Fall Half Marathon Training: Week 7

Guys! We’re getting so close to the big day! I did my final long run (10 miles) this morning and then (hopefully) it’s smooth sailing to race day!

I’m traveling for work next week, so I’m planning a couple of runs/workouts while I’m away. Next weekend, I’ll probably do a medium-length run with a couple of short runs during the week and then race day is Sunday. Holy cow. It’s coming up fast, and I really can’t decide whether I feel ready or not. There are times that I feel pretty confident about running a good race, but then there are runs that I feel absolutely terrible on. It’s like my body does a 180 from one run to the next. Ugh. I just hope that I have a good day on race day!


Wearing: Brooks Women’s Dash Hoodie // Brooks Women’s Chaser Pants // Brooks Women’s Launch 3


The Dash Hoodie is my new favorite hoodie. I wear it ALL THE TIME, and I always receive compliments when I do! It’s super soft with a flattering fit, and I seriously want one in every color!


SUNDAY: 8 miles


TUESDAY: 6 miles


crossfit cardio lung smoker

This workout was a total lung (and quad) smoker, and I was so glad it wasn’t a minute longer! Also, before the WOD, I did 3 X #135 front squats. Needless to say, my quads were on fire!


FRIDAY: CrossFit


The Thrusters kicked my butt in this workout. Usually #65 isn’t all that bad, but, whoa, they felt HORRIBLE!!!!!



This partner workout was called “Angie Meets Grace,” and, honestly, the “Angie” part wasn’t all that bad. I ended up scaling the push-ups since I suck at them, but the pull-ups and squats were no problem. The “Grace” part though… my partner and I split the reps, so I only did 15 Clean and Jerks at 95 pounds, slowly… one at a time. I can’t imagine doing 30 for time!!

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