Fall Fun with Friends + New Week, New Goals

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Good morning and happy Monday to you! How was your weekend?

We had a wonderful weekend with our friends Dave and Marie and their daughter, Carly. We did all sorts of fun fall things that made me appreciate the season even more. Massachusetts in October is truly the best, and I look forward to these few weeks all year long. Anyway, here’s a recap from our weekend!

On Saturday, we bought pumpkins and visited the cows at Hornstra Farm.

IMG_9196 (1280x1280)

We also bought some of Hornstra‘s delicious ice cream. Quinn was so cute with the pint and brought it right up to the counter.

IMG_9199 (1280x1280)

Quinn also enjoyed his first bite of an apple cider donut. His (enthusiastic) response: “Mmm!” My gosh, it was adorable. That face!

IMG_9205 (1280x1280)

After our visit to Hornstra, we went to Scarlet Oat Tavern for lunch.

IMG_9207 (1280x1280)

I ordered the apple-turnip bisque with a side of French fries and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. It was an awesome lunch with some seriously awesome company. I definitely had one of those “life is good” moments during our lunch together.

IMG_9211 (1280x960)

After that, we headed home to carve pumpkins, which was Quinn’s very first. He was too little last year, so we were excited to do it with him this year.

IMG_9212 (1280x960)

Unfortunately, he wasn’t sure what to make of carving pumpkins. Haha!

IMG_9215 (1280x960)

He actually wasn’t a fan of the “guts” at all, but he loved the final product.

IMG_9226 (960x1280)

He thought our jack-o-lanterns were so cool all lit up!

IMG_9231 (1280x960)

Yesterday started with coffee and homemade apple cinnamon muffins at home and then we headed out for (second) breakfast at The Wheelhouse Diner.

IMG_9235 (1280x960)

We used to go to the Wheelhouse all the time with Dave and Marie back in the day, so we were all really looking forward to eating breakfast there. And it was Quinn’s first time!

IMG_9238 (1280x1280)

I ordered my usual #3 with eggs, home fries (Wheelhouse’s are the best), toast, and coffee.

IMG_9240 (1280x960)

It was years since our last visit to the Wheelhouse, so we worried that maybe it wouldn’t live up to our memories, but it absolutely did. The food was epic.

IMG_9245 (1280x960)

Just a heads-up for the parents: The Wheelhouse really isn’t all that kid-friendly. I mean, the staff is super nice, but the restaurant is so small, there’s not enough room for highchairs, so we had two toddlers crammed into a booth with us. It wasn’t ideal, but we made it work because we love the place so much.

IMG_9253 (1280x960)

After breakfast, we took a trip to the Franklin Park Zoo for a special Halloween event.

IMG_9293 (1280x1280)

We had a blast, and I’ll share a full recap later this week!

IMG_9271 (1280x720)


New Week, New Goals

Monday motivation = goals, goals, goals! I’m definitely thinking about keeping this feature on CNC. It’s fun, it keeps me on track, and I hope you find it motivating too! Ok, so I have some more goals in mind for the coming week, but, first, let’s review how I did with last week’s goals.

Drink at least 32 ounces of water per day – Yes! Nailed this one. I drank at least 64 ounces of water every day and, surprisingly, it wasn’t that tough. My water bottle is 32 ounces, so filling it up twice throughout the day was a piece of cake.

Make some nutritious meals – Yes and no. We definitely ate some healthy meals this week, but we also ate potato skins, wings, and ice cream for dinner one night.

Attend at least 2 CrossFit classes – Fail. I only made it to one class, but I worked out 4 times last week (CF, KFIT, 2 treadmill runs)!

Make a tofu breakfast scramble – Yep! And it turned out great!

Buy tights for Quinn’s Halloween costume – Negative, but it worked out just fine. I looked at Target, but I couldn’t find any that I liked, so Quinn ended up wearing a black long-sleeve shirt and pants under his costume and it worked out great.


