Family Vacation at Chatham Bars Inn – Part 2

Our second day in Chatham was a busy one for sure. It started bright and early (before 6 AM) and continued straight through until bedtime, which was 7:00 PM for Quinn and 9:30 PM for Mal and me. We were all exhausted from a seriously fun-filled day on the Cape!


Not surprisingly, waking up with the sunrise meant Mal and I needed coffee in a bad way.

SAM_9007 (1280x853)

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get our in-room Nespresso machine to work, so room service kindly brought us a pot of complimentary coffee. Hallelujah. (Housekeeping later brought us a new Nespresso machin that worked.)

SAM_9010 (1280x853)

When STARS, one of the on-site restaurants, opened for breakfast, we headed over to the main inn.

SAM_9016 (1280x832)

Potential photo opp in front of the CBI sign?




I love our little maniac.

SAM_9022 (1280x853)

I wasn’t sure if STARS would be appropriate for a toddler, but the staff was more than happy to accommodate our little guy. And we were glad to see other small children in the restaurant too!


Q-Man loved his breakfast: pancake, fruit, and milk. Mmm! (We always bring a Lollacup since those flimsy plastic cups from restaurants are usually a mess waiting to happen.)

SAM_9044 (1280x853)

I ordered the Tomato, Basil and Buffalo Mozzarella Frittata with a toasted English muffin on the side. It was fantastic– very fresh and flavorful, especially the basil, tomato, and mozzarella. I loved it so much, I ate the entire portion!


I also drank an iced latte with breakfast. It was strong, bold, and creamy– just the way I like ’em!


Mal ordered a ham and cheese omelet, but the kitchen mixed up his order, so he ended up with two and ate them both! Go, Mal!


After breakfast, we headed to a nearby playground for some fun.

SAM_9057 (1280x853)

Quinn lovvvveeed the slides.


He went down a bunch of times by himself, but he really liked going down the covered slide with Mama… like 30 times. I barely fit in the slide with him, so I was a dirty, bruised mess by the end, but, hey, we were having a blast together!


After some fun at the playground, we changed into our bathing suits and took a dip in the pool.


It was probably only 60 degrees or so outside, but the pool was heated to 80+ degrees. Yessssss!


It felt like bathwater, so we played for quite awhile!


We actually had so much fun at the pool, Q-Man didn’t want to leave, which resulted in a bit of a meltdown, but it was kind of expected since we had a busy morning and his nap time was soon.


Back at our suite, we let Quinn wind down with some TV and a snack (Barnana Chewy Banana Bites from CVS/pharmacy – only ingredients: organic banana + banana powder) before reading some books and going down for a nap.


While Quinn napped, Mal enjoyed an in-room deep tissue massage while I headed to The Spa for a glorious complementary Cranberry Crush body treatment, which is exclusive to CBI. (FYI: I didn’t snap photos at The Spa this time because it was pretty busy with other guests, but here are a bunch from my first visit. It’s really pretty!) My treatment started with a full body sugar scrub followed by a massage using The Spa’s cranberry crush massage oil and, oh my gosh, it was heavenly. The Cranberry Crush is one of spa’s most popular treatments and now I know why!

Even more adventures to come… we’re only halfway through the day!

Question of the Day

Have you ever swam in a heated pool? Amazing, right? 


  1. This trip sounds so fun! Just a note of caution – be careful going down the slide with Q – it’s easy for their little legs to get stuck between you and the slide and actually break 🙁 – I’m only sharing bc it has happened to two of my friends with their little ones and then I saw a story about it on Facebook recently. I totally still do it sometimes with my toddler if necessary but I am really careful to tuck his legs in…

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