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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Yowsahs! What a Saturday! It’s been full of driving, lounging, and eating fast food. Let’s just say it hasn’t been the healthiest day!

After grabbing a couple of iced coffees at Starbucks this morning, Mal and I headed to Murphy’s vet appointment. Murph weighed 9 pounds! Three pounds more than his first appointment, which was just 3 weeks earlier. I can’t believe how quickly he’s growing!


Muprhy also got a few more puppy shots, which he didn’t like at all, but some treats made it all better.


Kisses for a brave, little puppy! 😉


Look at that face!!! Too cute!


After the vet, we picked up our friends, Dave, Marie, and Josh, and it was time to visit Sonic! We had heard rumors about 3-hour waits, so we hit the road early.


And the rumors weren’t far off! We waited in traffic for well over an hour before even ordering our food!


I still can’t believe how many people were at Sonic this afternoon. It was nuts!


IMG_6644.JPG IMG_6646.JPG

Luckily, we had each other (and the dogs) to entertain ourselves, so an hour in the car wasn’t that bad.


The line of traffic was endless! 😯

IMG_6651.JPG IMG_6654.JPG

When we finally arrived at Sonic, we pulled into the carport and ordered our food, which then took another 30 minutes to arrive at our car. Not what I call “fast food!” 😐

IMG_6656.JPG IMG_6665.JPG

And when the food finally arrived, our order was totally wrong. They had forgotten 3 items, didn’t bring straws or napkins, and didn’t give us the half off Happy Hour price for our drinks. It wasn’t a big deal– just sort of annoying, especially after waiting so long!


For lunch, I ended up ordering some Tots and a vanilla ice cream cone. Neither were anything special– pretty much standard fast food. Meh. 😕


I’m not much of a fast food fan, so it wasn’t surprising that Sonic was just okay in my book, but NO ONE in the car was impressed either. Mal and Josh basically equated their burgers to one from Burger King and Marie said that the French fries were soggy and nasty. Mal liked his Cherry-Limeade, but I thought it was absolutely disgusting! It was so syrupy and artificial tasting. Ick.


Bottomline: Sonic was a total waste of time and the food wasn’t anything special. I’m glad that I saw what all of the hype was about, but I definitely won’t go out of my way to go again.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at Mal’s parents’ house relaxing by the pool. Marie and I worked on our tans while the guys played Polish Horseshoes.


Marie and I enjoyed a fruity cocktail by the pool. 😎

IMG_6676.JPG IMG_6678.JPG

Murphy loved the country living! 😀


We hung out by the pool for hours before packing up for dinner at Five Guys.


Five Guys was fast food heaven compared to Sonic!


And the place was bumpin’ on a Saturday night!



Everyone seemed to love Five Guys!


Five Guys was de-lic-ious! :mrgreen:

I love a good burger, but I’d rather have one right off the grill than one from a fast food joint. Even though Five Guys is technically a fast food restaurant, it’s definitely in a league of it’s own. They use only fresh, never frozen, ground beef, peanut oil for their cooking, Idaho potatoes for their fries, and the menu is trans-fat free.


I loved that Five Guys make note of where their potatoes come from each day.



The best part about Five Guys is all of the toppings you can choose for your burger. I ordered my “Little Hamburger” with everything, except for BBQ Sauce and Mayo. It was packed with veggies and exciting flavors.


It was an AMAZING burger– one of the BEST I have ever eaten!


And it was easily the best burger I have ever eaten from a fast food place. Everything was sooooo fresh– unlike a typical fast food burger. To tell ya the truth, it actually didn’t seem like fast food at all.


The French fries at Five Guys were pretty awesome, too! I ate a bunch!


I still can’t believe that I ate fast food twice today, but whatever. It was a fun splurge day with friends, and I enjoyed myself a lot. I am, however, looking forward to some healthy living tomorrow! 😉

Good night, blog world!



  1. I’ve never been to Sonic because we don’t have em’ around here, but if we ever get one, I guess I won’t make too big of an effort to get there lol! Ohh well

  2. I am originally from a small town in MS, and there was a Sonic there when I was born back in 1973. I cannot believe that it has taken 36 years for one to arrive in MA! I have to agree with you…the food is not good…at all. Everytime I have ever had food from Sonic, it tastes like it’s been cooked in old grease. Yuck! In my opinion, the best thing on the menu is the grilled cheese. If Sonic is the only option, I usually get a grilled cheese and then stop at a gas station for some Baked Lays.

    On to Five Guys! I love them! Their burgers and fries are better than any other fast food restaurant. Hands down! I haven’t eaten any fried food in about a year and a half. I am afraid if I eat anything fried, I will spiral out of control and want to eat every fried food in sight. You have inspired me…maybe I can have a fried treat every once in awhile without going crazy! Hmmm…something to think about!

  3. I have to comment because I can’t get over just how cute that Murphy is!!
    Oh, and I live a block from a Five Guys in DC — so tempting every day!

  4. I will agree that there is really no comparison between sonic and 5 guys. 5 guys would win hands down, everyday. I can’t believe there was that much hype over sonic–pretty crazy!

  5. Sorry you didn’t like Sonic 🙁 I would agree that it isn’t worth the extra long wait.

    Five Guys just opened up in MN and I have heard nothing but great reviews from friends who have gone. I can’t wait to try it, it looks wonderful!

  6. I feel like I am NEVER satisfied with fast food anymore. I always think it will be this tasty indulgence of stuff I don’t normally eat and then I’m just like “blech – grease”. Ha ha. However, I still do love a Maccy D’s fries and shake (to dip them in!) – so reminiscent of childhood!!

