Family Vacation to Oregon – Part 2

Hey, hey!

We’re on our way home from Oregon today. It was an absolutely wonderful week away, but we’re looking forward to being home, sleeping in our own beds, and, of course, seeing Murphy. We missed that little furball! Anyway, here are some more photos from our family vacation in Oregon!

IMG_4694 (800x800)

IMG_4695 (800x800)

IMG_4709 (800x600)

IMG_4686 (800x800)

SAM_2727 (800x533)


IMG_4724 (800x800)



IMG_4726 (800x800)

IMG_4760 (545x800)

IMG_4739 (800x800)

IMG_4727 (800x800)

P.S. TODAY only: AWESOME sale at J.Crew!



  1. Glad you were able to make it to Crux. It is an awesome choice. My husband and I have been going to Bend for the past couple of years and we still have not made it to all the breweries.

  2. Have to ask, how do you get your half-pony to sit up high like that? And if you only pull it through the elastic half way, where does the rest of the “tail” go? Anytime I try to do a little folded pony like that, it looks like a nub with a giant, disgusting worm coming out the bottom.

  3. My kids have those suction cup Squigz toys too – except they love to chuck them against the wall to see how many they can get to stick! Don’t teach Quinn that!!!

  4. I never ever comment on blogs but I had to say something I have thought for a long time – QUINN IS THE CUTEST KID I HAVE EVER SEEN. Seriously. Oh my goodness. I’ve seen a lot of babies, because I read a lot of blogs and I also have worked with a lot of kids. That hair! That facial expression, so full of personality! So cute.

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