crazy stuff!

  2. My favorite comfort food is definitely grilled cheese and tomato soup…basically anything that involves cheese and bread :). Stay safe!

  3. We are in the Metro West- made some turkey chili in the crockpot, a pan of brownies and stocked up on some beverages last night. I hope your power stays on! This is my first storm with my little guy too -I can’t imagine the power going out for days with a little person in the house! Stay warm and safe.

  4. I think you’re incredibly lucky to be snowed in! I’m in Canada and we haven’t been yet this year and it’s ridiculous. I want the really hardcore winter with lots of snow but winter’s been willing out on us this year.

  5. i have to say that i cannot blame murphy…at all!

    stay warm, cozy and safe and sending you much positivity that your power stays on.

  6. I’m in Braintree with 4 foot drifts coming up to our first floor windows”¦ It is crazy! Hope you and your guys stay warm and safe!

  7. This blows my mind. Here in Canada, we’re walking around in t-shirts it’s so nice! What is going on with the weather.
    We don’t get snow days here though, it doesn’t matter how much it snows we go about our business. But my favourite comfort food is probably chili.

  8. Here in western mass it’s certainly snowing but I think we’re getting less than expected.
    Chips, apples,oranges,bagels and hot cocoa are on the snow day menu.(12 year old in the house!)

    And of course coffee.

  9. I live in Marlborough and we haven’t taken our little pup out for potty yet! We have to shovel him a potty spot first and I’m sure he’s going to hate it. BUT I love the idea of rewarding him with a spoonful of peanut butter when he gets in! Stay safe and warm fellow New Englander!

  10. In Hoboken, NJ right outside of NYC- I waited on line for 45 mins to buy Caramel Coconut Coffee Mate Creamer, Cape Code Chips, Mozzarella Sticks, Chipotle Cheddar Pretzel Crisps, a JAr of Newman’s Own Pasta sauce and a mango to keep it healthy!!!!!

  11. Oh and favorite snowstorm foods are Cheetos and Wine! But I’m currently trying to lose the post pregnancy weight so I passed on the cheetos and went with some sea salt popcorn this time around but I made sure to have a bottle of wine on hand!

  12. Oreos! There was a day many years back, when I was snowed in at my boyfriend’s (now husbands) frat house. I ate almost an entire pack of (ironically) spring time Oreos. I try not to keep them in the house though, I think it’s pretty obvious that I have a self control problem with them!

  13. When snowed in, I like pancakes, cheese dip, chili and brownies or chocolate chip cookies! Here in Arkansas we only get a couple of snow days a year, but it’s fun!

  14. You’re getting crazy amounts of snow and the weather in KS thinks its spring – its supposed to hit 70 today?! While I like a nice spring day, I don’t love it in January! Stay warm and safe! 🙂

  15. I’m in Brooklyn and working from home today because of the storm. I had a regular breakfast, but for whatever reason the snow is making me want to bake chocolate chip cookies. I’ll probably bake this afternoon – probably a healthier version with coconut flour and/or bananas baked in.

  16. Hope that power stays on!! We’ve been fine so far in Mansfield (knock on wood)!

    We’re making a turkey dinner today. Wasn’t my original plan, but the grocery store was wiped out of a lot of produce and meats so went with what I could grab!

    Stay warm!

  17. I’m so bummed we didn’t get as much snow here in Central PA as what they were calling for! I feel gypped! Hope you guys stay safe and don’t lose power.

  18. I live in northwest Indiana and normally we have awful, awful blizzards but this year has been shockingly mild! My favorite snowstorm foods are coffee, wine, soup, grilled cheese, and chocolate chip cookies! Also our puggle hates snow, I wonder if it’s a small dog thing. Stay warm and safe!

  19. Please stay safe! And I echo Reenie–more wine is necessary. As I told my friend Nicole, wine and beer are very practical snowstorm purchases–grapes and wheat/barley are foods, are fruits and grains, which are healthy, and grapes and drinks are hydrating, thus SMART and PRACTICAL.
    But snow days definitely call for soup (unless you have electric ranges and the power goes out) and grilled cheeses (again, same limitations)

  20. Crockpot veg chili is working right now. Our coffee pot broke on Sunday, so we had to run out yesterday to get a new one. Thank Goodness we did and some baileys too. 🙂 We live 20 miles north of Boston.

    And sidenote, where are we going to run while training for Boston?! I haven’t run in three days and am feeling the guilt!!!

  21. Waffles or pancakes. They’re a weekend treat (especially waffles. I’m too lazy to make them most of the time), so when it’s a massive snowstorm, I always cook up a storm. Pancakes, baked goods, etc. Stuff that I’m too busy to make most of the time, I usually make the time to make them. 🙂

  22. I’m north of you up in Maine so I feel your pain! We stocked up yesterday and got some pizzas, yummy soups and i did get a bag of salad (in an attempt to be healthy!). Time to hunka down!

  23. As long as you dont have anywhere to go, being snowed in is the best! It looks like you have all the makings of a great snow adventure. My sister’s dog hates any kind of inclement weather too and has to be forced outside. I hope you guys stay safe and warm!

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