    Murphy is out of control cute and making me want a pup even more than I usually do!

  7. I’m sorry Sonic was so bad. I used to eat there too often. It made me sick every time! HAS to be old grease! I agree about their limeade. It is NOT real. Limeade I love is made with real limes and cherries! I have eaten at 5 Guys once and it was REALLY good! My son LOVES it and goes there with his friends whenever they go to the movies. Murphy is adorable and I love watching him grow!

  8. Sorry Sonic was stinky. At least now you know and knowing is half the battle (stolen from GI Joe).
    I’ve never had Five Guys either. My favorite burgers are at In N Out but I’m always up to trying something new. I think I saw Five Guys when I was in Philly last but I didn’t go in. Next time!

  9. Oh no! I’m sorry Sonic sucked for you. They’ve got a million Sonic’s down south and I think they’re so yummy. If you ever venture back, I’d suggest the strawberry limeade or the ocean water, the jalapeno poppers or the cheese sticks, and the chicken sand which or chicken wrap. They’re all awesome. (I seriously don’t eat fast food very often at all, but I did eat a good bit of Sonic food growin up, haha!)

  10. I grew up in Florida and Sonics were everywhere. I never really saw the appeal. The only fast food chain I really liked (and still will visit when I see family in Fl) is Chick-fil-A. Soooo good. Not good for you, but delicious to splurge on every once in a while. I am seriously in love with your dog. Pugs rule!

  11. I can’t believe you had to wait that long for Sonic – sorry your service wasn’t the greatest.

    I really want to try Five Guys burgers – my mom and dad say they have the best burgers – and my mom is quite the burger connoisseur.

  12. I was pumped the first time I went to a sonics too since it had that cool 50s feel. Like you, I was less than impressed. Though in college I did like getting some of their icy drinks and spiking them 🙂 oh the days!

  13. I can’t believe you had such a long wait at Sonic. It stinks that they messed up your order. I like their grilled cheese, but I agree that most of their menu isn’t anything special.

    I tried Five Guys a few weeks ago and loved it! Their burgers are worth every since calorie!

  14. I LOVE Five Guys…haven’t been there in forever.The last shot of you and Murphy at the vet is priceless.He has the cutest look on his face:-)

  15. Hey Girl~

    I grew up on Sonic being from San Antonio, TX but it’s never anything special. Tater tots with cheese was my fav but after years of cleaner tastes like greasy plastic now:(

    5 Guys JUST came here though so perhaps that will be a place to check out.

    Murphy is cute as ever!!!!!


  16. Murphy is SO cute, glad you are enjoying the weekend and for Sonic’s….lol!!….that is amazing the line. My hubby would of never waited that long…lol!! Your cone looked good!


  17. i am sad to hear that sonic was a disappointment but i am glad to hear five guys was much better!
    i haven’t been to either but now i know which one to go to first 😉

  18. Thanks! I had never heard of Five Guys before, and was shocked to discover there’s one just across town. The guy and I dropped in last night for dinner. He declared it one of the best burgers he’s had out and I was thoroughly pleased with my grilled veggies and cheese sandwich. And yummy yummy fries.

  19. If you’re ever out west, you’ll have to give Sonic another try. I’m not a huge fan myself, but I think when there’s so much hype and the amount of craziness that denotes a 3-hr wait, it’s kind of a recipe for disaster–too rushed to receive the quality of food and service that could be standard. My hubby loves 5 guys–they just opened one here!

  20. I’m chucking about all the hype about Sonic…here in the south they are literally EVERYWHERE. Once my husband and I stopped there after a Triathlon cause we were craving a sweet treat and we got their peanut butter shake and it was pretty yummy…we slurped it down and then went for a butter finger Blizzard at the DQ (we felt like we had earned that after the race)! What’s also funny is my husband is from New England but has been down here for over 20 years. When we first met I talked about Slurpees and Blizzards and he had no idea what I was talking abourt! I couldn’t believe it! He was about 38 and never had those treats! Granted we truly never eat fast food, just don’t like it, except Subway on a road trip (which I don’t consider “true” fast food) but I find it humerous about all the build up for the grand opening of Sonic! Something else I can tease my husband about…enjoyed reading your post!

  21. I haven’t been to the Sonic up here yet but went to one down South and wasn’t impressed. The food was just ok. I’m sure the hype around here will die down soon.

    I with you on Five Guys. It’s amazing! I lived in DC after college and we had one just down the road from us. Delicious! I’m so glad they’ve opened a few places up here!

  22. Hype about Sonic? That’s so funny to me here in South Carolina where there is one on every corner with no wait at all . . . because it’s not very good. Chick-fil-a, on the other hand, is always packed and rocks as far as fast food goes. Do you have Chick-fil-a up north? If not, when it arrives it IS worth the hype!

  23. If you ever get to the south (we live in Oklahoma), then try it again. I wouldn’t say that it’s exceptional, but it’s a step above Burger King or McDonald’s. I can imagine the problem they’re having with service and food quality up there is because of the incredibly long wait times. Folks can only keep up the good work under pressure for so long before they start slacking.

  24. We have Sonics here in Kentucky too so I was surprised to see that there was hype, haha. It’s ok, I don’t go there myself except for an occasional unsweetened tea during happy hour. I used to get the diet Cherry limeades before I gave up artificial sweeteners. I never was crazy about there food though. Five Guys just came here recently but I don’t eat burgers so I’m not sure if it’s worth it for me. Glad you enjoyed!

  25. I went to that sonic on Saturday and I thought about this post haha so I had to come back and leave a comment! 🙂 I wasn’t impressed either, the line was still really long and it was a mad house. I didnt like it!

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