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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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This morning, I woke up feeling so sore after yesterday’s Body Pump class. I don’t think there was a single muscle in my entire body that wasn’t sore. But, I’m training for a marathon, so I sucked it up and went out for a 4-mile run after breakfast.


For the past 6 weeks, I’ve pushed myself to get faster and stronger on each and every workout. Today, however, I gave my body a little break. It was tired, my muscles were sore, and my motivation wasn’t at its highest. I followed my Team In Training milage plan and took it easy.

I’m not going to lie, I struggled– both mentally and physically– to get through today’s run. I finished in 37:40 (9:25 pace), which isn’t a bad time at all, but it wasn’t a pretty run. I felt like crap at times, especially on the hills, but a few of my favorite exercise mantras from my blog buddies got me through it:

Saying these mantras over and over in my head really helped me keep moving today. I actually use them frequently during workouts– from Body Pump to hot yoga, not just running. It’s amazing what a little mental toughness can do for a workout. I swear, these mantras make all the difference sometimes.


When I returned from my run, I stretched, iced my hip, and showered. Then, it was time to bake. I’m tell ya, the baking urge strikes out of the blue for me! 😉 I also had a ripe banana and a quarter of a bag of chocolate chips on hand, which meant (a small batch of) Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies. (I guess Kath’s post last night inspired me!)


I forgot how much I love these cookies.



For lunch, I paired three Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies with leftover White Bean, Tuna, and Potato Salad.


And two pieces of homemade garlic bread.

Seriously, someone needs to take the Garlic Gold away from me. I cannot get enough of it! I just finished eating, but I already want more of it.


FYI: These are my “practice” cookies for Cookie Friday tomorrow! :mrgreen:


This meal was sooooo filling. I am stuffed.


Ahhhh! Our Team In Training fundraiser is tonight! I hope people come!!

P.S. For those of you who asked about Murphy’s vitamins, the bottle says: GlenHaven A2/N Nutrients. It’s actually a doggie skin supplement with Omega-3 and 6 Fatty Acids and antioxidants. Murphy does have nice skin. He must have read My Healthy Skin Routine post! 😉



  1. Nothing like marathon training to teach you that not every run is sunshine and rainbows! My iPod is definitely my best friend on those tough runs!

  2. I love using mantras as well. When I trained for my fitness competition I would a lot of times break down the workout and tell myself “You can do anything for __ minutes.” Or something along those lines.

  3. I had a similar experience on my run last night. I’ve been staying up late to meet homework deadlines lately, so I was exhausted. Yesterday, just FINISHING the run was a success all in itself.
    I think mantras are an awesome idea. I have found that instead of words in my head when the going gets tough, visualizing all of my past moments of running glory really do the trick. 🙂

  4. Mantras like that help me when I’m working out too.

    I’m a Christian and I sometimes think of this verse: “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” When I ran my marathon I thought of that verse a lot and actually started to cry a few times. It was very powerful!

    I got the urge to bake last night too — I took what I had and made what I could!

  5. That’s how I felt about my Monday run. I was still so sore from Saturday’s long run, and didn’t want to do it, but I got on the treadmill and trucked through it.

  6. I love your exercise mantras! When I’m having a tough run I usually think about the woman in the Nike ad who loves her thunder thighs! If you haven’t seen it, google it… it’s an amazing ad. Some bloggers have posted it as well 🙂

  7. “Exercise should make you strong, not thin” I love that quote. It’s so true. I’m no longer concerned with being “skinny”. I want to maintain my athleticism and strength!

  8. I like “running is a privilege”. I can no longer run so I really always want everyone to remember that. It is a good one 🙂

  9. Mantras really do help! Caitlin at HTP said one that I use, “It’s okay to be uncomfortable” and I like that one. It helps me push through tough runs. An ugly run is a good thing though- it helps strengthen your mental toughness. Good work!

