Father’s Day + Wicked Big Bugs

Quinn was just too excited to sleep on Father’s Day, so we were up and at ’em and ready to make the day a special one for Mal. We had all sorts of presents for Dada, and while he slept, Quinn and I drove over to Whole Foods to pick up ingredients and iced coffee (of course) for a tasty Father’s Day breakfast.

As soon as Mal woke up, we opened presents. Quinn was so excited for him to see what he made!

I mean, c’mon… how adorable is this!? We always tell Quinn that we “love him to the moon and back,” so it was perfect for Dada.

After opening presents, we ate breakfast together. The night before, Mal requested eggs, “good bacon,” toast, and iced coffee for his Father’s Day breakfast. Quinn and I also bought some fruit to make a fruit salad and a chocolate croissant, which are also Dada favorites. It was quite a tasty breakfast, and Mal was happy, so I’d say we did a good job! 🙂

After breakfast, we got ourselves ready for the day and then headed to Franklin Park Zoo to see the Wicked Big Bug exhibit. The zoo offered us complimentary tickets, and I knew Quinn (and Mal) would love it, so I accepted.

Turtle statues at Franklin Park Zoo

The exhibit runs through September 2, and it was like nothing we’ve ever seen before. There were BIG BUGS everywhere! 🙂

Wicked Big Bugs at Franklin Park Zoo

Quinn was absolutely fascinated with the larger-than-life bugs. He told me he was “communicating” with the grasshopper below.

Wicked Big Bugs at Franklin Park Zoo

The big bugs move, make noise, and are super detailed in their appearance.

Wicked Big Bugs at Franklin Park Zoo

Quinn loved trying to scare me as we approached each of the creepy crawlers. It was definitely a cool exhibit and worth a visit!

Wicked Big Bugs at Franklin Park Zoo

After the zoo, we were all hungry, so drove over to Legacy Place and popped into the Yard House for lunch. We ate lunch and did a little shopping before heading home for the evening.

Quinn wanted to build a jet engine that he got for his birthday, and Mal was psyched to help him. The “toy” was intended for kids 8+, so we knew Quinn would need some help. Putting it together ended up taking much longer than expected, but Mal was committed to finishing it! 🙂 The jet engine turned out great, and Quinn loved it, so it was definitely worth the effort. What a good dad, right?

Building Smithsonian Jet Engine Works

All in all, Mal had a very happy Father’s Day! 🙂

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