Fall Fun with Friends + New Week, New Goals

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Good morning and happy Monday to you! How was your weekend?

We had a wonderful weekend with our friends Dave and Marie and their daughter, Carly. We did all sorts of fun fall things that made me appreciate the season even more. Massachusetts in October is truly the best, and I look forward to these few weeks all year long. Anyway, here’s a recap from our weekend!

On Saturday, we bought pumpkins and visited the cows at Hornstra Farm.

IMG_9196 (1280x1280)

We also bought some of Hornstra’s delicious ice cream. Quinn was so cute with the pint and brought it right up to the counter.

IMG_9199 (1280x1280)

Quinn also enjoyed his first bite of an apple cider donut. His (enthusiastic) response: “Mmm!” My gosh, it was adorable. That face!

IMG_9205 (1280x1280)

After our visit to Hornstra, we went to Scarlet Oat Tavern for lunch.

IMG_9207 (1280x1280)

I ordered the apple-turnip bisque with a side of French fries and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. It was an awesome lunch with some seriously awesome company. I definitely had one of those “life is good” moments during our lunch together.

IMG_9211 (1280x960)

After that, we headed home to carve pumpkins, which was Quinn’s very first. He was too little last year, so we were excited to do it with him this year.

IMG_9212 (1280x960)

Unfortunately, he wasn’t sure what to make of carving pumpkins. Haha!

IMG_9215 (1280x960)

He actually wasn’t a fan of the “guts” at all, but he loved the final product.

IMG_9226 (960x1280)

He thought our jack-o-lanterns were so cool all lit up!

IMG_9231 (1280x960)

Yesterday started with coffee and homemade apple cinnamon muffins at home and then we headed out for (second) breakfast at The Wheelhouse Diner.

IMG_9235 (1280x960)

We used to go to the Wheelhouse all the time with Dave and Marie back in the day, so we were all really looking forward to eating breakfast there. And it was Quinn’s first time!

IMG_9238 (1280x1280)

I ordered my usual #3 with eggs, home fries (Wheelhouse’s are the best), toast, and coffee.

IMG_9240 (1280x960)

It was years since our last visit to the Wheelhouse, so we worried that maybe it wouldn’t live up to our memories, but it absolutely did. The food was epic.

IMG_9245 (1280x960)

Just a heads-up for the parents: The Wheelhouse really isn’t all that kid-friendly. I mean, the staff is super nice, but the restaurant is so small, there’s not enough room for highchairs, so we had two toddlers crammed into a booth with us. It wasn’t ideal, but we made it work because we love the place so much.

IMG_9253 (1280x960)

After breakfast, we took a trip to the Franklin Park Zoo for a special Halloween event.

IMG_9293 (1280x1280)

We had a blast, and I’ll share a full recap later this week!

IMG_9271 (1280x720)


New Week, New Goals

Monday motivation = goals, goals, goals! I’m definitely thinking about keeping this feature on CNC. It’s fun, it keeps me on track, and I hope you find it motivating too! Ok, so I have some more goals in mind for the coming week, but, first, let’s review how I did with last week’s goals.

Drink at least 32 ounces of water per day – Yes! Nailed this one. I drank at least 64 ounces of water every day and, surprisingly, it wasn’t that tough. My water bottle is 32 ounces, so filling it up twice throughout the day was a piece of cake.

Make some nutritious meals – Yes and no. We definitely ate some healthy meals this week, but we also ate potato skins, wings, and ice cream for dinner one night.

Attend at least 2 CrossFit classes – Fail. I only made it to one class, but I worked out 4 times last week (CF, KFIT, 2 treadmill runs)!

Make a tofu breakfast scramble – Yep! And it turned out great!

Buy tights for Quinn’s Halloween costume – Negative, but it worked out just fine. I looked at Target, but I couldn’t find any that I liked, so Quinn ended up wearing a black long-sleeve shirt and pants under his costume and it worked out great.


Drink at least 64 ounces of water per day – I really liked this goal, so I’m sticking to it this week. Plus, I’m running a half marathon next weekend, so I want to make sure I’m nice and hydrated for it.

Attend at least 2 CrossFit classes – Trying again this week.

Eat dinner as a family every weeknight – We got into a good habit of eating together, but we’ve started to wing it lately. I miss our family dinners!

Limit snacks to one per day – I’m a snacking maniac lately, and I need to get it together. More meals, fewer snacks.

Clean the interior of my car – It’s disgusting. Dis. Gusting.

Benching for Breast Cancer

Local friends! There’s a great event for a GREAT cause coming up next weekend at CrossFit South Shore. It’s called BENCHING FOR BREAST CANCER and you can find more details about it here!

IMG_9163 IMG_9168

Question of the Day

Have you carved a pumpkin yet this year?

Do you like roasted pumpkin seeds?

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being filthy), how clean is your car? 


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