EP90: How to love your hormones

Do you love your hormones?⁠

If not, you should. And here’s why…⁠

Because your body is just as fine-tuned (if not more!) than your car…⁠

And if you want your car to work right, you service it and take care of it.⁠..⁠

Same goes for your hormones.⁠

If you want your hormones to be balanced, happy, and healthy, you’ve got to treat them well. You’ve got to love on them a little bit.⁠

In this episode, I chat about 6 ways to love your hormones and how to *actually* implement new changes into your lifestyle and habits.

Loving your hormones, the way you love your partner, child(ren), parents, friends, etc., is important. No relationship can bloom without care.⁠

As cheesy as it might sound, same goes for the relationship with your hormones.⁠

Most women do NOT focus on this essential relationship and end up running their hormones into the ground. It isn’t until they’ve hit rock-bottom that they finally start doing something about it – myself included! ⁠

Incorporate these things into your daily practices and show your hormones a little love before they start feeling neglected and begin acting out.⁠



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