Drink at least 64 ounces of water per day – I really liked this goal, so I’m sticking to it this week. Plus, I’m running a half marathon next weekend, so I want to make sure I’m nice and hydrated for it.

Attend at least 2 CrossFit classes – Trying again this week.

Eat dinner as a family every weeknight – We got into a good habit of eating together, but we’ve started to wing it lately. I miss our family dinners!

Limit snacks to one per day – I’m a snacking maniac lately, and I need to get it together. More meals, fewer snacks.

Clean the interior of my car – It’s disgusting. Dis. Gusting.

Benching for Breast Cancer

Local friends! There’s a great event for a GREAT cause coming up next weekend at CrossFit South Shore. It’s called BENCHING FOR BREAST CANCER and you can find more details about it here!

IMG_9163 IMG_9168

Question of the Day

Have you carved a pumpkin yet this year?

Do you like roasted pumpkin seeds?

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being filthy), how clean is your car? 




  1. My car is GROSS right now! Whenever I clean it, I always say that I will keep it that way. And I fail. Always. Your weekend looks like it was a lot of fun! I love the weekly goals features! Definitely makes me think abut my own weekly goals and trying to stick to them.

  2. Roasting pumpkin seeds is my FAVORITE! I don’t care much for pumpkin spice everything this season – but I’m all over the pumpkin seeds 🙂

    It has been such a long time since I last carved a pumpkin. Maybe I’ll manage to squeeze it in this year though…

    Good luck on this week’s goals!

  3. Oh my goodness Quinn’s facial expressions!!! He must be at such a fun age. Isn’t it funny how standard fare like eggs, potatoes and toast can be done SO exceptionally well? Glad you guys had such a great weekend. I’m with you on loving fall in a big way 🙂

  4. I’m a little obsessive about my car cleanliness so it’s a 2… My husbands on the other hand is about an 11 on your scale 😉 Quinn is so adorable in that costume!! I still need to find one for my little guy!

  5. It sounds like you had a perfect New England fall weekend – food and all! You’ve got to get in at least 1 of those each year – and it must be so fun to share with Quinn. I think most people would say my car is pretty spotless but it needs a good wipe down and a vacuum. Maybe I should make that my goal for this week too.

  6. Halloween is quickly becoming trendy in europe (FINALLY!!!) so pumpkins are popping up left and right, so carving a pumpkin is definitely in the cards this weekend! 🙂

  7. Tina, that first picture of the 3 of you at the farm literally the sweetest! You guys are my favorite little family! 🙂 Quinn is so cute!

  8. Your weekend looks cozy, fun, and filled with good food. I totally understand having to clean the car. It’s so hard to slow down and do it for us, but it’s always rewarding once it’s done.

  9. Is it a week since you last said you’d made goals…man I still haven’t made mine for last week!!! I’m on it this Monday though, bank holiday here so no excuse not to find time 🙂 Lovely family pics! x

  10. Great pictures, and I love Quinn’s costume! So adorable. Good luck with your goals this week! One of my goals is to cross train 2x a week..with all my races lately I got out of the habit so I definitely want to step that up and cut back on running a bit!

  11. Hey Tina, just curious, sounds like you took a break from cross fit & changed boxes a few times….also I thought Mal was going to be an instructor & you were looking into it as well. Would love to see a cross fit update post!

    1. Yep, I took a break for awhile. We were members at CF 781 for 3.5 years, but when we had Quinn, it was tough finding the time for Mal and me to attend classes. Now we’re in a grove with life and working out (for the most part), so I started up again at a new box that’s closer to our new house. Mal isn’t doing CF at a box, but he does CF-style workouts all the time. He coached at 781 back in 2012 for about 9 months, but hasn’t since then. I hope that’s a good update! 🙂

  12. Oh yes, my car is a 9… only because I cleaned out the trunk last weekend! I fished 5 of my daughter’s jackets out of the FRONT seat yesterday. Oops, she was down to the hunter’s orange zip up hoodie we have for outdoor play at home! I have an hour commute each way for work, I just live in my car. Then I can’t be bothered to clean it out in my “free” time, because that is my time with my kids!

