Esperanza Resort Recap {Part 1}

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Hi, guys!

Here’s the first part of my recap about my stay at Esperanza. Esperanza was incredible and easily one of the nicest (if not the nicest) resort I have ever stayed at. In fact, the folks at Esperanza told me that celebrities often stay there because of its high-quality service and amenities as well as its extreme privacy. There’s only one access point to Esperanza, so everyone who enters goes through a security checkpoint. The resort itself is also surrounded by huge cliffs, so no one can get in from along the coast either. All I know is celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston, Jay Z and Beyonce, Kathryn Heigl (she honeymooned at Esperanza), Molly Sims, Paul McCartney, and Sheryl Crow, enjoyed this type of privacy when they vacationed at Esperanza. (How about that for some name-dropping?! Hey, I was impressed!)

IMG_9501 (600x600)

I arrived at Esperanza about 45 minutes before I was suppose to meet our media group for a tour of the property, so I got settled in my room and snapped a bunch of photos of it.

IMG_6260 (600x450)

And, of course, I loved that there were snacks when I arrived!

IMG_6089 (450x600)

My room was gorgeous””stylish and modern with high ceilings and a huge, open, private terrace.

IMG_6092 (600x450)

IMG_6090 (600x450)

IMG_6093 (600x450)

The terrace was warm and sunny and overlooked the ocean.

IMG_6262 (450x600)

It included comfy outdoor seating.

IMG_6097 (600x450)

and an infinity hot tub! Hello!? How cool is that?!

IMG_6263 (600x450)

IMG_6266 (600x450)

The bathroom was also beautiful with double sinks and a massive tub on one side.

IMG_6123 (450x600)

IMG_6110 (600x450)

IMG_6113 (600x450)

On the other side of the bathroom was a large, open shower with double shower heads.

IMG_6126 (450x600)

The bath and body products were heavenly””very spa-like””and I loved using them.

IMG_6109 (600x450)

The best part about the bathroom was easy access to the hot tub outside.

IMG_6106 (600x450)

Breathtaking, right?

IMG_6265 (600x450)

My room also included an iPad where I could contact the concierge, book spa appointments and other activities, and get information about the day’s events, including group exercises classes, which are all complimentary to guests.

IMG_6115 (600x450)

After I had the chance to explore my room, I headed out to meet our group to tour the resort, which had so much to offer. Seriously, you would never get bored at Esperanza. The activities and events at the resort alone would keep you busy!

IMG_6128 (600x450)

Notable amenities:

  • Full-service spa
  • Multiple dining venues and events
  • Private beach
  • Beachfront infinity pool and hot tub
  • Additional pool with swim-up bar (pictured below)
  • Cooking classes
  • Fitness center
  • Yoga and Pilates studio
  • Complimentary fitness classes
  • Complimentary wireless internet in-room and throughout the entire resort
  • Complimentary bottled water, soda, coffee, and fresh fruit

IMG_6133 (600x450)

Clubhouse with DVD library and café!

IMG_6131 (600x450)


IMG_6270 (600x450)

And, of course, the resort is absolutely stunning. The ocean views actually took my breath away when I first saw them.

IMG_6140 (600x450)

IMG_6141 (600x450)

IMG_6146 (600x450)

IMG_6147 (600x450)

IMG_6155 (600x450)

IMG_6156 (600x450)

After the tour, our group participated in a tequila tasting event called the “Blue Agave Society.”

IMG_6162 (600x450)

The resort’s Master Tequilero (his name was Christian Moya) took everyone through a tequila tasting journey and initiated us into the Blue Agave Society. We even received certificates afterward!

IMG_6178 (450x600)

Of course, since I’m pregnant, I didn’t participate in the tequila tasting, but I listened and kept myself entertained by snacking on all of the delicious food sitting right in front of me.

IMG_6167 (600x450)

I must have eating a million tortilla chips with guacamole! The guacamole in Cabo is definitely something special!

IMG_6173 (600x450)

I also enjoyed a wonderful mocktail made with cranberry juice and fresh mint.

IMG_6172 (450x600)

At the end of the tequila tasting, we had the chance to make fresh chocolate using ground cacao, brown sugar, cinnamon, and other spices.

IMG_6185 (600x450)

IMG_6190 (600x450)

IMG_6192 (600x450)

Mmm! It tasted like really dark, flavorful chocolate, but not as sweet.

IMG_6195 (600x450)

Quick pic with Sarah before dinner!

IMG_6197 (600x450)

My cardigan, jeans, and necklace are all from my third StitchFix shipment. I ended up keeping all five pieces this time. It still amazes me how they nail my sizes every time. I still can’t believe the jeans fit, especially since they’re, well, jeans and I’m pregnant. FYI: I gave my stylist a heads-up that I was pregnant when I ordered my third StitchFix, and she did a great job selecting pieces accordingly.

Our group dined outside by candlelight right next to the ocean. It was a special evening, and I definitely took a moment to soak it all in.

IMG_6200 (600x450)

Dinner was a four-course meal prepared by executive chef, Gonzalo Cerda. Each course just got better and better and everything I tasted was so fresh, flavorful, and interesting. You’ll see in my next post that Chef Gonzalo definitely thinks outside of the box with his cooking!


After dinner, we chatted well into the night and lingered over coffee and dessert.

IMG_6212 (600x450)

Eventually, I said goodnight to everyone and headed back to my room where I found a plate of fresh berries and dark chocolate waiting for me. (The dome is made out of dark chocolate!) The second night that I stayed at Esperanza, I had fresh fruit skewers with caramel waiting for me. I loved these little treats at the end of the night.


The nighttime turndown service also included a “Recipe of the Day” from the resort, which was also a nice touch.

IMG_6223 (600x450)

More adventures to come!

Questions of the Day

What’s the nicest hotel/resort you’ve ever stayed at?

Do you like tequila? What’s your favorite kind? Any ridiculous tequila stories you want to share?

Is it weird that I remember my very first tequila shot? Maybe because it was so traumatic? I was at a fraternity party my freshman year of college, and a couple of the brothers there asked my friend and me if we wanted to take a tequila shot with them… salt, lime, and all. It seemed like fun, so I took one, and it was awful, but I survived. Let’s just say Jose Cuervo is definitely not my favorite.

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