Fall Half Marathon Training: Week 1

Hello and happy Sunday, friends!!

Ok, so my first week of half marathon training was kind of weird. It was great because I exercised a ton more than I usually do, but I didn’t do all that much running. *sigh* I planned to run on Thursday, but I had way too much work to do, so it just never happened. I figured I could run on Saturday morning, but then Mal wasn’t available, and Qman definitely had some energy to burn, so sitting in the jogging stroller just wasn’t an option. Long story short, I ended up at CrossFit on Saturday morning (because they have childcare). I figured a 20-minute AMRAP was better than nothing, right? Plus, it was a special 9/11 workout, so I thought it was a nice way to honor those who risked their lives on this day 15 years ago. Anyway, here’s a recap of last week’s workouts.


SUNDAY: 8 miles

MONDAY: CrossFit – “The Seven”

the seven workout crossfit

This workout was horrible and easily one of the hardest I’ve ever done. I used #75 for the Thrusters, #135 for the Deadlifts, and #44 for the KB Swings. I can’t remember my time exactly, but I think it was pretty close to 40 minutes.



KFIT Bootcamp

Cardio + core day at KFIT! 🙂


FRIDAY: CrossFit


I liked this workout a lot. It was definitely a lung smoker. Finished in 13:49 Rx. (My T2B are getting there, but they slowed me down quite a bit. I was doing singles on the final round.)



This was definitely a fun workout, but I just didn’t have it in me to go all out. Maybe I was dragging after the previous day’s workout? I’m also battling some sinusitis (a side effect of Entyvio), so I’m a disgusting phlegm-bot right now. Anyway, I finished 5 + 17 Rx, which included a 60-second coughing fit. Ugh. But, hey, I’ll take sinusitis over a UC flare any day!!


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  1. Is the Entyvio working for you now? My 17 year old son with ulcerative colitis will hopefully be starting it soon. He failed oral medications and failed Remicade. we are battling the insurance company right now (who is saying no to Entyvio because he is not 18. He will be 18 in 3 minths. Grr. ). I fear we are looking at a colectomy if the Entyvio doesn’t work

    1. The Entyvio is finally working for me. It took a solid 6 months for it to kick in, but, hopefully, it keeps working. I hope everything works out for your son. Keep pushing for the Entyvio. It’s worth a shot!

  2. These training posts are some of my favorites that you write! I love seeing the different WODs you do, especially at KFIT, and like to try them out myself. I just need to work up the courage to sign up for a half marathon so I can run like you do, too!

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