  13. What a nice weekend you had! Quinn’s costume rocked! He seems like such a sweet and fun little guy!

    We haven’t carved a pumpkin this year, not sure we will as Bryce is just under a year and probably won’t understand so maybe next year.

    My car is probably 5 on dirty..its just dusty and has some odds and ends like an empty water bottle and some gum wrappers. I do however need to clean my son’s car seat!! He spills formula in it and there are cheerios/puffs stuck in it!

  14. Looks like a great weekend! My car isn’t too bad but, I just had to clean my windows this weekend because there was some type of film on them! I have NO idea how it formed but, when I would try to defrost my windows (or wipe it away with my sleeve) it would just smear around!? My mom said she had the same problem. So, thankfully, now, I can see when I’m driving, which is definitely a plus! 😉

  15. Quinn’s face after the apple cider donut is too cute. 🙂

    I don’t think I fully realized that I drink so much compared to others – I drink 64 oz. before 10 am on an average day. Crazy how different we all are.

    I get to carve pumpkins with friends this Friday! Already looking forward to it!

  16. I haven’t carved a pumpkin. My kiddo has a really hard time with the pumpkin guts so I think I may offer other decorating options.
    I really really don’t like roasted pumpkin seeds. So many people have told me “you just need to try mine” over the years and I’ve kinda hated them all. (The seeds, not the people!)
    My old car was so gross and dirty. Kiddo ate a lot of snacks in my car between activities and the crumbs were out of control. I just got a new car that I love though so it stays clean. It helps that she’s old enough to be in the front seat now (and to eat more neatly).

  17. Quinn’s first apple cider donut was a success! LOVE the picture you snapped of him and his reaction.

    I’ve not carved a pumpkin this year, but I really want to. I’m hoping to at least make it out to a pumpkin patch this weekend.

  18. I think my car is somewhere between a 6 and a 7. No matter how many times I clean it, my car is officially a “dog car”… Hard to believe it was new a year ago but we love our furry guy so much it’s all good 🙂

  19. We got pumpkins yesterday to carve tonight, one of them is 50lbs wish us luck! My car is probably around a 6….maybe I ahould put that on the list for this week. Pumpkin seeds are so good…hopefully I get a good amount with my ginormous pumpkin.

  20. Quinn is just too cute! I like your goals and holding yourself accountable. I’m a huge snacker too, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it if your body is hungry! Maybe you need to include more protein? Drinking 64 ounces of water/day is alwayssss my goal! 🙂

  21. My car is probably a 9. I wouldn’t give it a 10 b/c there isn’t anything dead in there but it’s pretty bad! My kids are just not good at carrying their things out of the car once we’re home. They also leave tons of trash in the car. These are the reasons that I will be driving my car for quite some time. I have no desire to subject a new car to this abuse! lol

  22. I love eating pumpkin seeds but man, I’m really not for the process of getting there! HAHA! The after of the carved pumpkins is cool, of course, but it’s just SO much work! 😉

    While my car is clean in terms of CLUTTER (it’s NOT cluttered), it definitely could use to be vacuumed (so much hair and leaves, etc) and a wipe down (dusty dashboard). haha!

  23. My car is spotless (no thanks to me.) and a #1. My husband keeps it looking brand spanking new and hates when I leave a coffee cup in there.

  24. That picture of Quinn standing in the flowers is too much! I literally thought that was some sort of a lawn ornament at first until I realized it was him, haha! Too cute. Great fall-themed post! 🙂

  25. Haven’t carved the pumpkin yet, waiting for Halloween morning 🙂

    Love roasted pumpkin seeds, even more when they are in a homemade Halloween trail mix that also involves candy corn!

    I’d give my car a 4…free of clutter, but gets dirty and sticky with 3 kids!

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