Fall Routines & Weekly Meal Plan

Hi, guys! Happy Sunday!

First things first: I’m hosting a Twitter chat with The Laughing Cow this Thursday about getting into your fall routine.

Fall Routines Twitter Chat
Thursday, September 12 at 1:00 PM EST
Hashtag: #FallRoutines

We all know it’s a little difficult to get back into the swing of things after a fun and often indulgent summer, right? I know I definitely struggle with it, but the start of fall is like turning over a new leaf with your healthy habits, so we’ll be chatting about how to get into a good routine, workouts to enjoy in the cooler weather, and new snacks to take advantage of in the fall. I hope you can make it!


Ok, now onto this week’s grocery shopping and meal plan! We have some especially delicious (and easy) meals planned this week!

  • Sunday: BBQ chicken, sweet potato tots, and kale chips
  • Monday: American Chop Suey (Mal)/cheesy sweet potato and chickpea salad (Tina)
  • Tuesday: Chicken stir fry with rice
  • Wednesday: Tuna salad with chickpeas, olive tapenade, and roasted red peppers
  • Thursday: Whole Foods salad/hot bar
  • Friday: Out to dinner

grocery haul stop & shop

Questions of the Day

Do you struggle getting back into a healthy routine after the summer?

Have you ever participated in a Twitter chat?


  1. I will definitely find it hard getting back into the school routine, but dance and good meal prep on the weekends should help me stay on track!
    I’ve never participated in a Twitter chat before, but I’d love to one day. I probably won’t be able to make Thursday’s though 🙁 Next time!

  2. Since I am a teacher, I definitely struggle with getting back into the routine after summer. It is a major shift! I am adjusting to working out before going to school for the first time ever. So far I am a major fan. Also, I did not know about the cinnamon cream cheese spread by the Laughing Cow! That is going on the shopping list!

  3. I’m actually somewhat more healthy during the summer/warmer months. It’s those cold “don’t-want-to-get-out-of-bed” months that get me all soft. Also, all the good food around the holidays!

  4. I definitely struggle with getting back into a healthy routine after summer! It seems when I finally get back into more healthy ways, the holidays then come along! haha

  5. I’ve never done a twitter chat – but I’ve put this into my diary, so hopefully I’ll be participating in this one! Very exciting 🙂 I do find it hard to be motivated to get back into a good routine after a period of slacking, but then I remember how much better I feel when I exercise and eat right and my body seems to crave the good stuff after a little while of being bad!

  6. OH MY GOSH the summertime is when I am healthy and I always lose weight! But this year my mother in law stayed with us for a month, and she cooked for me everyday, so I gained six pounds. So yes, this year, I’m struggling to get into a healthy routine. Ugh.

  7. I actually look forward to the fall. I had my first apple in almost 3 months yesterday. Watermelon, berries and yogurt take a backseat…but nice crisp apples and oatmeal with walnuts and brown sugar take it’s place. And sweet potatoes and squash and kale chips seem so much more appealing when the weather gets cooler. I hate to cook but in the fall I find myself making healthy turkey chili in the crock pot.
    Of course once we get to Thanksgiving/Xmas all bets are off. HA!

  8. Do you do a protein shake after crossfit? Just curious 🙂 and I’ve been looking eberywhere for the cinnamon cream laughing cow cheese!

    1. Not usually, but if I’m in the mood for one, I will. I usually go to Marylou’s after a tough workout! 🙂 Otherwise, I just eat lunch or dinner after I work out to get the protein and carbs into my system.

  9. I struggle with the fall routine. I really need to sit down and hash out my schedule so i can find the time to hit the gym or go running. This is really the perfect time of the year to run in New England!

  10. Things will be a little different down here this fall in Texas, because I hear that it isn’t fall until November/December, so I’ll report back to you in a couple of months and let you know how it is going. 🙂 Twitter chats are fun and always a great way to meet new bloggers and learn about other companies. I hope I can join!

  11. I participated in a #blogsmarter twitter chat once – it was fun but kind of like trying to plug a spraying fire hose.
    ha. there was so much to keep up with – it was just craziness : )

    1. You just use the hashtag (#FallRoutines) when you tweet. Then, you can click on it to see everyone’s tweets who is participating in the chat. It’s pretty cool!

  12. Wish that laughing cow cream cheese didn’t have carrageenan, that’s a big no no with crohn’s. I think the hardest thing is not having the farm fresh veggies and getting going on cold mornings!

  13. My “Fall Routine” is going to start next Monday. I have joined the LuRong Paleo Challenge, so I will have 8 weeks of butt kicking! Plus, my husband is starting to work nights, so I will have to really start to organize my evenings so that it doesn’t turn into complete chaos with the kiddos every night. I have found that planning a craft for right after dinner really helps.

      1. @Tina: I KNOW you love cheese, every time I check a recipe I am like, OH DAMN, cheese! Hahahaha, I think after the challenge, I will probably add cheese back in, mostly because I love it too! I am excited for the challenge because of the WODs that are mixed in, it gives you something to look forward to every week.

        I think you SHOULD join, mostly so that all of your recipes and meal plans the next 8 weeks would help me. 😉

        1. Haha! Check out the Paleo link on the side on CNC. There are lots of good recipes there! I’m also writing a (mostly Paleo) non-egg breakfast post next week! I know how bored people get eating eggs everyday! 🙂

  14. I’ve really stuck to my routine this summer (well, at least since returning from my 2 months traveling in Euorpe–but I walked A LOT there), so I’m pretty happy. I’ve been doing the Brazil Butt Lift workouts and learning to run (goal is to run a 5k next summer and so an obstacle race).

  15. I’ve been eating fairly well all summer anyway trying to lose weight and get healthier, so I guess for me it’s not really getting “back into” routine. It already is.

    I’ve never done a Twitter chat, but I love Laughing Cow. I used some of the Chipotle Queso Fresco on a turkey burger tonight. Yum!

  16. Hi, I’m new(ish) to your site! I’m always interested in seeing other people’s meal plans–it’s so hard to find time to cook easy and healthy meals for myself and significant other while we work long days and try to squeeze in workouts. I also appreciate the realism of WF/eating out a couple nights in there–unfortunately sometimes it is just impossible to find the time or desire to cook after a long day or week!

  17. I’ve attended one Twitter chat, and it was the fastest hour of my life! Holy wow. Totally looking forward to Thursday; super fun!

    I always have a hard time getting back on the wagon after a bender, it doesn’t really matter the season. Actually, summer’s a LOT easier than that stretch between Halloween and New Year’s. Too many sugar- and food-related holidays in such a short amount of time! Oof.

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