  10. Make sure you are not going hard on all of your runs! When I ran my first couple of marathons I went hard for all of my runs and I lost motivation. I would find that I’d be constantly looking at my watch to see if I was on target and would be disappointed in myself if I was going “too slow”. In fact, it is beneficial to incorporate easy running. You should only “run fast” 1-2 days/week. Your long runs should most definitely be ran 45-90 seconds/mile SLOWER than your Goal Marathon Pace. So take it easy on your legs!!

  11. The baking urge has struck me lately too, but I know /exactly/ where it came from: the 20 degree dip in temperature! Who doesn’t feel like warm breads and sweets when you enter the door with ears blistering from cold winds?

  12. Before I even saw your post I decided I was going to make these cookies tonight! Now I REALLY can’t wait for them 😉

    I wish I lived in Boston to attend your fundraiser — I’m sure it’ll be amazing.

    I know I used to have a running mantra, but since I haven’t really run in two months (evil injury!) I can’t remember what it was…hmm, I should look into that!

  13. Hi! I have a quick question pertaining to running… I’ve been running for years, but due to a certain health condition that well, we’ll put it nicely and say I’m a very restrictive eater, has caused me to cut way back on pounding the pavement due to my doctors monitoring. However, I now use the stair/elliptical trainer at the gym (it’s the machine that looks very similar to stair climber but it simulates running by standing and pumping the pedals) on odd says and run on a treadmill on even days, so l’m doing cardio six days a week with Sundays off. However, I’m noticing that in the past year, I’ve broken countless veins all over my legs and have begun to get intense pockets of cellulite (despite my doing weight training, yoga, and pilates also). The areas sting and burn, and some are now even beginning to bulge (varicose veins). I’ve seen my doctor and have an appointment to see my dermo, but I must ask, is this normal for runners? No one else my age (I’m 26) in my training group at the gym has them and we do virtually the same routines. Have you ever noticed this problem, should l be worried that this may end my running days? My doctor has been very little help offering up that it’s genetic and I can’t do anything to help prevent or stop them. Needless to say I’m a bit freaked! Thanks so much! 😉

  14. one of my all time favorite running mantras:

    every step is an opportunity to work harder and make yourself stronger.

    i live in florida now, but i used to live in boston and went to healthworks (healthworks blog was how i originally started following you). i used to take a class there that tavia taught. no clue if she’s still there, but she always used to repeat that mantra in class (expect “rep” rather than “step” and it’s always stuck with me through my running career). i don’t normally comment on blogs but i thought you’d really like that one!

  15. I’m glad you’re able to use my mantra. That thing has gotten me through some pretty tough miles. I hope it helps you whenever you use it! Good luck training.

  16. Good luck with your fundraiser tonight!! I’m sure it’ll be a hit!

    I think I will now be adopting those mantras. I think it’s all in our head, the struggles that we have during workouts. Good Job for getting it done!!

  17. I love your new blog set up with the full post then the others underneath. Your mantras are amazing, I’ll be adding them to my list of “get through crappy runs tricks”.

  18. When I’m having a tough run I always think along the lines of running being a privilege. I know someone who recently had one of their legs amputated below the knee and every time I think a run is hard or that I can’t go on, I think of them. It puts it all into perspective.

  19. Ooohhh, those cookies look amazing! I am totally making them this weekend! Marathon training is grueling! Just finished my second one a few weeks ago and am basking in my free time! I am really enjoying swimming a lot now!
    Fit&Fab Living

  20. I love these mantras! One of my favorite comes from Emily @ The Front Burner, and I repeat it to myself all the time. I can’t recall what she said word for word, but it was something along the lines of – “Running is not supposed to always feel good. It’s supposed to hurt. That’s how you know you’re getting stronger.” It helps me get through the rough stuff.

  21. Nice mantras, especially the latter. I tend to use them more for when I’m trying to relax or still my mind then when I’m running or being active…I guess you could say my main mantra in the middle of a long run takes the form of a color, sailor-approved vocabulary word, repeated over and over again!

  22. Great job at sticking it out on your run…I bet in the end, it totally made you feel amazing for overcoming it. For me so much of it is a mental struggle but afterwards I rarely regret it. Besides those cookies and that lunch were the perfect reward 🙂

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